Thirty Eighth Meeting of the Working Group Internetworking (WG-I) 

(Bangkok, Thailand 16-20 October 2023)


The Second Meeting of the Working Group Maintenance (WG-M) 

(Bangkok, Thailand 23-27 October 2023)

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AP111-23-CNS - Letter of invitation WG-I 38R and WG-M 2R - without attachment.pdf01Invitation Letter24 July 2023Secretariat 
AP111-23-CNS - Attachment - Meeting Bulletin.pdf02Meeting Bulletin24 July 2023Secretariat 
collapse Type Name : WG-I/38 ‎(1)
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WP01 WGI-38 Proposed Agenda v0.1.pdf03WG-I/3816 October 2023Secretariat 
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20231016 Group-Photo_CP-DCISG-WG-1.pdf98Group-Photo_CP-DCISG-WG-116 October 2023Secretariat 
General Announcement-1.pdf99General Announcement-116 October 2023Secretariat 

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