​The ICAO APAC SWIM Seminar and the Ninth Meeting of System Wide Information Management Task Force (SWIM TF/9)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 13-17 May 2024)

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Draft Report of SWIM Seminar 2024 for meeting review.pdfDraft Report for Meeting Review - SWIM Seminar17 May 2024Secretariat 
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Order of Business and Programme- SWIM Seminar 2024.pdf01Order of Business and Program - SWIM Seminar10 May 2024Secretariat 
20240513 GroupPhoto SWIM Seminar.pdf02Group Photo - SWIM Seminar16 May 2024Secretariat 
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SP01- Setting the Scene- SWIM TF Co-chair.pdfSP/01Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One- Setting the Scene13 May 2024SWIM TF Co-chair 
SP04-Building Asia-Pacific Regional SWIM:The Journey to Version One_China.pdfSP/02Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One- China10 May 2024China 
SP01- Building APAC Regional SWIM- Hong Kong.pdfSP/03Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One - Hong Kong, China10 May 2024Hong Kong, China 
SP03- Building Asia-Pacific Regional SWIM - The Singapore Experience.pdfSP/04Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One- Singapore10 May 2024Singapore 
SP05_THA- Builsing Asia- Pacific Regional SWIM-Thailand Experience (Aerothai).pdfSP/05Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One- Thailand13 May 2024Thailand 
SP06_ROK- Building AsiaPacific Regional SWIM The Journey to Version One_V2.pdfSP/06Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One- ROK14 May 2024Republic of Korea 
SP07_JPN- Builsing Asia- Pacific Regional SWIM- Japan Experience (JCAB).pdfSP/07Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One- Japan10 May 2024Japan 
SP02_Building APAC Regional SWIM - The Malaysian Experience.pdfSP/08Building Asia/Pacific regional SWIM: The Journey to Version One- Malaysia10 May 2024Malaysia 
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Draft Report of SWIM TF9_for meeting review.pdfDraft Report for Meeting Review - SWIM TF/917 May 2024Secretariat 
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AP021-24-CNS_Invitation letter for SWIM TF9_without attm.pdf01Invitation Letter06 February 2024Secretariat 
AP021-24_Attachment A- SWIM TF9 Provisional Agenda_final.pdf02Provisional Agenda06 February 2024Secretariat 
AP021-24_Attachment-B_SWIMTF9_Meeting-Bulletin.pdf03Seminar and Meeting Bulletin06 February 2024Secretariat 
WP-IP Template.docx04WP/IP Template06 February 2024Secretariat 
List of Exhibitor and Sponsor_SWIM TF_9.pdf05List of Sponsors8 May 2024Secretariat 
Order of Business_v2.0.pdf06Order of Business14 May 2024Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - SWIM TF9 - List of participants.pdf07List of Participants 15 May 2024Secretariat 
20240514 GroupPhoto SWIMTF9.pdf08Group Photo - SWIM TF/916 May 2024Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(20)
WP01_ICAO AI.1- Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda01 May 2024Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - Review of relevant meetings.pdfWP/02Review of relevant meetings of CNS - 202301 May 2024Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI.3 - Outcomes of ACSICG11.pdfWP/03Outcomes of the Eleventh Meeting of the Aeronautical Communication Services Implementation Coordination Group (ACSICG/11)01 May 2024Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO AI.3 - Outcomes of SURICG9.pdfWP/04Outcome of the Ninth meeting of the Surveillance  Implementation Coordination Group (SURICG/9) and updates on the fourth meeting of the Surveillance Study group SURSG/49 May 2024Secretariat 
WP05_HKC AI.4- Progress Update for the Joint Event_v3.pdfWP/05Progress update by S3TIG for the joint event of SWIM demonstration over CRV and Surveillance sharing in SWIM trial14 May 2024Hong Kong, China 
WP06_NZL AI.4- Comments on Draft TMC (Final).pdfWP/06Comments on Technical Memorandum of Cooperation (TMC) document for ATM information exchange through SWIM01 May 2024New Zealand 
WP07_ICAO AI.7 - Review SWIM TF ToR, Programme, and Outstanding Action Items.pdfWP/07Review SWIM TF ToR, Programme, and Outstanding Action Items17 May 2024Secretariat 
WP08_ICAO AI.3 - Outcomes of SWIM TF TL meetings and Joint Meetings after SWIM TF7.pdfWP/08Outcomes of SWIM TF Task Leads (TLs) Meetings and Joint CRV OG Ad-Hoc Expert Group and SWIM TF TLs Meetings after SWIM TF/707 May 2024Secretariat 
WP09_JPN AI.4- SWIM TI Profile.pdfWP/09Revision of APAC SWIM Technical Infrastructure Profiles10 May 2024Secretariat 
WP10_ROK AI.5- Consideration on Guaranteed Message Delivery for Regional SWIM Architecture.pdfWP/10Consideration on Guaranteed Message Delivery for Regional SWIM Architecture7 May 2024Republic of Korea 
WP11_ROK AI.5- Overview of MET Scenario (3) for Joint event.pdfWP/11Overview of MET Scenario (#3) for Joint event of SWIM over CRV Demonstration and Surveillance data over SWIM Trial7 May 2024Republic of Korea 
WP12_ROK AI.5- SWIM Discovery Service Jump Starter Kit.pdfWP/12SWIM Discovery Service (SDS) Jump Starter Kit 7 May 2024Republic of Korea 
WP13_SGP AI.5- SIPG Progress Report.pdfWP/13SWIM Implementation Pioneer Group Progress Report 7 May 2024Singapore 
WP14_IATA AI.5- Summary of SWIM Activities_IATA.pdfWP/14Update on Task 10: Regional Coordination and Swim-Related Information Sharing9 May 2024IATA 
WP15_HKC AI.8- MET_SWIM_use_cases_for_ATFM.pdfWP/15MET SWIM use cases for ATFM by MET/R WG ad-hoc group9 May 2024Hong Kong, China 
WP16_HKC AI.5- APAC_Common_SWIM_Information_services_submit.pdfWP/16Proposed Business Functionality of APAC Common SWIM Information Services11 May 2024Hong Kong, China 
WP17_INDN AI.5- LEVERAGING DNS FOR A ROBUST SWIM IMPLEMENTATION IN ASIA PACIFIC.pdfWP/17Leveraging DNS for a robust SWIM implementation in Asia Pacific9 May 2024Indonesia 
WP18_THA AI.5- Update on FIXM 4.2 APAC Extension_vFinal.pdfWP/18Update on the Asia/Pacific FIXM Version 4.2 Extension10 May 2024Thailand and USA 
WP19_USA AI.8- SWIM VS AMHS.pdfWP/19FAA Strategic Decision: Leverage Legacy Technology Investments to Support ATC Data Exchange with Prioritizing Internet-Enabled Swim for ATM Information Sharing11 May 2024USA/FAA 
WP20_ICAO AI.3- Outcomes of the ATFMSG14 v2.0.pdfWP/20Outcomes of the Fourteenth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Traffic Flow Management Steering Group (ATFM/SG/14)14 May 2024Secretariat 
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IP01_ICAO- Meeting-Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin02 May 2024Secretariat 
IP02_CHN AI.4- Lesson learned and suggestions for SIPG.pdfIP/02Lesson learned and suggestions for on SWIM Implementation Pioneer Group 02 May 2024China 
IP03_MLY AI.8- Progress Update of SWIM Implementation Malaysia.pdfIP/03Progress update on SWIM implementation in Malaysia9 May 2024Malaysia 
IP04_ROK AI.8- SWIM implementaion status and future plan in ROK.pdfIP/04SWIM Implementation Status in Republic of Korea10 May 2024Republic of Korea 
IP05_ICAO AI.3- OUTCOMES-FROM-ICAO-APAC-MET-RELATED-MEETINGS.pdfIP/05Outcomes from ICAO APAC MET-Related Meetings11 May 2024Secretariat 
IP06_JPN AI.5- IMP Updates.pdfIP/06IMP Update11 May 2024Japan 
IP07-AUS AI.3- MET-SWIM.pdfIP/07Key SWIM Related Activities Being Progressed by METP13 May 2024Australia 
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SP01_THA_Editorial Ad-Hoc Group Update.pdfSP/01Editorial Ad-Hoc Group Proposed Way Forward13 May 2024SWIM Task Force Co-Chair 

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