SWIM Workshop

(Video Teleconference, 6 - 7 July 2021)


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Content: The workshop will focus on how SWIM can better support the current operations and enable the operations following the future operational concepts such as FF-ICE and cross-border surveillance data sharing, emphasizing on the bottom-up viewpoint for SWIM implementation in APAC region. At this workshop, a broad scope of participants is expected with presentations and discussions including not only technical but also operational perspective.


collapse Type Name : 2021 SWIM Workshop  ‎(20)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Report of ICAO APAC SWIM Workshop.pdfFinal Report26 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP056-21-RSO ICAO APAC Webinars 2021.pdf01Invitation Letter8 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment A - Program Outline.pdf02Attachment A – Program Outline8 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment B - Online Registration Guidelines.pdf03Attachment B – Online Registration Guidelines8 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
SWIM WS 2021 Programme_V5.pdf04Workshop Programme29 Jun. 2021Secretariat 
Audience Instructions.pdf05Audience Instructions29 Jun. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - SWIM Workshop - List of participants as of 5 July 21.pdf06List of participants (Please verify your name and email address. If participant is not listed, please email to bsirapongkosit@icao.int for updating)7 Jul.  2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : Presentations - 6 July 2021 ‎(6)
6 July 0815-0830 SWIM Workshop_Overview of SWIM Concept FINAL.pdf01Overview of SWIM Concept5 Jul. 2021Yukinobu Ryu/JCAB 
6 July 0830-0850 APAC SWIM Implementation Philosopy final.pdf02Philosophy for APAC SWIM Implementation5 Jul. 2021David Leow/CAAS 
03_6 July 0850-0920 Operational use cases and requirements collection Final.pdf03Operational Use Cases and Requirements Collection6 Jul. 2021Sugoon Fucharoen/AEROTHAI 
6 July 0920-0950 Airlines SWIM perspective_Jun21_IATA.pdf04Airlines’ SWIM perspective5 Jul. 2021John Moore/IATA 
6 July 1000-1030 SWIM an Enabler for FF-ICE and TBO FINAL.pdf05SWIM: An Enabler for FF-ICE and TBO5 Jul. 2021Diana Liang & Kristin Cropf/FAA 
6 July 1030-1040 Multi Regional TBO Demonstration APAC FINAL.pdf06Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration Introduction5 Jul. 2021Diana Liang/FAA 
collapse Category : Presentations - 7 July 2021 ‎(7)
01_07 July 0810-0820 Multi Regional TBO Demo-AEROTHAI Architecture FINAL.pdf01Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration: Technical Architecture Overview6 Jul. 2021Xiaodong Lu/ENRI & Arthit Tosukolvan/AEROTHAI 
7 July 0820-0830 Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration RJAA-VTBS MR TBO Demo FINAL.pdf02Multi-Regional TBO Demonstration: RJAA-VTBS Pre-Flight Planning with Security Service5 Jul. 2021AEROTHAI & JCAB 
7 July 0830-0850 From ASEAN SWIM Demo to Implementation FINAL.pdf03From SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration to Implementation5 Jul. 2021David Leow/CAAS 
7 July 0850-0910 ROKs SWIM Journey - Final.pdf04Republic of Korea’s SWIM Journey5 Jul. 2021Sehwan Han/KAC 
05_7 July 0910-0930 MET-ATM Integration on SWIM FINAL.pdf05MET/ATM Integration on SWIM8 Jul. 2021Marco Kok, HKO 
7 July 0940-1010 FAA SWIM Journey FINAL.pdf06FAA’s SWIM Journey5 Jul. 2021Kristin Cropf/FAA 
7 July 1010-1040 DSNA SWIM Journey.pdf07DSNA’s SWIM Journey5 Jul. 2021Frederic Lecat/DSNA France 


For further information please contact:

Mr. Luo Yi

Ms. Soniya Nibhani


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