Seventeenth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team

(Video Teleconference, 24-27 January 2022 )


Online Registration of the APRAST/17 Meeting [Register here]


collapse Type Name : 2022 APRAST17  ‎(26)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
APRAST17 - Final Report.pdfFinal Report of the APRAST/17 Meeting08-Feb-2022 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
Group Photo.pdfGroup Photo25-Jan-2022 
AP165-21-FS - INV_VTC APRAST17.pdf01Invitation Letter 15 October 2021 
APRAST17 - Provisional Agenda_R1.pdf02Provision Agenda (Revised)22-Jan-2022 
APRAST17 - Meeting Programme.pdf03Meeting Programme21-Jan-2022 
AP165-21-FS Att C - Nomination_Registration Form.pdf04Nomination / Registration Form15 October 2021 
AP165-21-FS Att C - Nomination_Registration Form.docx04Nomination / Registration Form15 October 2021 
APRAST-17 - WP_IP Template.docx05APRAST/17 - WP/IP Template 
AP165-21-FS Att E - VTC Instruction.pdf06VTC Instruction15 October 2021 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(14)
APRAST17-WP-01 AI_1 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda 21-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-02 AI_2 - [ICAO_SEC] Election of Co-Chair [Industry].pdfWP/02Election of APRAST Co-Chairs (Industry)21-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-03 AI_3 - [ICAO_SEC] Update of APRAST 16 Decisions and Conclusions.pdfWP/03Update of APRAST/16 Decisions and Conclusions21-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-04 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update of the RASG-APAC11 Dec and Con.pdfWP/04Progress Update of the RASG-APAC/11 Decisions and Conclusions21-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-05 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update on Yearly Work Programme 2021-22.pdfWP/05Update of RASG-APAC/11 Annual & Standing Work Programme 2021/202221-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-06 AI_5 - [SEC] update on CRRIC_CCRD_SN - on hold - aye.pdfWP/06Updates on Alleviations, CRRIC, TES etc.23-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-07 AI_5 - [SEC] Outcomes of the High-Level Conference on COVID-19_HLCC 2021 R1.pdfWP/07 (Revision 1)Outcomes of the High Level Conference on COVID-19 (HLCC 2021) – Safety Stream24-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-08 AI_5 - [SEC] APRASP Implementation Progress.pdfWP/08 (Revision 1)AP-RASP Implementation Progress24-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-09 AI_5 - [SRP WG] ASR 2022 Progress Update.pdfWP/09Update on the Annual Safety Report 2022 21-Jan-2022SRP WG Co-chairs 
APRAST17-WP-10 AI_5 - [SEI WG] Periodic Review of SEI outputs.pdfWP/10Periodic Review of SEI outputs21-Jan-2022SEI WG Co-chairs 
APRAST17-WP-11 AI_5 - [ROK] Effective Use of ICAO OLF through SMIS and SOMS.pdfWP/11Effective Use of ICAO OLF through SMIS and SOMS21-Jan-2022Republic of Korea 
APRAST17-WP-12 AI_5 - [FSF_AAPA] Global Safety Assesment Project Update.pdfWP/12APRAST_WP Global Safety Assessment Project Update21-Jan-2022FSF and AAPA 
APRAST17-WP-13 AI_5 - [SEC] AP-RASP Adhoc WG.pdfWP/13AP-RASP Adhoc Working Group21-Jan-2022Secretariat 
APRAST17-WP-14 AI_7 - [APRAST CO-CHAIRS] Proposed Framework for Empowerment of RASG-APAC Subsidiary Bodies.pdfWP/14Proposed Framework for Empowerment of RASG-APAC Subsidiary Bodies21-Jan-2022APRAST Co-chairs 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(3)
APRAST17-IP-01 AI_5 - [IND] Effective Implementation of Voluntary Safety Reporting System.pdfIP/01Effective Implementation of Voluntary Safety Reporting System21-Jan-2022India 
APRAST17-IP-02 AI_5 - [ROK] Remote Oversight under COVID19.pdfIP/02Remote Oversight under COVID1921-Jan-2022Republic of Korea 
APRAST17-IP-03 AI_5 - [USA] Advanced Data Analytics in Aviation Safety.pdfIP/03Advanced Data Analytics in Aviation Safety21-Jan-2022United States 


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