Working Session on System Wide Information Management (SWIM) Business Requirements Brainstorming

( Bangkok, Thailand 06 to 07 November 2023)  


The Eighth Meeting of System Wide Information Management Task Force (SWIM TF/8)

 ( Bangkok, Thailand 08 to 10 November 2023)  

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Final Report of SWIM TF8.pdfFinal Report of SWIM TF/827 November 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
AP116-23-CNS_Invitation letter for SWIM TF8_SN - no attachment.pdf01Invitation Letter03 August 2023Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda SWIM_TF8_final.pdf02Provisional Agenda03 August 2023Secretariat 
Attachment B- Working Session Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Working Session / Meeting Bulletin03 August 2023Secretariat 
WP-IP Template.docx04WP-IP Template03 August 2023Secretariat 
ICAO Vehicle Registration Form.pdf05ICAO Vehicle Registration Form17 October 2023Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Brainstorm Session and SWIM TF8 - List of participants.pdf06List of Participants - please verify the list and inform for any amendment09 November 2023Secretariat 
Order of Business - SWIM TF8_final rev.pdf07Order of Business - SWIM TF/808 November 2023Secretariat 
Group Photo SWIMTF8.pdf08Group Photo - SWIM TF/813 November 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(8)
WP01_ICAO AI.1 - Provisional Agenda SWIM_TF8.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda24 October 2023Secretariat 
WP02_MAL AI.2 - Proposal of Technical Memorandum of Cooperation (TMC) Document Through SWIM.pdfWP/02Proposal of Technical Memorandum of Cooperation (TMC) Document for ATM Information Exchange Through SWIM24 October 2023Malaysia 
WP03_JPN AI.2 - Updates of APAC SWIM Technical Infrastructure Profiles.pdfWP/03Updates of APAC SWIM Technical Infrastructure Profiles24 October 2023Japan 
WP04_SGP AI 3 - Update of the work done by the SWIM Implementation Pioneer Group.pdfWP/04Update of the work done by the SWIM Implementation Pioneer Group31 October 2023Singapore 
WP05_SGP_JPN_THA AI3 - EMS detailed architecture and message header.pdfWP/05Proposal for detailed Enterprise Messaging Service architecture and its impact on the use of message headers31 October 2023Japan, Singapore, and Thailand 
WP06_HKA AI3_Progress Update for the Joint Event.pdfWP/06Progress Update by S3TIG for the Joint Event of Swim Demonstration over CRV and Surveillance Sharing in SWIM Trial06 November 2023Hong Kong, China 
WP07_JPN AI2- Proposal of Regional Candidate Standard for Service Discovery.pdfWP/07Proposal of Regional Candidate Standard for Service Discovery 06 November 2023Governance Task 
WP08_HKG AI2 - SWIM_service_functionality_submit.pdfWP/08Proposed Business Functionality of APAC Common SWIM Information Services and the Information to Be Exchanged09 November 2023Hong Kong, China 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(5)
IP01 - Working Session Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin24 October 2023Secretariat 
IP02_MAL AI.3 - SWIM IMPLEMENTATION PROGRESS IN MALAYSIA_finalised.pdfIP/02SWIM Implementation Progress in Malaysia24 October 2023Malaysia 
IP03_JPN AI.3 - SWIM Implementation plan in Japan.pdfIP/03SWIM Implementation plan in Japan25 October 2023Japan 
IP04_ROK AI.3- Implementation Status of Surveillance Messaging Service for S3TIG Demonstration.pdfIP/04Implementation Status of Surveillance  Messaging Service for S3TIG Demonstration06 November 2023Republic of Korea 
IP05_ROK AI.3- IWXXM based MET Scenario for S3TIG Demonstration.pdfIP/05ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model  (IWXXM)-Based MET Scenario for S3TIG Demonstration08 November 2023Republic of Korea 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(2)
SP01- Update on AsiaPacific Regional SWIM Implementation Guidance Drafting – Editorial Task Ad-Hoc.pdfSP/01Update on APAC Regional SWIM Implementation Guidance Drafting08 November 2023Editorial Task Ad-Hoc Group 
Draft Asia Pacific SWIM Implementation Guidance.docxSP/01-APX. AAsia/Pacific SWIM Implementation Guidance V.0.108 November 2023Secretariat 
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Final Report of SWIM Working Session.pdfFinal Report of SWIM Working Session22 November 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(2)
SWIM Brainstorming Session 2023 Programme.pdf01SWIM Working Session Program01 November 2023Secretariat 
Group Photo-SWIM-Workshop.pdf02Group Photo - SWIM Working Session13 November 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(11)
SP01_SWIM Brainstorming Session_Session Intro_AJv1.pdfSP/01SWIM Business Requirements Brainstorming – Introduction06 November 2023SWIM Task Force Co-Chair 
SP02_SWIM Brainstorming Session_Setting the Scene.pdfSP/02SWIM Business Requirements Brainstorming - Setting the Scene06 November 2023SWIM Task Force Co-Chair 
SP01- SWIM benefits- SGP.pdfSP/03Envisaged Benefits of SWIM for Air Navigation Services01 November 2023Singapore/ Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore 
SP04- AEROTHAI Use Case Development Experience.pdfSP/04SWIM Business Requirements: How AEROTHAI Developed Our Use Cases06 November 2023AEROTHAI/Thailand 
SP05- Enhancing ATM efficiency through data sharing over SWIM (Hong Kong China).pdfSP/05Enhancing ATM efficiency through data sharing over SWIM06 November 2023HKCAD/ Hong Kong, China 
SP06- JCAB Use Cases.pdfSP/06JCAB SWIM Use Cases06 November 2023JCAB/ Japan 
SP07- SWIM Brainstorming Session- Day 1 Recap.pdfSP/07SWIM Business Requirements Brainstorming Day 1 Recap07 November 2023SWIM Task Force Co-Chair 
SP08- SWIM Brainstorming Session_What's Next_wrap up.pdfSP/08SWIM Business Requirements Brainstorming Wrap Up07 November 2023SWIM Task Force Co-Chair 
SP09- Group1_Transition from AFTN based AIS to SWIM based AIM.pdfSP/09Use Case: Transition from AFTN based AIS to SWIM based AIM07 November 2023Group 1 
SP10- Group 2_Presentation on use cases of SWIM.pdfSP/10Presentation on use cases of SWIM 07 November 2023Group 2 
SP11- Group 3_No Destination Alternate (NDA) Flight Plan.pdfSP/11No Destination Alternate (NDA) Flight Plan07 November 2023Group 3 

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