​Twelfth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Asia and Pacific

(Bangkok, ThailandHybrid Platform, 17-18 November 2022 

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Final Report_RASG-APAC12.pdfFinal Report of the RASG-APAC/12 Meeting30 November 2022 
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2022Nov17 GroupPhoto RASG-APAC12.pdfGroup Photo (in-person) 
Group Photo - Virtual.pdfGroup Photo (Virtual) 
1. AP118-22-FS - INV RASG-APAC12_rev.pdf01Invitation Letter01 Sept. 2022 
3. AP118-22-FS Att B - Provisional Agenda_RASG-APAC12.pdf02Provisional Agenda01 Sept. 2022 
RASG-APAC12 - Order of Business V 2_Final - For public R1.pdf03 (Revision 1)Order of Business17 November 2022 
5. AP118-22-FS Att D - Registration Form_RASG-APAC12_Workshop.pdf04Registration / Nomination Form01 Sept. 2022 
5. AP118-22-FS Att D - Registration Form_RASG-APAC12_Workshop.docx04Registration / Nomination Form01 Sept. 2022 
6. AP118-22-FS Att E - WP_IP Template RASG-APAC12.docx05WP/IP Template01 Sept. 2022 
7. AP118-22-FS Att F - RASG-APAC Meeting Bulletin and Hybrid Instruction.pdf06Meeting Bulletin and Hybrid Instruction01 Sept. 2022 
ICAO APAC RO Meeting Guide_for participants_Oct2022.pdf07ICAO-APAC Health and Safety Measures for Meeting Participants (Revised)14 November 2022 
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RASG-APAC12 - WP-01 AI_1 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda14 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-02 AI_2 - [ICAO HQ] ANC Council Action on the Report of RASG11 Meeting.pdfWP/02Review of the action taken by the ANC/Council on the Report of RASG-APAC/1114 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-03 AI_2 - [ICAO HQ] High-Level Review of the ICAO 41st Assembly.pdfWP/03High-Level Review of the ICAO 41st Assembly14 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-04 AI_2 - [ICAO HQ] A41 Endorsement of the 2023-2025 Edition of GASP.pdfWP/04A41 Endorsement of the 2023-2025 Edition of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP)14 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-05 AI_2 - [ICAO HQ] A41 Outcomes related to Safety Management.pdfWP/05A41 Outcomes Related to Safety Management 16 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-06 AI_2 - [AIG Chair] Update on Work Done by APAC-AIG.pdfWP/06Update on Work Done by APAC-AIG15 November 2022Chairman of APAC-AIG 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-07 AI_2 - [SRP WG] Progress of Development of Annual Safety Report.pdfWP/07Progress of Development of Annual Safety Report15 November 2022SRP WG Co-chairs 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-08 AI_2 - [SEI WG] SEI Output Revision for  RASG-APAC Consideration and Approval.pdfWP/08Updates by Safety Enhancement Initiative (SEI) WG14 November 2022SEI WG Co-chairs 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-09 AI_2 - [SEC_RSO] Updates on the Implementation of Beijing Declaration_PRS.pdfWP/09Where does APAC Stand with the Beijing Declaration Commitments14 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-10 AI_2 - [SEC] Update on RASG-APAC Procedural Handbook on APRAST Empowerments and ToRs.pdfWP/10RASG-APAC Procedure Handbook - Proposed Framework for Empowerment and ToRs of APAC Subsidiary Bodies16 November 2022APRAST Co-Chairs 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-11 AI_2 - [AP-RASP AWG] AP-RASP 2023-2025.pdfWP/11Asia-Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Plan (AP-RASP) 2023-202514 November 2022AP-RASP  Ad-Hoc WG 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-12 AI_2 - [SEC] Review of APRAST-17_18 Decisions and Conclusions.pdfWP/12Review of Decisions and Conclusions Adopted at APRAST/17 & 1815 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-13 AI_3 - [SEC] Review of Progress of RASG-APAC11 Decisions and Conclusions.pdfWP/13Review of Progress of RASG-APAC/11 Decisions and Conclusions15 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-14 AI_3 - [SEC] Update of RASG-APAC 2021-2022 Work Programme.pdfWP/14Update of RASG-APAC 2021/2022 Work Programme15 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-15 AI_4- [SEC] Guidance for Developing DGCA Discussion Papers.pdfWP/15Guidance to Develop the Discussion Papers for the ICAO APAC DGCA Conferences17 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-16 AI_4 - [MYS] Developing the CAAM Compliance Questionnaires.pdfWP/16Developing the CAAM Compliance Questionnaires (CAAM CQ) For Regulatory Division14 November 2022Malaysia 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-17 AI_4 - [MYS] Emergency Opertaion Committee (EOC) Revised.pdfWP/17Emergency Operation Committee (EOC)14 November 2022Malaysia 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-18 AI_4 - [MYS] Malaysias Commitment in Supporting ICAO Safety Programme.pdfWP/18 (Revision 1)Malaysia’s Commitment in Supporting ICAO Safety Programmes16 November 2022Malaysia 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-19 AI_4 - [HKG] Implementation of Small Unmanned Aircraft Order in HKG.pdfWP/19Regulation of small unmanned Aircraft in Hong Kong, China – Update on the implementation of the New Regulatory Regime14 November 2022Hong Kong, China 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-20 AI_4 - [HKG] Regulatory Oversight and Support for the Industrys Service Resumption.pdfWP/20Regulatory Oversight and Support for the Industry’s Service Resumption14 November 2022Hong Kong, China 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-21 AI_4 - [SEC_RSO-ATM] APAC Activites on ATM Safety Management.pdfWP/21APAC Activities on ATM Safety Management14 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-22 AI_4 - [Boeing] 5G Interference Workshop_2022-11-17_Final.pdfWP/22ICAO Asia Pacific Regional 5G Interference Workshop18 November 2022Secretariat, Singapore, United States, IATA and Boeing 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-23 AI_4 - [SEC_CNS] 5G and RA issues - Outcomes from CNS SG 26.pdfWP/235G/Radio Altimeters issue and Frequency Interference – Outcomes from CNS SG/26 Meeting14 November 2022Secretariat 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-24 AI_4 - [USA] Safety Culture and Effective Management of Risk.pdfWP/24Safety Culture and Effective Management of Risk14 November 2022The United States 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-25 AI_4 - [USA] Advanced Air Mobility.pdfWP/25The United States Federal Aviation Administration Advanced Air Mobility Activities14 November 2022The United States 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-26 AI_4 - [USA] U.S. National Aviation Safety Plan.pdfWP/26United States National Aviation Safety Plan (NASP)14 November 2022The United States 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-27 AI_4 - [IATA] IOSA.pdfWP/27IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)14 November 2022IATA 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-28 AI_4 - [IATA] ISAGO.pdfWP/28Use of ISAGO to complement oversight of Ground Handling Service Providers (GHSPs) and to drive Global Standardization14 November 2022IATA 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-29 AI_4 - [IATA] New SEI.pdfWP/29Need To establish APRAST new Safety Enhanced Initiatives (SEI) focused on implementation and Monitoring14 November 2022IATA 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-30 AI_4 - [SIN] SSPIA - Sharing of experiences and next steps.pdfWP/30State Safety Programme Implementation – Sharing Of Experience And Lessons Learnt14 November 2022Singapore 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-31 AI_5 - [SEC] RASG-APAC Proposed 2022_2023 Work Programme.pdfWP/31Proposed RASG-APAC 2022-2023 Yearly and Standing Work Programmes15 November 2022Secretariat / APRAST Co-Chairs 
RASG-APAC12 - WP-32 AI_4 - [SEC] on PSIDS Study (Final).pdfWP/32 (Revision 1)Updates on the Implementation of ICAO Needs Study on PSIDS17 November 2022Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(3)
RASG-APAC12 - IP-02 AI_4 - [MYS] THE RESTORATION OF MALAYSIA’S AIR SAFETY RATING TO CATEGORY 1.pdfIP/02The Restoration of Malaysia’s Air Safety Rating to Category 115 November 2022Malaysia 
RASG-APAC12 - IP-03 AI_4 - [USA] UAS Traffic Management.pdfIP/03United States Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management14 November 2022The United States 
RASG-APAC12 - IP-04 AI_4 - [USA] Managing Changes to Spectrum Use for Safe Coexistence.pdfIP/04Managing Changes to Spectrum use for Safe Coexistence14 November 2022The United States 


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