Ten Months into GRF, Challenges Met and Lessons Learnt in Asia-Pacific

   (Video Teleconference, Date: 29 September 2022, Time: 09:00 – 12:00 Bangkok Time)

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Facilitator:       Mr. Punya Raj Shakya, Regional Officer, AGA

                          Mr. SL Wong, Head - Technical Affairs, Safety, Capacity and ATM, ACI Asia-Pacific 

Speaker:          Subject matter experts from CAA China, ACI and IFALPA.

Content: To share the lessons learnt in implementing Global Reporting System and Format for Assessing and Reporting Runway Surface Conditions (GRF) in airports of China and other airports of Asia and Pacific State(s). 

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01 - DOA-CAAC_Introduction to the implementation of GRF in China.pdf01Introduction to the Implementation of GRF in China's civil aviation transport airports30 Sep. 2022CAAC, China 
02 - HKIA GRF Implementation Update_ICAO_Sep 2022v2.pdf02HKIA - Embarkation on the GRF Journey30 Sep. 2022AAHK & CAD Hong Kong, China 
03 - BCIA_The GRF implementation of Beijing Captial international Airport.pdf03The GRF implementation of Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA)30 Sep. 2022BCIA, China 
04 - ATMB_INTRODUCTION TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE  NEW SNOWTAM OF CAAC.pdf04Introduction to the Implementation of the New SNOWTAM of CAAC30 Sep. 2022CAAC, China 
05 - IFALPA GRF seminar 29 sep 2022.pdf05GRF: Pilots’ Experience30 Sep. 2022IFALPA 
06 - ACI_airport operator experience regional perspective aci venkat sep 2022.pdf06Overview of Airport Operator’s Experience from a Regional Perspective30 Sep. 2022ACI 
07 - Moventor GRF ICAO webinar 2022-09.pdf07Makes Every Runway Safer30 Sep. 2022Moventor 
08 - NACO ACI-APAC Runway Safety 29SEP22 v3.pdf08Standing Water – Much more common than expected30 Sep. 2022NACO 
NACO's RCR Tool - Link to Video.pdf09NACO's Video RCR Tool03 Oct 2022NACO 


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