UAS-AG Update on Current Activities


UAS-AG Update on Current Activities


21 February         10:00 - 11:30 EST                            

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UAS-AG Update on Current Activities

This webinar will provide an overview of the work being conducted by the ICAO UAS Advisory Group (UAS-AG) to nclude its efforts on the ICAO UTM Framework, preparations for DRONE ENABLE 2022 and potential advanced air mobility efforts.

 This webinar will provudeIn addition, ICAO will provide details on the DRONE ENABLE 2022 Request for Information (RFI) and discuss this anticipated outcomes of this year's problem statements. Finally, an overview will be provided of the topics and schedule for the DRONE ENABLE 2022 pre-symposium webinar series.

Speaker Descriptions 

Parimal Kopardekar (PK)

cropped_PKopardekar200X200.pngMr. Parimal Kopardekar (PK) serves as the Director of NASA  Aeronautics Research Institute (NARI). In that capacity, he is responsible for exploring new trends, collaborations and partnership needs related to aviation enterprise.  He also serves as NASA's senior technologist for Air Transportation Systems and principal investigator for the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) project. 

He is the Chair of ICAO's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Group 


Mark Wuennenberg

cropped_Mark200x200.pngMr. Wuennenberg is a 38 year veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force and has accumulated over 4500 hours in several aircraft types. He has over three decades of experience working on regulatory and UAS files, including significant expertise in UAS operations, regulatory and standards development, airworthiness, training and flight authorizations. 

Mark has been responsible for the creation of foundational UAS regulations and guidance material for the Canadian Armed Forces, the United States Air Force and NATO. Most recently Mark was a UAS SME and Civil Aviation Inspector with Transport Canada where he was instrumental in authoring numerous key regulatory documents. Mark is currently a Technical Officer in the ICAO RPAS Secretariat, the Secretary ICAO's  UAS Advisory Group and the programme lead for DRONE ENABLE 2022.

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