​Twenty First COSCAP South East Asia Steering Committee Meeting

(Manila, Philippines, 24-25 April 2024)

collapse Type Name : 2024 COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 ‎(21)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Conclusions - 3rd ICAO-EASA Forum (23 April 2024).pdf01ICAO-EASA Forum3-Conclusions29 APR 2024EASA 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP044-24-TC.pdf01Invitation Letter19 MAR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda  SCM-21vf.pdf02Provisional Agenda12 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
Attchment B - Provisional Programme SCM-21vfa.pdf03Provisional Programme29 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
Registration Form.docx04Registration Form19 MAR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
List of Participants-COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 24-25 APR 2024 v1.pdf05List of Participants29 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
Group Photo COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 24-25 April 2024 Philippines.jpg06Group Photo29 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(5)
WP1-SCM21 Agenda 3a Follow up on SCM-20.pdf01WP1-Follow up on COSCAP-SEA SCM/20 Conclusions29 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
WP2-SCM21 Follow up on SEARAST 22 through  Interrim SEARAST.pdf02WP2-Follow up on COSCAP-SEA SEARAST/22 Actions29 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
WP3-SCM21 Programme Progress Report final.pdf03WP3-Programme Progress Report29 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
WP4-SCM21 Financial Report with Annexes final.pdf04WP4-Financial and Contributions Report29 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
WP5-SCM21 Proposed 2024-2025 Work Plan final.pdf05WP5-Programme Work Plan 2024-202529 APR 2024COSCAP-SEA 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(9)
IP1 COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 IP EASA AwD EvR Lot1 RoC170-SCOPE-APP 2024 V.1 Final.pdf01IP1-Propose contribution by EASA to COSCAP-SEA Work Plan 2024-202529 APR 2024EASA 
IP2 COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 IP Thailand JustCulture.pdf02IP2-Cultivating a just culture-Initiatives and Challenges in Thailand29 APR 2024CAAT 
IP2 PPT Implementation of Just Culture Presentation Thailand.pdf03IP2-PPT29 APR 2024CAAT 
IP3 COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 IP-Singapore SSPIA Sharing of Experience final.pdf04IP3-SSPIA Sharing of experience and lesson learnt29 APR 2024CAAS 
IP3 PPT Singapore SSPIA - Sharing of Experience.pdf05IP3-PPT29 APR 2024CAAS 
IP4 COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 IP-Singapore Suspected Unapproved Parts final.pdf06IP4-Suspected Unapproved Parts29 APR 2024CAAS 
IP5 COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 IP Timor Leste Progress on Aviation Safety Oversight System-Need for Continues Assistance final.pdf07IP5-Progress on Aviation Safety Oversight Systems and need for continues assistance29 APR 2024AACTL 
IP6 PPT COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 FAA Engagement with Southeast Asia.pdf09IP6-PPT FAA Engagements with Southeast Asia29 APR 2024U.S. FAA 
IP7 PPT COSCAP-SEA SCM-21 BOEING Perceived Risk-Hard landing Ensuring a balance and Proprtionate approach.pdf10IP7-PPT Perceived risk-Hard landing ensuring a balance and proportionate approach29 APR 2024BOEING 

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