The Sixth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Wildlife Hazard Management Working Group (AP-WHM WG/6)

(Bangkok, Thailand, 14 May to 17 May 2024)

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Draft Report of AP-WHM WG6_16 May 2024.pdf01Draft Report of AP-WHM WG/616 May 2023Secretariat 
Appendices to the Report.pdf02Appendices to the Report16 May 2024Secretariat 
Attachments to the Report.pdf03Attachments to the Report16 May 2023Secretariat 
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!AP025 - Invitation Letter - AP-WHM WG-6.pdf01Invitation Letter14 Feb. 2024Secretariat 
AP025 - Attachment A - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Provisional Agenda14 Feb. 2024Secretariat 
AP025 - Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Meeting Bulletin14 Feb. 2024Secretariat 
AP025 - Attachment C - IP_WP Template.docx04Template of Papers14 Feb. 2024Secretariat 
AP025 - Attachment D - AP-WHMWG Task List.pdf05AP-WHM/WG Task List14 Feb. 2024Secretariat 
List of Exhibitor and Sponsor_AP WHM WG_6.pdf06List of Exhibitor and Sponsor8 May 2024Secretariat 
Order of Business - Rev. 02.pdf07Order of Business - Revision 215 May 2024Secretariat 
Transportation - APAC.pdf08Transportation for Suvarnabhumi Airport15 May 2024Secretariat 
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WP01, AI 1 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda of AP-WHM/WG/61 May 2024Secretariat 
WP02, AI2 - Relevant Outcomes of DGCA-58.pdfWP/02Action Items of 58th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation1 May 2024Secretariat 
WP03, AI 2 - Outcomes of AOP SG 7 and APANPIRG 34.pdfWP/03Outcomes of APANPIRG/34 and AOP/SG/7 Meetings1 May 2024Secretariat 
WP04, AI 4 - Innovative Techniques for Mitigating Wildlife Hazards at Airports_Draft_LV_final.pdfWP/04Innovative Techniques for Mitigating Wildlife Hazards at Airports1 May 2024WBA 
WP05, AI 4 - APAC WHM Go-Team Programme_FINAL.pdfWP/05ICAO Asia-Pacific Wildlife Hazard Management Go-Team Methodology - Update1 May 2024Australia, India, Thailand, ACI & WBA 
WP06, AI6 - ICAO USOAP and Findings on WHM.pdfWP/06ICAO USOAP CMA and AGA Findings in WHM9 May 2024Secretariat 
WP07, AI6 - APAC AGA Guidance Materials and Custodian.pdfWP/07Asia Pacific Guidance Materials and Custodian9 May 2024Secretariat 
WP08 AI7 - AP-WHM WG Task List.pdfWP/08AP-WHM/WG Task List9 May 2024Secretariat 
WP09 AI8 - Provisional Agenda, Date and Venue of Next Meeting.pdfWP/09Provisional Agenda, Date and Venue of AP–WHM/WG/79 May 2024Secretariat 
WP10, AI6 - AAPA ACI Paper Bird Strikes_Runway Closure_final.pdfWP/10Enhancing Aviation Safety and Efficiency: Recommendations for a more Risk Based Approach with Bird Strikes and Runway Closures15 May 2024AAPA, ACI and FSF 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(15)
IP01 REV 02 - List of Papers.pdfIP/01              Revision 2List of Papers and Presentations15 May 2024Secretariat 
IP02 - List of Experts for AP-WHM WG.pdfIP/02List of Experts - Asia/Pacific Wildlife Hazard Management Working Group (AP-WHM WG)1 May 2024Secretariat 
IP03 AI 3 - AAWHG Update Forum 2024.pdfIP/03Update from Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) 2023/24 and International Forum – 13-15 August 2024, Melbourne, Australia1 May 2024Chair AAWHG/Australia 
IP04 AI 3 - ANC Paper Proposal_FINAL.pdfIP/04Proposal to Submit Working Paper on Wildlife Hazard Management to Fourteenth Air Navigation Conference (AN-CONF/14)3 May 2024Chair AAWHG/Australia on behalf of the Global WHM SME Group 
IP05 AI 3 - IN_Best Practices_BIAL.pdfIP/05Nocturnal Bird/Wildlife Hazard – an Emerging Problem for Airports Operations3 May 2024India 
IP06 AI - IN_Best Practices_DIAL.pdfIP/06Best Practices on Wildlife Hazard Management3 May 2024India 
IP07 AI 3 - IN_Best Practices_AAI Kolkata Airport.pdfIP/07Measures undertaken to minimize Jackal Menace at NSCBI Airport, Kolkata3 May 2024India 
IP08 AI 4 - IN_Progress Update on Task Assigned_New GOA Airport.pdfIP/08An Overview of Wildlife Hazard Management Programme Implemented at Greenfield Manohar International Airport, Goa, India3 May 2024India 
IP09 AI 5 - IN_State Action Plan_India.pdfIP/09State Action Plan for Establishment and Implementation of Wildlife Hazard Management Programme - Update3 May 2024India 
IP10 AI 5 - Monitoring and Reporting of Wildlife Strike Using the CAAM Aviation Reporting System [CAReS].pdfIP/10Monitoring and Reporting of Wildlife Strike using the CAAM Aviation Reporting System (CAReS)8 May 2024Malaysia 
IP11 AI 5 - Threats Posed by Insects [Bees] at KLIA Terminal 1-2.pdfIP/11Threats Posed by Insects (BEES) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Terminal 1 & 28 May 2024Malaysia 
IP12 AI 3 - Progress of IBIS_ICAO Secrestariat.pdfIP/12Progress of the ICAO Bird Strike Information System (IBIS)8 May 2024Secretariat 
IP13, AI6 - Update information on IBIS focal point.pdfIP/13IBIS Focal Points9 May 2024Secretariat 
IP14 AI 4 - TS5-3-Sharing experience in managing WHM issues.pdfIP/14Sharing State’s/Aerodrome Operator’s Experience in Managing Wildlife Hazard Management Issues12 May 2024Thailand 
Presentation of Task 5-3 Sharing State’saerodrome operators experience in managing WHM issues.pdfIP/14           PresentationSharing State’s/Aerodrome Operator’s Experience in Managing Wildlife Hazard Management Issues16 May 2023Thailand 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(6)
01 APAC WHM WG6 Workshop_WHM and Risk Management_release version.pdfPPT/01Hazards, Threats, Risks and Controls – a different perspective for the future9 May 2024Chair AAWHG/Australia 
PPT02-ICAO AP-WHM WG6 May 14.pdfPPT/02Introduction to ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Airport Wildlife Hazards Courses13 May 2024Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Mastermark 
PPT03 - Wildlife Hazard Control VTBS.pdfPPT/03Wildlife Hazard Management at Suvarnabhumi Airport15 May 2024Thailand 
PPT04 Briefing on Airport visit on 16 May 2024.pdfPPT/04Briefing on Airport Visit on 16 May 202415 May 2024Secretariat 
PPT05-Innovative Tool for Airside safety.pdfPPT/05Innovative Tool for Airside Safety13 May 2024StrykerAV Aviation Solutions 
PPT06 - Pakistans Report.pdfPPT/06Pakistan’s Progress on Action Plan for Establishment and Implementation of the WHMP15 May 2024Pakistan 

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