Working Papers

MIDANPIRG/15 Working Papers

WP #Agenda Item #WP Title 
11Revised Agenda
22Follow-up on the outcome of MIDANPIRG/14 and MSG/4 Meetings
33Outcome of the DGCA-MID/3 Meeting
44.1RASG-MID Activities and coordination between MIDANPIRG and RASG-MID
54.1Call Sign Similarity and Confusion
64.2RVSM Operations and Monitoring Activities in the MID Region
74.2MID RVSM SMR 2014
85.1MID Region Aviation Statistics and Forecasts
95.1MID Region Air Navigation Strategy
105.1MID eANP
115.2.1PBN Implementation in the MID Region (B0-APTA, B0-CDO, and B0-CCO)
125.2.1Civil/Military Cooperation (B0-FRTO)
135.2.1Air Traffic Flow Management (B0-NOPS)
145.2.1En-route Data Link (B0-TBO)
155.2.1AIM Implementation in the MID Region (B0-DATM)
165.2.1MET Implementation in the MID Region (B0-AMET)
175.2.1Implementation of A-SMGCS Level 1-2 (B0-SURF)
185.2.1Improved Airport Operations through A-CDM (B0-ACDM)
195.2.1Ground-Ground Integration in the MID Region (B0-FICE)
205.2.1ACAS Improvement in the MID Region (B0-ACAS)
215.2.2MID Region ATS Route Network
225.2.2Contingency Planning
235.2.2ACCs' Letter of Agreement Template
245.2.2High Level Airspace Concept
255.2.2MID Region Secondary Surveillance Radar Code Management Plan (SSR CMP)
265.2.2Search and Rescue
275.2.2MID Region ATM Enhancement Programme (MAEP)
285.2.2MID Region AIM Database (MIDAD)
295.2.2Aeronautical Frequency Spectrum in the MID Region
305.2.2Aeronautical Fixed Services in the MID Region
315.2.2MIDAMC Operations
325.2.2CNS related Implementation Issues in the MID Region
335.2.2Surveillance Developments in the MID Region
345.2.2Implementation of Regional OPMET Centre (ROC) Jeddah and backup           ROC Bahrain
355.2.3Global and Regional developments related to Environment
365.2.3Aircraft Noise Management
376Review of Air Navigation Deficiencies
387MIDANPIRG Procedural Handbook
397Dates and Venue of MIDANPIRG/16
403Safe Integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems into Non-Segregated Airspace
414.1Call Sign Confusion Initiative
425.2.1PBN Regional Activities
435.2.2Lack of AFTN Monitoring and Escalation Procedures in the ICAO Middle East Region
445.2.1Performance Dashboard
455.2.1AIDC/OLDI Implementation
1 Air Navigation Global Update
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