ICAO Facilitation 2024 Global Summit

Facilitation 2024 Global Summit

21 - 22 May 2024
King Abdulaziz International Conference Center,Al Hada
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This event, hosted by the Government of Saudi Arabia, will address various facilitation areas of Annex 9 Facilitation to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, as this year Annex 9 will celebrate its 75th Anniversary. The Summit will offer an excellent opportunity for ICAO to collaborate with its Member States and the aviation community to highlight the significance of air transport Facilitation in the efficient conduct of air transport operations and to enhance global awareness of Annex 9 Standards and Recommended Practices.

Under the theme "Past. Present. Future: 75 Years of Enabling Air Travel", the ICAO Facilitation 2024 Global Summit will focus on how to enhance the passenger experience through the effective implementation of several Annex 9 provisions. This event will raise awareness of the global regulatory framework established by Annex 9 — Facilitation with the objective to reach a global consensus on shared best practices that will allow Member States and stakeholders to ensure an excellent passenger experience throughout the traveller journey, in the context of rapid technological evolutions. 

Among other topics, this event will provide the opportunity to discuss the processes put in place to improve the effectiveness of prevention and management of public health risks in aviation and build resilience for similar outbreaks in the future. It will notably highlight the benefits of using digital representation as a response to public health events or any crisis that may affect the safe and secure movement of travellers.


Given the challenges linked to the implementation of various Annex 9 — Facilitation aspects, the Summit intends to call for priorities to be given to existing or new activities that enhance the passenger experience.

This event will be of benefit to several agencies outside the aviation stakeholders such as border control and law enforcement authorities, as well as public health authorities, airline and airport operators and other interested parties from all ICAO Member States.

Information contact: falsummit2024@icao.int

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