Working Papers

MIDANPIRG/16 Working Papers
WP #Agenda Item #WP Title 
11Provisional Agenda (Revised)
22Follow-up on the outcome of MIDANPIRG/15 and MSG/5 Meetings
35.2.2Establishment of MID Route Development Group
44.1RASG-MID activities and coordination between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID
54.1Progress Report on Call Sign Confusion Initiative
64.1MID Region NCLB Strategy
74.2 RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region
84.2MID RVSM SMR 2015
95.1MID Region Aviation Statistics and Forecasts
105.1Revised MID Region Air Navigation Strategy
115.1MID eANP
125.2.1Status of implementation of PIA 1 and PIA 4 Block 0 Modules (B0-APTA, B0-APTA, B0-SURF, B0-ACDM, B0-CCO, and B0-CDO)
135.2.1Status of implementation of PIA 2 Block 0 Modules (B0-DATM, B0-FICE and B0-ACAS
145.2.1Status of Implementation of PIA3 Block 0 Modules (B0-FRTO, B0-NOPS and B0-ACAS)
155.2.1MID Region Air Navigation Report-2016
165.2.2Airspace Management
175.2.2Contingency Planning
185.2.2ACAC CNS/ATM Study
195.2.2Air Traffic Flow Management
205.2.2SIDs and STARs new phraseology
215.2.2Search and Rescue
225.2.2MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme (MAEP)
235.2.2AIM issues
245.2.2AOP issues
255.2.2AFS Planning and Implementation
265.2.2CNS issues
275.2.2GNSS Planning and implementation
285.2.2MET issues
296Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies
307Future Work Programme
314.1Combination of RASG-MID and MIDANPIRG Activities
325.2.2World Cup 2022 Task Force
335.2.2UAE Airspace Restructuring Project Phase 3 Integration and Implementation
344.1Call Sign Similarity Mitigation as a National Task
355.2.2Disruption Resilience in the Middle East
365.2.2Cross Border Arrival Management
375.2.2ATM Data Security
385.2.2Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) Upper FIR Project
Flimsy 15.2.2MID OPMET BMG/6 Outcomes
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