Twenty Sixth Meeting of the Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Sub-group (CNS SG/26) of APANPIRG

​(Video Tele-Conference, 5-9 September 2022)

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Report of CNS SG26 Full_04102022.pdfFinal Report of CNS SG26 4 Oct 2022Secretariat 
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AP074-22-CNS (REVISED) - SL.pdf01Letter of Invitation15 July 2022Secretariat 
AP074-22 - Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda  - REVISED.pdf02Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda15 July 2022Secretariat 
AP074-22 - Attachment 2 - Video Teleconference Bulletin  - REVISED.pdf03Attachment 2 - Video Teleconference Bulletin15 July 2022Secretariat 
AP074-22 - Attachment 3 - Registration Form  - REVISED.pdf04Attachment 3 - Registration Form15 July 2022Secretariat 
WP-IP template - revised.docx05WP-IP Template 15 July 2022Secretariat 
List of Sponsors_CNS-SG 26.pdf06List of Sponsors31 Aug 2022Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - CNS SG26 - List of participants FINAL.pdf07List of Participants5 Sep 2022Secretariat 
Order of Business as of 02.09.2022.pdf08Order of Business2 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP20_APX. A - List of CNS Points of Contact - Master.docx09CNS Points of Contact Form (please complete this form and submit to; Sep 2022Secretariat 
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WP01_ICAO AI 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO A.I.2.pdfWP/02Outcomes of APANPIRG/32, APANPIRG/32 Midyear Review and 9th PIRG-RASG Regional Coordination Meeting on CNS22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO A.I.2.pdfWP/03Updates on CNS SG/25 and APANPIRG/32 Conclusions/Decisions and Action Items22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO A.I.2.pdfWP/04Relevant Action Items of 57th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation 22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP05.pdfWP/05Review Report of the Ninth Meeting of the Aeronautical  Communication Services Implementation Coordination Group (ACSICG/9)14 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP06 Revised.pdfWP/06AMHS Readiness Status for Supporting IWXXM Traffic of the States/Administrations4 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP07_ICAO AI 4.1.pdfWP/07Review Report of the Sixth Meeting of System Wide Information Management Task Force (SWIM TF/6)26 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP08 Rev3.pdfWP/08Review Report of the Sixth Meeting of Spectrum Review Working Group (SRWG/6)7 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP09_ICAO A.I.5.3.pdfWP/09Potential Impacts from 5G Implementation on Aircraft Radio Altimeters – Outcomes in Relevant Meetings and Regional Updates 22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP10_ICAO AI 6.1 - Review Report of the Ninth Meeting of Performance based Navigation.pdfWP/10Review Report of the Ninth Meeting of  Performance Based Navigation Implementation  Coordination Group  (PBNICG/9)26 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP11_ICAO A.I.6.2 - Review Report of the Fourth Meeting of GBAS SBAS Implementaion Task Force (GBASSBAS ITF4)-v3.0.pdfWP/11Review of Report of the Fourth Meeting of GBAS/SBAS Implementation Task Force (GBAS/SBAS ITF/4)30 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP11_ICAO AI.5 - Review report of GBAS-SBAS ITF4 (20220902) - f.pdfWP/11Attachment to WP/11 - Presentation 5 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP12.pdfWP/12Tracking CNS-related APANPIRG Conclusions/Decisions26 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP13 Revised.pdfWP/13Review Report of Seventh Meeting of the Surveillance Implementation Coordination Group (SURICG/7)4 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP13 ATT-Review Report of SURICG7-removed backup slides.pdfWP/13Attachment to WP/13 - Presentation4 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP14 final.pdfWP/14Review Report of the Third Meeting of ATM Automation Systems Task Force (ATMAS TF/3)25 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP15_ICAO AI 9.1 - Review CNS Req in e-ANP, Seamless ANS Plan and NANP.pdfWP/15Review of Regional CNS Requirements in ICAO APAC e-ANP, Seamless ANS Plan and National Air Navigation Plan (NANP)30 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP16_ICAO AI 9.4 - Beijing Declaration implementation in CNS.pdfWP/16Updates on Beijing Declaration Implementation Related to CNS26 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP17 Revised.pdfWP/17Review Status of CNS Deficiencies4 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP18.pdfWP/18Review Outcomes of Small Working Group Study on Human Factor Issues of ATSEP6 Sep 2022Secretariat and IFATSEA 
WP19.pdfWP/19Impact of COVID-19 to CNS Works in 202126 Aug 2022Secretariat 
AP20_ICAO A.I.15.pdfWP/20CNS Points of Contact22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP21_ICAO A.I.16.pdfWP/21Future Meeting Plan22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP22_ICAO HKG THA AI.7 - ATS Surveillance and DCPC Coverage Charts for APAC revised.pdfWP/22Surveillance and DCPC VHF Coverage Maps Update7 Sep 2022Secretariat, Hong Kong, China and Thailand 
WP23_ICAO A.I.3.3.pdfWP/23AMC Updates22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP24_ICAO A.I.5.3.pdfWP/24Amendment 91 to Annex 10 Volume III on Selective Calling Codes22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
WP25_NPL AI 11 - Standardizing the ATSEP training for the Successful Implementation of the GANP.pdfWP/25Standardizing the ATSEP Training for the Successful Implementation of the GANP29 Aug 2022Nepal 
WP26_CHN AI 5.1.pdfWP/26CAAC's Support for the Enhancement of AEROMACS SARPS and Technical Manual25 Aug 2022China 
WP27_CHN A.I.13.pdfWP/27Trial Flight and Standard Establishment of UAS-Based Flight Inspection in China25 Aug 2022China 
WP28_CHN HKG AI 6.3 - Update of Flight Inspection Guidance Materials.pdfWP/28Update of Flight Inspection Guidance Material (FIGM)26 Aug 2022China & Hong Kong, China 
WP_28 - Update of Flight Inspection Guidance Material (FIGM) for APAC Region_v2 removed supplimentary slides.pdfWP/28Attachment to WP/28 - Presentation 5 Sep 2022China & Hong Kong, China 
WP29_HKG AI 13 - Provision of a DATMS To Support Safe and Efficient Operation of HKIA and Its Expansion.pdfWP/29Provision of a Digital Tower and APRON Management System to Support Safe and Efficient Operation of the Hong Kong International Airport and Its Expansion26 Aug 2022Hong Kong, China 
WP_29 - Provision of DATMS of HKIA and its expansion.pdfWP/29Attachment to WP/29 - Presentation 6 Sep 2022Hong Kong, China 
WP30_HKG AI 7.2 - Inconsistent ICAO Aircraft Address and Target Identification between Surveillance Data and Flight Plan.pdfWP/30Inconsistent ICAO Aircraft Address and Target Identification Between Surveillance Data and Flight Plan26 Aug 2022Hong Kong, China 
CNS-SG26_WP30 (clean).pdfWP/30Attachment to WP/30 - Presentation6 Sep 2022Hong Kong, China 
WP31_HKG AI 12.2 - Ensuring Cyber Resilience for Air Navigatio Service in HKIA and Its Expansion.pdfWP/31Ensuring Cyber Resilience for Air Navigation Service in Hong Kong International Airport and Its Expansion26 Aug 2022Hong Kong, China 
WP31_Cyber Resilience For Air Navigation Service In Hong Kong International Airport And Its Expansion.pdfWP/31Attachment to WP/31 - Presentation5 Sep 2022Hong Kong, China 
WP32_ICAO AI 2 - Air Traffic Management and Airspace Safety Monitoring Outcomes.pdfWP/32Air Traffic Management and Airspace Safety Monitoring Outcomes1 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP33.pdfWP/33Updates on Seamless ANS Plan4 Sep 2022Secretariat 
WP34_ICAO AI.4 - REVIEW-OUTCOMES-FROM-MET-SG-26(revision-1).pdfWP/34Review Outcomes from MET SG/262 Sep 2022Secretariat & Chair of MET SG 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(23)
IP01_ICAO A.I.1- Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO A.I.3.1 - Outcomes of CRV Webinar.pdfIP/02Outcomes of Webinar on CRV Implementation22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
IP03_ICAO A.I.5.2.pdfIP/03Survey Result of the introduction of 50 kHz Channel spacing for ILS and VOR Facilities in the APAC Region25 Aug 2022Secretariat 
IP04_ICAO A.I.5.3 - Outcomes of 5G-RA Webinar.pdfIP/04Outcomes of 5G/RA webinar co-host with APT25 Aug 2022Secretariat 
IP05_ICAO A.I.6.4.pdfIP/05ITU Circular Letter on Prevention of Interference to GNSS22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
IP06_ICAO A.I.9.2.pdfIP/06Update on ICAO GANP Study Group related to CNS22 Aug 2022Secretariat 
IP07_MYS A.I.5.3 - 5G Network within Airport Boundary.pdfIP/075G Network with Airport Boundary25 Aug 2022Malaysia 
IP08_SGP A.I. 13 - Digital Tower Prototype.pdfIP/08Development of Digital Tower Prototype at Changi Airport25 Aug 2022Singapore 
IP09_CHN A.I.5.1 - Verification of Air Traffic Control Services Based on Data-Link for All Flight Phases in China.pdfIP/09Verification of Air Traffic Control Services Based on Data-Link for All Flight Phases in China25 Aug 2022China 
IP10_CHN A.I.5.3 - Implementation and Application of VHF SELCAL in China-final.pdfIP/10Implementation and Application of VHF SELCAL in China5 Sep 2022China 
IP11_CHN A.I.6.4 - BDS Standardization Status in ICAO.pdfIP/11BDS Standardization Status in ICAO25 Aug 2022China 
IP12_CHN A.I.6.4 - LEO Navigation Augmentation Concept.pdfIP/12LEO Navigation Augmentation Concept, Constellation Construction Status and Civil Aviation Application Research in China25 Aug 2022China 
IP13_CHN A.I.15.pdfIP/13Flight Inspection Capability Building of CAAC for CNS Facility25 Aug 2022China 
IP14_JPN A.I.7.2 - Research on ADS-B Position Verification_v2.pdfIP/14Research on ADS-B Position Verification 25 Aug 2022ENRI/Japan 
IP15_JPN A.I.6.4 - A case of GNSS signal outage in the oceanic airspace  in Japan.pdfIP/15A Case of GNSS Signal Outage in the Oceanic Airspace in Japan25 Aug 2022Japan 
IP16_JPN A.I.6.4 - Research and Development Activities Related to GBAS in Japan.pdfIP/16Research and Development Activities related to GBAS in Japan25 Aug 2022Japan 
IP17_JPN A.I.6.4 - SBAS Status Update in Japan.pdfIP/17SBAS Status Update in Japan25 Aug 2022Japan 
IP18_JPN A.I.9.1 - The Long-term Vision for the Future Air Traffic Systems  of Japan.pdfIP/18The Long-Term Vision for the Future Air Traffic Systems of Japan (CARATS)25 Aug 2022ENRI/Japan 
IP19_SRI AI3.1 - CHALLENGES FACED IN JOINING CRV_revised.pdfIP/19Challenges Faced in Joining CRV 31 Aug 2022Sri Lanka 
IP20 Revised.pdfIP/20Outcome of APG23-4 Meeting5 Sep 2022Secretariat 
IP21_IND AI4 - Information  Paper on update of SWIM project for CNS SG 26 in Sep 2022.pdfIP/21Status of Proof of Concept Based SWIM Project for Exchanging Aeronautical Flight and Weather data  31 Aug 2022India 
IP22_IND AI3.1 - Information Paper on CRV updates in India for CNS SG 26th Meeting in Sep 2022 Final.pdfIP/22Current Status of CRV Implementation in India31 Aug 2022India/AAI 
IP23_IATA AI 15 -  Equipage and Capability Survey.pdfIP/23IATA’s Aircraft Equipage and Capability Survey31 Aug 2022IATA 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(6)
P1 - Recent Development on Trust Framewok - Secretariat.pdf01Recent Development - ICAO's work on building an International Aviation Trust Framework 6 Sep 2022Secretariat 
P2 - CNS Global Developments - Secretariat _Revised.pdf02CNS Global Developments5 Sep 2022Secretariat 
P3 - Comprehensive Applications of the Radar-based monitoring systems in Airport- CETC Glarun.pdf03Comprehensive Applications of the Radar-based Monitoring Systems in Airport31 Aug 2022GLARUN Technology Co., Ltd. 
Searidge presentation for ICAO Sept 2022 updated.pdf04Digital Towers, Resilience, Recovery, Refocus19 Sep 2022Searidge Technologies 
HUAWEI Presentation_Final.pdf05Advanced Digitisation Facilitating Air Traffic Development 8 Sep 2022HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd.  
P6 - Experience Sharing on Digital Towers - SAAB.pdf06Experience Sharing on Digital Towers31 Aug 2022SAAB 


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