Twentieth Meeting of the Middle East Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group 

Tenth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group

(Muscat, Oman, 14 – 17 May 2023)

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Dates, Venue and Bulletin 

List of Participants


Report without Appendices

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Working Papers/Powerpoint Presentations (WPs/PPTs) 

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WP/PPT #Agenda Item #​WP/PPT Title
1Adoption of the Provisional Agenda
Review of action taken by the ANC on the MINDAPIRG/19 and RASG-MID/9 Report​
2.1​Outcomes of the A41​
Global Aviation Safety developments​
DGCA-MID/6 meeting outcomes​

​USOAP, NASP, UAS & AD Restart iPacks

​Continuous Collaboration Approach to Managing and Enhancing Safety in MID Region

CAPSCA/10 Outcomes



​MIDANPIRG Enhancement Programme (MEP)

​MID Region State of Air Transport

2.1​ANS Cyber Resilience​
​Cybersecurity in Air Navigation Services - CANSO

2.2​​User Consultation & Engagement process by ANSPs in the MID Region - IATA

Airspace Optimization over High Seas at the Interface between the Middle East and Asia Pacific Regions - Oman/SA/UAE​

​Follow-up on the PIRG/RASG MID Conclusions & Decisions

Follow-up on the RASG-MID/9 Conclusions and Decisions

Follow-up on the MIDANPIRG/19 Conclusions and Decisions​
4.1​​MID Region Safety priorities and Status of Safety Performance

4.1​​MID - RASP 2023 - 2025

4.2​​Protecting Aviationfrom potential harmful operation of the 5G

​RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region (SMR 2022)

​MID Region Large Height Deviations - Horn of Africa - IATA

​MIDRMA Sustainability

4.2​GNSS Interference​
​MID Region Aerodromes Priorities and Challenges

Outcomes of the ASRG/4 meeting 

​11th MID ASR

FAA COS Collaboration 

Outcomes of the SEIG/4 meeting 

​MID-RASP 2023-2025 Edition

AGA-OPS Safety Matters

Outcomes of the AIIG/2 and MENA ARCM meetings 

​RASG-MID Working Arrangements

​Update on GASP 

​Outcomes of the GANP & NANP Workshop

6.1​​Web-based MID AN Report for 2022

6.1​UAE - ​Standarizing National Air Navigation Plans in the MID Region

​CANSO - Green ATM Accreditation programme supporting operational measures for green aviation


Progress on C-DEC 225/10 Implementation​

​AIM Matters

​UAE - Data Driven Charting

6.3​​Status of PBN Implementation in the MID Region

MID FPP activities​
​MID FPP sustainability
6.3​​Oman - PANS OPS Office Establishment Plan

​AGA-AOP Air Navigation Matters

​MID ATS Route Network Table

6.5​IATA - Establishment of the MID Region Free Route Airspace (FRA) Project Management Team​

6.5​MID ATFM Implementation​
Oman - ATFM Implementation Plan in Muscat FIR​
IATA - Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)​
6.5​​Oman - Methodolgies adopted by CAA Oman to calculate the ATC Capacity of ACC Sector


​Oman - CDR Operation during FWC 2022

​UAE - COP 28 and impact on Air Traffic in the UAE FIR

The outcomes of the MID Region ATM Contingency Planning AD-HOC Action Group​
​Muscat FIR ATM

​CMC/FUA Implementation

​UAE - Free route airspace implementation in the Emirates FIR

​Iran - Due Regard Operations

6.5​​Outcomes of the HLAC Action Group

​IATA - Call Sign Confusion

6.5​​SAR Implementation

Spectrum Management

​Communicaiton Matters

​AIDC/OLDI Implementation

​OLDI & AIDC Projects

ANS Cyber Resilience ​

​Navigation Minimum Operating Network (NAV MON)

​5G & Radalt

​Surveillance Matter

MET Implementation​
6.8​​MID Air Navigation Deficiencies Status

​MIDANPIRG Working Arrangements

​Future Work Programme and the Dates and Venue of MIDANPIRG/21 & RASG-MID/11

2.2​​Oman ATM Systems Enhancement

​Oman-Drone Regulations and Encounter the threat 

Guidance Material on the Air Cargo Safety Management within a State Safety Program​
​UAE - Vertiport Regulations

5.2​UAE - ALoSP Process​
5.2​​Qatar - Proposed Guidance Material on the enhancement of Understanding the concept of Judicial Enforcement for Aviation Inspectors



Information Papers (IPs)

​IP # Agenda Item #I​P Title
List of Working Papers, Presentations and Information Papers

​Order of Business and Work Programme

Industry Roadmap for Future Skies

CANSO, IATA, ICAO Free Route Airspace (CIIFRA) Initive in the Latin America and Caribeean (LAC) Region

​The CANSO Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Data Exchange Network for Cooperative Excellence (CADENCE)

​CANSO ATFM Data Exchange Network for the Americas (CADENA) Advancements

6.2​UAE - AIP Dataset Creation

6.2​UAE - Published Aeronautical Information Data Integrity
​FAA - Use of Connected Aircraft (CA) for Exchange of Reference Aircraft Trajectory Information

FAA - Innovative Technology Use in the Extraction of Flight Constraints Recorded in Letters Of Agreement (LOA)
2.2​FAA - The United States Federal Aviation Administration Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management

2.2​FAA - Charting Aviation's Future:  Operations in an Info-Centric National Airspace System

​FAA - The United States Federal Aviation Administration Advanced Air Mobility Activities

​FAA - Overview On Exchange Models

FAA - Safety Culture and Effective Management of Risk

​FAA - Advanced Data Analytics in Aviation Safety

FAA - Trajectory Prediction as a Service for Trajectory Based Operations (TBO) Automation

2.2​Oman - ATM System Enhancement in Oman

6.5​​Oman - Introduction of ATC Conditional Routes during 2022 FWC held in Doha

​Authorization of Landing Area

Aging Aircraft

​Initial Implementation of Flight and Flow Information for Collaborative Environment (FF-ICE) Service

​1st Draft ofSultanate of Oman's Action Plan on Reducing CO2 Emissions from International Aviation

6.5​​PPT Khartoum FIR CCT

SA - Establishing & Implementing the Civil Aviaiton Environmental Sustainability Plan (CAESP)

2.2​​SA - Aircraft Netweork Systems Cyber Security

5.3​SA - ​Aerodrome Operators' Systematic Safety Oversight of GHSP

5.2​SA - ​Safety and Quality Different Sides to the Same Conin (SMS-QMS Integration)

SA - ​Development of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia State Safety Program

Yemen - Updates on Achievements and Sucess Story​
2.2​UAE - UTM Regulatory Framework Developments​
MIDRMA - RVSM Aispace Safety Assessments Results during the FIFA World Cup 2022 Event​




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