56th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Regions

(Kathmandu, Nepal, 19-23 August 2019)

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56 DGCA Conference Action Items.pdf01List of Action Items7 September 2019ICAO 
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Provisional Agenda - Final.pdf01Provisional Agenda - Final10 September 2019ICAO 
Final Tentative Programme - 19 August 2019.pdf02Final Tentative Programme10 September 2019 ICAO 
03-Order of Business - Final.pdf03Order of Business - Final10 September 2019ICAO 
04-Welcome Remarks by Director General CAA Nepal.pdf04Welcome Remarks by Director General, CAA Nepal10 September 2019Nepal 
05-Opening Remarks by Regional Director ICAO APAC RO - 56 DGCA Conference APAC Region.pdf05Opening Remarks by Regional Director, ICAO APAC Regional Office10 September 2019ICAO 
06-Address by Honourable Miniser for Culture Tourism Civil Aviation of Nepal.pdf06Opening Address by Honourable Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of Nepal10 September 2019Nepal 
07-Opening Address by President of the Council ICAO - 56 DGCA Conference APAC Region.pdf07Opening Address by President of the Council ICAO10 September 2019ICAO 
08-Address by Right Honourable Prime Minister of Nepal.pdf08Address by Right Honourable Prime Minister of Nepal10 September 2019Nepal 
09-56 DGCA Conference Inaugural Session - Opening Points by ICAO APAC RO.pdf09Opening Points by Regional Director ICAO APAC RO – Conference Inaugural Session10 September 2019ICAO 
10-Closing Remarks by Director General CAA Nepal.pdf10Closing Remarks by Director General, CAA Nepal10 September 2019Nepal 
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56-1a-1-DP - Theme Topic - 56 DGCA Conference_editdrd.pdfDP01-01ICAO’s Overview of APAC Regional Activities to Mitigate Regional Capacity Constraints4 September 2019ICAO 
56-1a-2-DP - Driving ATM Performance through Collaboration-revised by ICAO.pdfDP01-02Driving ATM Performance through Collaboration 4 September 2019CANSO 
56-1a-3-DP - Security_Capacity constraints_India.pdfDP01-03Technology Upgradation for Meeting Capacity Constraints4 September 2019India 
56-1a-4-DP - Targeted and Precise Oversight in the Civil Aviation Industry of China.pdfDP01-04Targeted and Precise Oversight in the Civil Aviation Industry of China7 September 2019China 
1a-4 -Targeted and Precise Oversight of CAAC.pdfDP01-04      PresentationTargeted and Precise Oversight of CAAC7 September 2019China 
56-1a-8-DP - NPL_CONSTRAINTS IN SAFETY OVERSIGHT TO COPE  GROWING AVIATION ACITIVITIES.pdfDP01-05Constraints in Safety Oversight to Cope Growing Aviation Activities7 September 2019Nepal 
56-1a-9-DP - Report of the Montreal Group_ROK.pdfDP01-06Report of the Montreal Group of Asia-Pacific Representatives on the Council of ICAO7 September 2019Asia-Pacific Representatives on the Council of ICAO 
56-1a-10-DP - SGP_ALIGNMENT OF GLOBAL, REGIONAL AND NATIONAL EFFORTS FOR AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT MODERNISATION.pdfDP01-07Alignment of Global, Regional and National Efforts for Air Traffic Management Modernisation7 September 2019Japan, Singapore and Thailand 
56-1a-5-IP - Streamlining of certificate of Airworthiness Issuance.pdfIP01-08Streamlining of Certificate of Airworthiness Issuance Process through Delegation7 September 2019 Hong Kong China 
56-1a-6-IP - HARMONIZATION OF AVSEC-FAL TO ENHANCE THE PASSENGER EXPERIENCE.pdfIP01-09Harmonization of Aviation Security and Facilitation to Enhance the Passenger Experience – Use of Biometric Based Boarding System in India7 September 2019India 
56-1a-7-IP - Inspector Development Concept and Mutual Recognition.pdfIP01-10Inspector Development Concept and Mutual Recognition for Effective Job Task7 September 2019Indonesia 
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panelists.jpg01Panel Discussion: Harmonizing Efforts to Meet the Capacity Constraints – Role of Industry Partners10 September 2019 
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56-2-1-DP - REV 1 - Responses from Administration to Action Items.pdfDP02-01Responses to Action Items Arising from the 55th DGCA Conference, Asia & Pacific Regions 7 September 2019 ICAO 
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Safety and air navigation update.pdf03-00       PresentationICAO Overview - Safety and Air Navigation7 September 2019ICAO 
56-3-1-DP - A proportionate and risk-based USOAP_CMA.pdfDP03-01A Proportionate and Risk-Based USOAP-CMA7 September 2019New Zealand 
56-3-2-DP - Global Aivation Safety Oversight System-GASOS.pdfDP03-02Global Aviation Safety Oversight System (GASOS) – Pacific Context7 September 2019New Zealand 
56-3-3-DP - Inspector Competencies for Effective Safety Management.pdfDP03-03Inspector Competencies for Effective Safety Management7 September 2019 Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and UK 
56-3-4-DP - REV1 - STATE-INDUSTRY DATA COLLECTION-REVISED BY SINGPAORE.pdfDP03-04State-Industry Data Collection, Analysis and Information Sharing for Aviation Safety7 September 2019Singapore, USA, EU ASA, IATA and co-sponsored by China, Indonesia, Philippines, Airbus, AAPA, Boeing and FSF 
56-3-5-DP - Thailand SSP-20190712_FINAL.pdfDP03-05Development of Thailand’s SSP7 September 2019Thailand 
56-3-12-DP - REV 1 - GUIDANCE MATERIAL ON ANS REGULATORY OVERSIGHT-REVISED BY BANGLADESH.pdfDP03-06Guidance Material on ANS Regulatory Oversight7 September 2019Bangladesh 
56-3-18-DP_REV 2 - Need of Mandatory Provision for ANS Certification-revised by Nepal.pdfDP03-07Need of Mandatory Provision for ANS Certification for Effective and Efficient Delivery of Air Navigation Services7 September 2019Nepal 
56-3-23-DP - NPL_REVIEW OF ANNEX 19 SECOND EDITION AND DOC. 9859 SAFETY MANAGEMENT.pdfDP03-08Review of Annex 19 Second Edition and Doc 9859 - Safety Management7 September 2019Nepal 
56-3-24-DP - AUS_A COMMERCIAL DRONE DELIVERY SERVICE - FROM CONCEPT TO REGULATORY APPROVAL.pdfDP03-09A Commercial Drone Delivery Service - from Concept to Regulatory Approval7 September 2019Australia 
56-3-27-DP - Challenges in Safety Performance Managment_ROK.pdfDP03-10Challenges in Safety Performance Management7 September 2019ROK 
Challenges in Safety Performance Managment_ROK.pdfDP03-10     PresentationChallenges in Safety Performance Managment7 September 2019ROK 
56-3-6-IP - Get Airport Ready for GARD_IDN.pdfIP03-11Get Airport Ready for Disaster (GARD) in Indonesia 7 September 2019Indonesia 
56-3-7-IP - HARMONIZING THE SAFETY PERFORMANCE OF ATSEP_IFATSEA.pdfIP03-12Harmonizing the Safety Performance of ATSEP with the Growing Capacity, to Assure Safety7 September 2019IFATSEA 
56-3-8-IP - HELIDECK in Malaysia.pdfIP03-13Certification of Helidecks in Malaysia7 September 2019Malaysia 
56-3-9-IP - Impact Assessment Report regarding Suspended Safety and Security Services.pdfIP03-14Impact Assessment Report regarding Suspended Safety and Security Services7 September 2019DPRK 
56-3-10-IP - SSP_USA.pdfIP03-15Safety Management Systems – the United States State Safety Program (SSP)7 September 2019USA 
56-3-11-IP - UAS Operation in Indonesia.pdfIP03-16UAS Operation in Indonesia7 September 2019Indonesia 
56-3-13-IP - ADS-B Out_final.pdfIP03-17Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast Out: Ensuring Preparedness for the 2020 Equipage Mandate7 September 2019USA 
56-3-14-IP - U.S. UAS Integration Update.pdfIP03-18Update on U.S. Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Activities7 September 2019USA 
56-3-15-IP - FAA AIS-AIM Workshop.pdfIP03-19Workshop on Building Effective Safety Oversight of Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) and Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)7 September 2019USA 
56-3-16-IP - ROK_IMPLEMENTATION OF AIRCRAFT GLOBAL TRACKING IN ROK.pdfIP03-20Implementation of Aircraft Global Tracking in the Republic of Korea7 September 2019ROK 
56-3-17-IP - EFFORTS TO PREVENT CABIN CREW INJURY-final.pdfIP03-21Efforts to Prevent Cabin Crew Injury7 September 2019ROK 
56-3-19-IP - AMENDMENT TO EXTENDED DIVERSION TIME OPERATIONS.pdfIP03-22Amendment to Extended Diversion Time Operations Engine Monitoring Standards7 September 2019China 
56-3-20-IP - OPERATION AT HIGH ELEVATION AERODROMES.pdfIP03-23Operation at High Elevation Aerodromes7 September 2019China 
56-3-21-IP - New Technologies in Addressing Aerodrome Safety.pdfIP03-24New Technologies in Addressing Aerodrome Safety and Capacity Challenges7 September 2019Hong Kong China 
56-3-22-IP - FODDS at KLIA MY-v2.pdfIP03-25Foreign Object Debris Detection System (FODDS) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport7 September 2019Malaysia 
56-3-25-IP - IATA ISSA.pdfIP03-26IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA)7 September 2019IATA 
56-3-26-IP - IATA IGOM and ISAGO.pdfIP03-27IATA’s Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) and IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO)7 September 2019IATA 
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56-4-1-DP - ICAO_KEY APAC AIR TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES_Final.pdfDP04-01Key APAC Air Traffic Management Challenges7 September 2019ICAO 
56-4-2-DP - ADS-B_India.pdfDP04-02India’s Plan & Progress on Implementation of ADS-B Based Surveillance Services in Tier-Ii Airports, ADS-B Mandate in Indian Airspace and Update on ADS-B Data Sharing with Neighboring States7 September 2019India 
56-4-3-DP - ICAO Performance Measurement and Stakeholders Engagement.pdfDP04-03ICAO Performance Measurement and Stakeholders’ Engagement7 September 2019Japan, Singapore, Thailand, USA and EUROCONTROL 
56-4-11-DP - IMPACT OF THE PROLONGED CLOSURE - REVISED BY IATA.pdfDP04-04Impact of the Prolonged Closure of the Lahore and Karachi FIRS7 September 2019IATA 
56-4-22-DP - KIR_PACIFIC AIRSAPCE ORGANISATION AND MANAGMENT.pdfDP04-05Pacific Airspace Organisation and Management7 September 2019Kiribati 
56-4-4-IP - Development of Remotely Aerodrome Flight Info.pdfIP04-06Development of Remotely Aerodrome Flight Information Services Procedures within Indonesia Airspace7 September 2019Indonesia 
56-4-5-IP - International Cooperation for Establish ATM Decision_final.pdfIP04-07International Cooperation for Establishing ATM Decision Support System Based on Data7 September 2019ROK 
56-4-6-IP - GNSS TRAINING IN ASEAN REGION.pdfIP04-08“GNSS Training” in ASEAN Region7 September 2019Japan 
56-4-7-IP - JAPAN’S EFFORT TO A-SMGCS.pdfIP04-09Japan’s Effort to A-SMGCS : Data-Driven and Simulation-Based Research Activities on Airport Surface Traffic Flow7 September 2019Japan 
56-4-8-IP - Progress of C-ATFM and ACDM Implementation.pdfIP04-10Progress of C-ATFM and ACDM Implementation in India7 September 2019India 
56-4-9-IP - RPAS_India.pdfIP04-11Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS)7 September 2019India 
56-4-10-IP - SAR_Final_JULY.pdfIP04-12Update on the Aviation Search and Rescue (SAR) Capabilities in Bangladesh7 September 2019Bangladesh 
56-4-12-IP - BGD PBN Status.pdfIP04-13The Progress of PBN Implementation in  Bangladesh7 September 2019Bangladesh 
56-4-13-IP - APPLICATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES IN ATM OF CHINA.pdfIP04-14Application and Development of New Technologies in Air Traffic Management of China7 September 2019China 
56-4-14-IP - G597A326 double tracking route between China and ROK.pdfIP04-15G597/A326 Double Tracking Route between China and ROK7 September 2019China 
56-4-15-IP_REV 1 - MODELING OF AIRSPACE OF GUANGDONG-HONG KONG-MACAO GREATER BAY AREA.pdfIP04-16Modeling of Airspace of Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area7 September 2019China 
56-4-16-IP_REV 1 - Operation of Asian Aviation Meteorological Centre.pdfIP04-17Operation of Asian Aviation Meteorological Centre7 September 2019China 
56-4-17-IP - THE ESTABLISHMENT OF CHINA-RUSSIAN CONSORTIUM.pdfIP04-18The Establishment of China/Russian Federation Consortium for ICAO Designated Space Weather Center7 September 2019China 
56-4-18-IP - Capacity Enhancement Initiatives in HK FIR.pdfIP04-19Capacity Enhancement Initiatives in Hong Kong FIR7 September 2019Hong Kong China 
56-4-19-IP - GAGAN SERVICES TO NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES.pdfIP04-20GAGAN (GPS Aided GEO Augmented Navigation) Services to Neighboring Countries and other Countries within GAGAN GEO Foot Print 7 September 2019India 
56-4-20-IP - Nepal- Air Navigation -Implementation of Him2 Route.pdfIP04-21Implementation of Himalayan-2 Route via Kathmandu FIR7 September 2019Nepal 
56-4-21-IP - Outcomes of ICAO APAC Volcanic Ash.pdfIP04-22Outcomes of ICAO Asia/Pacific Volcanic Ash Exercise 18/02 (APAC VOLCEX 18/02)7 September 2019Indonesia 
56-4-23-IP - SIGMET - Hong Kong China.pdfIP04-23SIGMET Coordination Efforts and Outcomes by the Hong Kong Observatory7 September 2019Hong Kong China 
collapse Category : 08-Agenda Item 5 ‎(17)
55 APAC ATB Overview ASF.pdf05-00 ICAO Overview - Security and Facilitation7 September 2019 ICAO 
7th RASCF Report - 56 DGCA Conference (Agenda 5).pdf05-01Key outcomes of RASCF/77 September 2019 RASCF Chair 
56-5-1-DP_REV 1 - Developments in the Facilitation Programmes_Rev 2.pdfDP05-01Developments in the Facilitation Programmes7 September 2019ICAO 
56-5-2-DP - Report on Aviation Security.pdfDP05-02Report on Aviation Security Assistance and Capacity Building7 September 2019ICAO 
56-5-4-DP - Accommodating More Passenger Traffic Through More Efficient Facilitation.pdfDP05-03Accommodating More Passenger Traffic through More Efficient Facilitation7 September 2019Singapore 
56-5-5-DP - Promoting Aviation Security Training.pdfDP05-04Promoting Aviation Security Training 7 September 2019Singapore 
56-5-6-DP - THE APPLICATION OF STATE CYBER-SECURITY CONTROLS TO AVIATION.pdfDP05-05The Application of State Cyber-Security Controls to Aviation7 September 2019New Zealand 
56-5-7-DP - REV 1 - ACIS EFFORTS TO ACCOMMODATE THE NEEDS OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES-REVISED BY ACI.pdfDP05-06Aviation Facilitation – ACI’s Efforts to Accommodate the Needs of Persons with Disabilities 7 September 2019ACI 
56-5-8-DP - Cyber Security.pdfDP05-07Aviation Cyber Security7 September 2019IATA 
56-5-12-DP_REV 1 - Application of Unified Information Platform-revised-china 1.pdfDP05-08Application of Unified Information Platform to Airport Aviation Security —— Take Beijing Daxing International Airport as an Example7 September 2019China 
56-5-14-DP - Recent Major Practices by ROK.pdfDP05-09Recent Major Practices by Republic of Korea for the Implementation of Global Aviation Security Plan7 September 2019ROK 
Recent Major Practices by ROK.pdfDP05-09     PresentationRecent Major Practices by ROK for the implementation of GASeP7 September 2019ROK 
56-5-3-IP - ASP-ASA.pdfIP05-10Recent Developments in Aviation Security7 September 2019ICAO 
56-5-9-IP - Passenger_Technology.pdfIP05-11Evolving Technology and Global Trends in Passenger Facilitation7 September 2019IATA 
56-5-10-IP - Promoting Awareness on AVSEC to Other Agencies and Org.pdfIP05-12Promoting Awareness on Aviation Security to Other Agencies and Organisations7 September 2019Singapore 
56-5-11-IP - PROMOTION OF AVIATION INNOVATION.pdfIP05-13Promotion of Aviation Innovation7 September 2019Japan 
56-5-13-IP - Global Aviation Security Plan.pdfIP05-14Global Aviation Security Plan as a Reference in Determining Indonesia Aviation Security Roadmap7 September 2019Indonesia 
collapse Category : 09-Agenda Item 6 ‎(6)
56 DGCA APAC - Agenda 6 ATB Overview ECD.pdf06-00  ICAO Overview - Economic Development of Air Transport7 September 2019ICAO 
56-6-1-DP - ICAOs Work for ECD.pdfDP06-01ICAO’S Work for Economic Development of Air Transport7 September 2019ICAO 
56-6-2-DP - ACI IATA - Taxation of International Air Transport1.pdfDP06-02Taxation of International Air Transport7 September 2019ACI and IATA 
56-6-3-DP_REV 1 - IATA Infrastructure Capacity and Investments-revised by IATA.pdfDP06-03Asia Pacific Airport Infrastructure Capacity and Capital Investment Planning7 September 2019IATA 
56-6-4-DP - Multiparty Liberalisation as stepping stone to achieving international liberalisation-002.pdfDP06-04Multiparty Liberalisation as Stepping Stone to Achieving International Liberalisation7 September 2019Singapore and co-sponsored by Brunei, Cambodia and Thailand 
56-6-5-IP - Harmonizing effors to meet the capacity Constraints - Pakisan.pdfIP06-05Harmonizing Efforts to Meet the Capacity Constraints7 September 2019Pakistan 
collapse Category : 10-Agenda Item 7 ‎(12)
56 DGCA APAC - ATB Overview ENV.pdf07-00ICAO Overview - Aviation and Environment7 September 2019 ICAO 
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