Fourth Meeting of the GBAS-SBAS Implementation Task Force (GBAS-SBAS ITF/4)

(VideoTeleconference, May 11 – 12 2022)

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Final Report_ GBAS SBAS ITF 4.pdf01Final Report_ GBAS SBAS ITF 425 August 2022Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP041-22-RSO Invitation GBAS SBAS ITF4.pdf01AP041-22-RSO Invitation GBAS SBAS ITF428 February 2022Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda_GBAS SBAS ITF4.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda_GBAS SBAS ITF428 February 2022Secretariat 
Attachment B - Provisional Order of Business_GBAS-SBAS ITF-4.pdf03Attachment B - Provisional Order of Business_GBAS-SBAS ITF-428 February 2022Secretariat 
Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin_GBAS-SBAS TF-4.pdf04Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin_GBAS-SBAS ITF-428 February 2022Secretariat 
Attachment D - Online Registration Guidelines.pdf05Attachment D - Online Registration Guidelines28 February 2022Secretariat 
Attachment E - WP-IP Template_GBAS SBAS ITF4.pdf06Attachment E - WP-IP Template_GBAS SBAS ITF428 February 2022Secreatariat 
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6e8e78439ee35815f40b3132e5e52a61.pdf02Attachement B - Provisional Order of Business11 May 2022Secretariat 
WP03- Implementation of LPV(GAGAN) Approaches -India.pdf03 Implementation of LPV(GAGAN) Approaches -India09 May 2022India 
USA GBAS Brief.pdf04USA GBAS Brief09 May 2022USA 
WP05 - MSAS_LPV250_Performance_Japan.pdf05MSAS_LPV250_Performance_Japan09 May 2022Japan 
WP06-Expert_group_iono_report(co-chair).pdf06Expert_group_iono_report(co-chair)09 May 2022Co-chair 
WP07_GBAS SBAS ITF4 - Guidance Reference - Expert Group Outcomes (1).pdf07GBAS SBAS ITF4 - Guidance Reference - Expert Group Outcomes12 May 2022Co-chair 
WP08- Airservices Presentation - GBAS - ATC Perspective.pdf08Airservices Presentation - GBAS - ATC Perspective09 May 2022Australia 
WP09-VDB_frequency(co-chair).pdf09VDB_frequency(co-chair)09 May 2022Co-chair 
WP10- GBAS_SBAS ITF4_IATA Equipage Survey_GNSS Augmentations.pdf10GBAS_SBAS ITF4_IATA Equipage Survey_GNSS Augmentations09 May 2022IATA 
WP11 - Degradation of GPS Navigation Performance  in the oceanic airspace in Fukuoka FIR (1).pdf11Degradation of GPS Navigation Performance  in the oceanic airspace in Fukuoka FIR 09 May 2022Japan 
WP12 - SBAS guidance review - India.pdf12SBAS guidance review - India10 May 2022India 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(6)
IP01- JAPAN GBAS Status.pdf01JAPAN GBAS Status09 May 2022Japan 
IP02 -JAPAN MSAS update.pdf02JAPAN MSAS update09 May 2022Japan 
IP03-Korean SBAS Implementation Status_ROK (1).pdf03Korean SBAS Implementation Status_ROK 09 May 2022ROK 
IP04_Update on GBAS PoC Project_Japan_Thailand_v4 (1).pdf04Update on GBAS PoC Project_Japan_Thailand_v409 May 2022Japan and Thailand 
IP05 - JAPAN - SBAS Training for ATSEP.pdf05JAPAN - SBAS Training for ATSEP09 May 2022Japan 
IP06-SBAS Safety Assessment-India.pdf06SBAS Safety Assessment-India10 May 2022India 
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APAC FPP Introduction.pdf01APAC FPP Introduction12 May 2022FPP 


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