​Eleventh Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group

(Singapore, 16 - 17 August 2023)

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Final ROD and Conclusions_AIG11.pdfRecord of Discussions and Conclusions of the APAC-AIG/11 Meeting31 August 2023 
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APAC AIG 11_Meeting Programme_R1.pdfMeeting Programme (Revision 1)15 August 2023 
AP073-23-FS - APAC-AIG11_INV.pdf01Invitation Letter17 May 2023 
AP073-23-FS Att B - APAC-AIG11 Provisional Agenda.pdf02Provisional Agenda17 May 2023 
AP073-23-FS Att C - APAC-AIG11 Registration Form.pdf03Registration / Nomination Form17 May 2023 
AP073-23-FS Att C - APAC-AIG11 Registration Form.docx03Registration / Nomination Form17 May 2023 
AP073-23-FS Att D - APAC-AIG11 - WP_IP Template.docx04WP/IP Template17 May 2023 
AP073-23-FS Att E - Meeting Bulletin.pdf05Meeting Bulletin17 May 2023 
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APAC-AIG11 AI_1 WP-01 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda10 August 2023Secretariat 
APAC-AIG11 AI_2 WP-02 - [SEC] Review of the Decisions and Conclusions by RASG-APAC and APRAST.pdfWP/02Review of the Decisions and Conclusions by RASG-APAC and APRAST10 August 2023Secretariat 
APAC-AIG11 AI_3 WP-03 - [ICAO HQ] Introdution of the ICAO OVSG.pdfWP/03Introduction of the ICAO Occurrence Validation Study Group10 August 2023Secretariat 
APAC-AIG11 AI_3 WP-04 - [SEC] Update on APAC-AIG activities.pdfWP/04Update on APAC-AIG activities14 August 2023Secretariat 
APAC-AIG11 AI_3 WP-05 - [SEC] Follow up of the progress of the Decision APAC-AIG 10-1_10-2_10-3_R1.pdfWP/05 (Revision 1)Following up the progress of implementation of the Decision APAC-AIG 10/1, 10/2 and 10/316 August 2023Secretariat 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-06 - [AUS] Determining the effectiveness of Safety Actions taken_ATSB.pdfWP/06Determining the Effectiveness of Safety Actions Taken10 August 2023Australia / Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)  
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-07 - [AUS] Birdstrike and in-flight Breakup Accidents.pdfWP/07Techniques to Determine the Relationship Of A Birdstrike in an In-flight Break-up Accident10 August 2023Australia / Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)  
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-08 - [AUS] Dynon Sky view HDX Data Download Techniques.pdfWP/08Dynon Skyview HDX Data Download Techniques10 August 2023Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-09 - [AUS] ATSB partnership with RMIT - Graduate Diploma in Transport Safety Investigation.pdfWP/09ATSB Strategic Partnership With RMIT University Offering Qualifications in Transport Safety Investigation10 August 2023Australia 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-10 - [INS] Medical examination requirement for AMEs.pdfWP/10Medical Examination Requirement for Aircraft Maintenance Engineer10 August 2023Indonesia 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-11 revised - [INS] Mental health issue v3.pdfWP/11Mental Health issue as part of the medical examination 14 August 2023Indonesia 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-12 - [SIN] Classification of Occurrences using Artificial Intelligence.pdfWP/12Classification of Occurrences using Artificial Intelligence (AI)10 August 2023Singapore 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-13 - [SIN] ECAC ACC Workshop on Harmonising the Treatment of Serious Incident.pdfWP/13ECAC Group of Experts in Aircraft Accident and  Incident Investigation Workshop on the Harmonizing  on Treatment of Serious Incidents10 August 2023Singapore 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-14 - [SIN] UAS Investigation Training.pdfWP/14Unmanned Aerial System Investigation Training10 August 2023Singapore 
APAC-AIG11 AI_3 WP-15 - [SEC] Updated on AIGP work (Rev1).pdfWP/15 (Revision 1)Update by AIG Panel (AIGP)16 August 2023Secretariat 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP16 - [VNM] Vietnam Accident Incident Investigation.pdfWP/16Vietnam Accident Incident Investigation15 August 2023Viet Nam 
APAC-AIG11 AI_5 WP-17 - [SIN] AIA contact information on ICAO website.pdfWP/17Updated Contact Information of Accident Investigation Authorities on ICAO’S Website10 August 2023Singapore 
APAC-AIG11 AI_6 WP-18 - APAC-AIG Annual Work Programme.pdfWP/18APAC-AIG Standing and Annual Work Programme14 August 2023Chairman of APAC-AIG 
APAC-AIG11 AI_4 WP-19 - [IATA] The Items to be Improved for the Accident Investigation Report.pdfWP/19The Items to be Improved for the Accident Investigation Report16 August 2023International Air Transport Association (IATA) 
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AP002-19-FS Attm A - Code of Conduct.pdfCode of Conduct on Cooperation Relating to Civil Aviation Accident/Incident Investigation16 August 2023 


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