​System Wide Information Management (SWIM)


SWIM consists of standards, infrastructure and governance enabling the management of ATM-related information and its exchange between qualified parties via interoperable services. ASBU B1-SWIM (2019-2025) as a primary ICAO technical work program on information management to increase air navigation capacity and efficiency defines SWIM services (applications and infrastructure) and its implementation framework, building an aviation intranet based standard data models and internet-based protocols to achieve interoperability.


The ICAO Information Management Panel (IMP) established in 2015 taking global and harmonized interoperable approach is developing concepts on effective implementation of SWIM for information management including information exchange formats for use within the Air Navigation System.


The APAC SWIM Task Force established in 2016 is developing regional guidance on SWIM implementation in the APAC Region in align with ICAO global strategy. In order to assist member States and other stakeholders in further understanding SWIM and its implementation requirements, this SWIM webpage is created for posting the collected SWIM education materials in a form of PDF or text file, video, and hyperlink .


Member States and other stakeholders therefore are encouraged to provide well developed education materials for building the webpage.


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