Twentieth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/20)

(Bangkok, Thailand,  7-11 August 2023)

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1.APRAST20 - Final Report.pdfFinal Report of the APRAST/20 Meeting01 September 2023 
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20230807-APRAST20-group.jpgGroup Photo09 August 2023 
APRAST20 - Appdx A - List of Participants (9Aug2023).pdfList of Participants (for any update, please send to August 2023 
APRAST20 Meeting Programme R1.pdf.Meeting Programme (Revision 1)07 August 2023 
AP080-22-FS - APRAST20 and SSPI_INV.pdf01Invitation Letter01 June 2023 
AP080-23-FS Att B - APRAST20 Provisional Agenda.pdf02Provisional Agenda01 June 2023 
AP080-23-FS Att D - APRAST20 - WP_IP Template.docx04WP / IP Template01 June 2023 
AP080-23-FS Att E - APRAST20 Nomination_Registration Form.docx05Registration / Nomination Form01 June 2023 
AP080-23-FS Att E - APRAST20 Nomination_Registration Form.pdf05Registration / Nomination Form01 June 2023 
AP080-23-FS Att F - Information Bulletin.pdf06Information Bulletin01 June 2023 
ICAO APAC RO Health and Safety Information for Meeting Participants_04.2023.pdf07Health and Safety Information for Meeting Participants01 June 2023 
Form Visitor Parking Agreement.pdf08Parking permit form01 June 2023 
ICAO APAC Souvenir purchase.pdf09ICAO APAC Souvenir purchase ( 
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APRAST20-WP-01 AI_1 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda 04 August 2023Secretariat 
APRAST20-WP-03 AI_3 - [ICAO_SEC] Update of APRAST 19 Decisions and Conclusions.pdfWP/03Update of APRAST/19 Decisions and Conclusions04 August 2023Secretariat 
APRAST20-WP-04 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update of the RASG-APAC12 Dec and Con.pdfWP/04Progress Update of the RASG-APAC/12 Decisions and Conclusions04 August 2023Secretariat 
APRAST20-WP-05 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update on Yearly Work Programme 2022-23.pdfWP/05Update of RASG-APAC/12 Annual & Standing Work Programme 2022/202304 August 2023Secretariat 
APRAST20-WP-06_AI_5 - [SRP WG] Progress Update – ICAO APAC Annual Safety Report 2023.pdfWP/06Progress Update – ICAO APAC Annual Safety Report 202304 August 2023SRP Working Group 
APRAST20-WP-07_AI_5 - [FSF] FSF Regional Safety Assessment Project_Phase 2_Status update.pdfWP/07FSF Regional Safety Assessment Project, Phase 2 - Status update04 August 2023Flight Safety Foundation 
APRAST20-WP-08_AI_5 - [SIN] Collaborative and data-driven approach of ground taxi incidents.pdfWP/08A collaborative and data-driven approach to mitigating the risk of ground taxi incidents04 August 2023Singapore 
APRAST20-WP-09_AI_5 - [IATA] Runway Excursion Detail Implementation Plan.pdfWP/09Runway Excursion Detail Implementation Plan04 August 2023International Air Transport Association (IATA) 
APRAST20-WP-10_AI_5 - [ROK] Airport Pavement Management to strengthen Runway Safety Post-Pandemic.pdfWP/10Airport Pavement Management to strengthen Runway Safety Post-Pandemic04 August 2023Republic of Korea 
APRAST20-WP-11_AI_5 - [USA] Collaborative Safety Teams.pdfWP/11Collaborative Safety Teams04 August 2023United States 
APRAST20-WP-12_AI_5 - [SIN-USA-IATA] Governance FRAMEWORK for cross-border data sharing initiatives.pdfWP/12Governance FRAMEWORK for cross-border data sharing initiatives04 August 2023Singapore, United States and IATA 
APRAST20-WP-13_AI_5 - [SEC] Monitoring of Implementation of AP-RASP ORG Road Map Actions.pdfWP/13Monitoring of Implementation of AP-RASP ORG Road Map Actions07 August 2023Secretariat 
APRAST20-WP-14 AI_5 - [SEC] Mapping of LHD_LLE_LLD to ICAO CAST_final.pdfWP/14Mapping of LHD/LLE/LLD Categories to ICAO CAST Taxonomy07 August 2023Secretariat 
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APRAST20-IP-01 - List of Papers R1.pdfIP/01List of Papers07 August 2023 
APRAST20-IP-02-AI_5 - [FSF] AP Centre for Aviation Safety.pdfIP/02Establishment of the Flight Safety Foundation’s Asia Pacific Centre for Aviation Safety07 August 2023Flight Safety Foundation 
APRAST20-IP-03-AI_5 - [ROK] (Revised) ICAO USOAP CMA WORKSHOP_Republic of Korea.pdfIP/03The Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) Continuous Monitoring Approach (CMA) Workshop07 August 2023Republic of Korea 
APRAST20-IP-04-AI_5 - [ROK] 6th IFSS for CAA and Operators.pdfIP/04The Sixth International Flight Safety Seminar for Civil Aviation Authorities and Operators (IFSSCO/6)07 August 2023Republic of Korea 
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List of Action Custodians for AP-RASP Action Item Implementation Sub-grou - Latest updated list 10 Mar 2022.pdf01Action Item 2023-202510 August 2023 
QRCode for Volunteering for AP-RASP Standing Working Group and Action Items Teams.png02AP-RASP Volunteering form (QR Code)10 August 2023 
List of Volunteering for AP-RASP Standing WG.pdf02AP-RASP Volunteering form10 August 2023 

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