Fifth Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Wildlife Hazard Management Working Group (AP-WHM WG/5)

(Bangkok Thailand, 3 to 5 May 2023)

collapse Type Name : 2023 AP-WHM WG5 ‎(28)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(3)
Final Report of AP-WHM WG 5.docx.pdf01Final Report of AP-WHM WG/58 Jun. 2023Secretariat 
Appendices to the Report.pdf02Appendices to the Report8 Jun. 2023Secretariat 
Attachments to the Report.pdf03Attachments to the Report8 Jun. 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(10)
AP-025 - Invitation Letter - AP-WHM WG-5 - Workshop.pdf01Invitation Letter2 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
AP-025 - Attachment A - Provisional Agenda.docx.pdf02Provisional Agenda2 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
AP-025 - Attachment B - Meeting-Workshop Bulletin.docx.pdf03Meeting/Workshop Bulletin2 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
AP-025 - Attachment C - Registration Form.docx04Registration Form2 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
AP-025 - Attachment D - IP_WP Template.docx05Template of Papers2 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
AP-025 - Attachment E - Tentative Workshop Programme.docx.pdf06Tentative Workshop Programme2 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
AP-025 - Attachment F - AP WHM-WG Task List.pdf07AP-WHM/WG Task List2 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
ICAO APAC RO Health and Safety Information for Meeting Participants.pdf08Health and Safety Information for participants17 Feb. 2023Secretariat 
Order of Business-Revision 01.doc.pdf09Order of Business - Revision 13 May 2023Secretariat 
20230503 AP WHM WG 5 group photo.pdf10Group photo3 May 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(9)
WP01, AI 1 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda of AP-WHM/WG/527 Apr. 2023Secretariat 
WP02, AI 2 - Outcomes of AOP SG 6 and APANPIRG 33.pdfWP/02Outcomes of APANPIRG/33 and AOP/SG/6 Meetings27 Apr. 2023Secretariat 
WP03, AI6 - Proposal for Amendment to AP-WHM WG TOR.pdfWP/03Proposal for an Amendment to TOR of AP-WHM/WG27 Apr. 2023Secretariat 
WP04, AI6 - AP-WHM WG Task List.pdfWP/04AP-WHM/WG TOR Task List27 Apr. 2023Secretariat 
WP05, AI 7 - ICAO APAC WHM Go-Team Methodology.pdfWP/05ICAO Asia-Pacific Wildlife Hazard Management Go-Team Methodology27 Apr. 2023ACI 
WP06, AI8 - Provisional Agenda, Date and Venue of Next Meeting.pdfWP/06Provisional Agenda, Date and Venue of AP–WHM/WG/627 Apr. 2023Secretariat 
WP07, AI5 - State Action Plan for WHMP.pdfWP/07State Action Plan for Establishment and Implementation of Wildlife Hazard Management Programme 27 Apr. 2023Secretariat 
WP08, AI 3 - Knowledge Article Brief on Best Practices of WHM_LV.pdfWP/08Draft Knowledge Article on Best Practices by WBA2 May 2023WBA 
WP09, AI7 - Update information on IBIS focal point.pdfWP/09IBIS Focal Points for Asia and Pacific States 3 May 2023Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(5)
IP01 - List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of Papers and Presentations3 May 2023Secretariat 
IP02 - List of Experts for AP-WHM WG.pdfIP/02List of Experts - Asia/Pacific Wildlife Hazard Management Working Group (AP-WHM WG)27 Apr. 2023Secretariat 
IP03, AI 3 - APAC WHM WG5 IP_Global WHM SME Group Update_final.pdfIP/03Update on Activities and Progress of International WHM SME Group2 May 2023Chair AAWHG/Australia on behalf of the Global WHM SME Group 
IP04, AI 3 - APAC WHM WG5 IP_AAWHG Forum 2022.pdfIP/04Summary of Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) Forum – 14-15 September 2022, Adelaide, Australia2 May 2023Chair AAWHG/Australia 
IP05, AI 3 - APAC WHM WG5 IP_Australia ITSAP.pdfIP/05Summary of Wildlife Hazard Management Workshop between Australia and Indonesia, 17 January 20232 May 2023Australia and Indonesia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(1)
IBIS-InternationalStrikeData-APAC2023-FINAL.pdf01Update on the Manual for Strike Reporting and the IBIS3 May 2023USA 


For further information please contact:

Mr. Punya R. Shakya

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