​ICAO Regional 5G Interference Workshop – Asia and Pacific Regions

(Bangkok, Thailand, Hybrid Platform, 16 November 2022 )

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collapse Type Name : 2022 ICAO Regional 5G Interference Workshop ‎(15)
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GroupPhoto 5G Interference Workshop.pdfGroup Photo (in-person) 
Group Photo - Virtual.pdfGroup Photo (Virtual) 
1. AP118-22-FS - INV RASG-APAC12_rev.pdf01Invitation Letter01 Sept. 2022 
ICAO Regional WS on 5G Interference_Workshop Outline_R1.pdf02Workshop Outline and Programme 14 November 2022 
5. AP118-22-FS Att D - Registration Form_RASG-APAC12_Workshop.pdf03Registration / Nomination Form01 Sept. 2022 
5. AP118-22-FS Att D - Registration Form_RASG-APAC12_Workshop.docx03Registration / Nomination Form01 Sept. 2022 
7. AP118-22-FS Att F - RASG-APAC Meeting Bulletin and Hybrid Instruction.pdf04Meeting Bulletin and Hybrid Instruction01 Sept. 2022 
8. AP118-22-FS Annex 1 - ICAO-APAC Health and Safety Measures for Meeting Participants.pdf05ICAO-APAC Health and Safety Measures for Meeting Participants01 Sept. 2022 
9. AP118-22-FS Annex 2 - ICAO-APAC COVID-19 Health and Safety Declaration form.docx06ICAO-APAC COVID-19 Health and Safety Declaration Form01 Sept. 2022 
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1.Boeing_Radio Altimeter Presentation for ICAO APAC November 2022.pdf015G Radio Altimeter Interference22 November 2022Boeing 
2.CAAS_5G_ICAO APAC RASG_16Nov2022.pdf02Collaboration with Spectrum Authority / Industry and Potential Mitigation Strategies22 November 2022Singapore 
3.FAA_5G Interference Workshop Bangkok.pdf03Radio Altimeters and 5G C-Band Deployment in the US National Airspace System (NAS)22 November 2022United States 
4.Signal in Space Animation.pdf04Signal in Space Animation22 November 2022United States 
5.IATA_5G Workshop ICAO APAC_Nov 2022.pdf05ICAO APAC Regional 5G Interference Workshop22 November 2022IATA 
6.ICAO MID_5G Interference Workshop Bangkok.pdf06Activities related to Radio Altimeter / 5G in the MID Region22 November 2022ICAO MID Office 


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