Integration of AAM/UTM at Aerodromes

Integration of AAM/UTM at Aerodromes

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28 June   10:00 - 11:30 EST

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This webinar will focus on the integration of Advanced Air Mobility at airports, including vertiports with the different types of aircraft expected to begin operations between 2024-2026. It will be highlighting the opportunities and challenges that airport operators may face to accommodate these new entrants, infrastructure and traffic management systems. This webinar will explore the role and collaboration among relevant stakeholders and considerations for planning and infrastructure requirements, UTM/ATM integration, regulations, ground operations and harmonization. 



Juan Manuel Manriquez (ACI World)

Mr. Juan Manuel Manriquez is the Director Safety at Airports Council International (ACI World). He has over 20 years of aviation experience in airport operations, cargo, and ground handling. He led peer reviews at over 50 airports helping them improve safety and security against ICAO standards and industry best practices. He represents ACI at ICAO in multiple panels and working groups, oversees airport safety and operations initiatives, including Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), disaster management, disabled aircraft recovery, ground handling, and many others.   


Addison Ferrell (Skyports) 

 Addison is Head of Americas for Skyports, leading the company's commercial efforts in the region to acquire, design & build, and operate vertiports for air taxis. His team addresses real estate agreements, local stakeholder engagement, regulatory approvals, airport planning, operational procedures, and enabling technology required to develop and operate a safe, efficient, passenger-friendly vertiport. He began his career as a mechanical engineer designing jet engines at GE Aviation in Cincinnati. Following that, he joined McKinsey as a management consultant, serving clients in aerospace & defense and other industrials on a range of strategic and operational topics. He is located in Boston.

Arturo Madrigal Ybarro (SENASA)

Consultant and head of SENASA's airport technical assistant for the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency, Arturo Madrigal is an aeronautical engineer with 22 years of experience in airports, aerodromes and heliports with extensive knowledge in certification, continuous oversight and SMS. He is the ICAO Rapporteur of the Heliport Design Working Group, member of the Water Aerodromes Working Group and the RPASPP/ADOP Joint Task Force, and he cooperates with EASA in the Vertiport Task Force


Marius Gautier (Groupe ADP)

Marius Gautier is an Innovation Project Manager at Groupe ADP. Marius is leading the Advanced Air Mobility testing campaigns, paving the way for the first e-vtols and drones commercial services in 2024 for the Olympic Games. Marius' expertise is focused on flight testing, airspace Integration and UTM-related topics. Prior to joining Groupe ADP, Marius has consolidated a three-years project management experience including working as a consultant in the Energy and the Transportation industry sectors.

Joseph Alesia (Ferrovial Vertiports)

Joseph Alesia is Head of Vertiports-Florida for Ferrovial Vertiports, with over 25 years of experience in airline and airport management and construction. He began his career at DHL in Chicago in 1996 as Aircraft Load Engineering, and In 1996 he joined American Airlines working in ground operations and worked at JetBlue Airways.  In 2011 he joined the Chicago Department of Aviation, where he held different management roles and was appointed Acting Airport Director of Chicago O'Hare Airport in 2019.  Before joining Ferrovial Airports, Joseph was an airport operations consultant at AECOM, where he assisted in airport operation procedures, ORAT and AOR.

From 1999 and until the beginning of 2021, he was Executive Director of JRA D/B – Aviation Consulting, where he designed and implemented Concept of Operations for entire sections of major airports, and was responsible for large scale construction projects. He holds a bachelor's degree in Aviation Management from Lewis University, and is a FAA certified pilot and instructor and drone pilot.  

Jürgen Verstaen  (Co-Founder UNIFLY)

Jürgen is the co-founder and aviation expert at Unifly, focusing on International Sales and Funded Projects. His background as a military air traffic controller, led to a focus on ATM/AIS and AIP within the Belgian Air Force. Since 2012, he co-founded Flight Plus and took the role as senior consultant, to provide dedicated services to the manned and unmanned aviation sector. Jürgen gained experience in ATM info management and integrating UAS into the airspace. Together with a group of experts, he created the Belgian legislative framework for Unmanned Air Traffic. In 2015, Jürgen co-founded Unifly, based upon the Flight Plus UTM invention. Unifly develops the Unmanned Traffic Management System (UTMS), allowing management and integration of UAS on a professional basis. Unifly UTM is based on aviation standards and interoperable with existing ATM systems.


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