Electronic Conspicuity

Electronic Conspicuity


14 September    10:00 - 11:30 EST

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E-conspicuity is key to increase safety by reducing the likelihood of mid-air collisions, especially in class G airspace, and would also help other airspace users to be more aware of any aircraft operating in the same airspace.

Both unmanned and manned aircraft, by using different types of technologies, can transmit information. The panel will debate on the various technologies and information required to be transmitted and shared in order to achieve the goals of a proper conspicuity solution.


The panelists will consist of stakeholders representing UAS operators, UTM providers, authorities and manned aviation from different continents who will discuss the necessity of e-conspicuity and various approaches together with best practices to achieve the safety for all air traffic and the role of UTM in this process.

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