Extraordinary AFI Week Events - Virtual


15th  July 2021, (12:00 - 16:00) UTC to 16th July 2021 (12:00 to 15:30) UTC

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                                         Extraordinary AFI Week Events                                          

Thursday, 15 July 2021: Twenty-Fourth Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Comprehensive Regional  Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa (AFI Plan) (click for more)

Thursday, 15 July 2021: Tenth Meeting of the Steering Committee of the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Security and Facilitation in Africa (AFI SECFAL Plan) (click for more)

Friday, 16 July 2021: Eighth Meeting of the Directors General of Civil Aviation of the
Africa-Indian Ocean Region (AFI-DGCA/8) (click for more)


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