Fifth Meeting of System Wide Information Management Task Force

(Video Teleconference, 9 – 11 August 2021)   


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collapse Type Name : 2021 SWIM TF 5  ‎(39)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report.pdfFinal Report19 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
AP077-21-CNS.pdf01Letter of invitation06 May 2021Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda SWIM_TF5.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda06 May 2021Secretariat 
Attachment B - Video Tele-Conferencing bulletin.pdf03Attachment B - Video Tele-conferencing Bulletin06 May 2021Secretariat 
Attachment C - Guideline for online registration.pdf04Attachment C - Guidelines for Online Registration06 May 2021Secretariat 
Attachment D - Registration Form.pdf05Attachment D - Registration Form06 May 2021Secretariat 
new WP-IP Template.docx06WP-IP Template23 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - SWIM TF5 - List of participants as of  09 Aug 2021.pdf07List of participants 11 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
tentative schedule_SWIMTF5_v4 as on 10 August 2021.pdf08Tentative schedule11 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(22)
WP01_ICAO - Revised Provisional Agenda SWIM_TF5.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda (Revised)02 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.3 - Outcomes of relevent meetings REV.pdfWP/02Review of Relevant Meetings/Web-conferences05 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI8 - Review ToR Programme and outstanding Action Items revised.pdfWP/03Review of ToR, Work Plan, and Outstanding Action Items (Revised)10 Aug. 2021SWIM TF Co-Chair and Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO AI.4 - Review Report of SurSG1 Meeting.pdfWP/04Review Report of the First Meeting of the Surveillance Study Group (SURSG/1)23 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
WP05_ICAO AI.5 - Outcomes of SWIM Workshop.pdfWP/05Outcomes of SWIM Workshop02 Aug. 2021Secretariat 
WP06_ICAO AI.7 - Development of APAC SWIM Implementation Materials.pdfWP/06Update on APAC SWIM Implementation Materials23 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
WP07_IATA AI.6- Regional SWIM update.pdfWP/07Update on SWIM Regional Coordination23 Jul. 2021IATA 
WP08-SGP AI.6 Expansion of the SWIM Implementation Philosophy.pdfWP/08Expansion of the SWIM Implementation Philosophy23 Jul. 2021Singapore 
WP09_ROK and USA AI.6 SDS Demonstration.pdfWP/09SWIM Discovery Service Demonstration and Lessons Learned03 Aug. 2021Republic of Korea and USA 
WP10_USA AI.6 - SLA Introduction.pdfWP/10Service Level Agreement in the Context of APAC SWIM: Introduction03 Aug. 2021USA 
WP11_USA AI.6 - SIAM.pdfWP/11SWIM Interoperability Assessment Matrix (SIAM)03 Aug. 2021USA 
WP12_THA AI.6 -FIXM v4.2 Extension_vFinal.pdfWP/12Update on Information Exchange Model Development to Support ATFM Operations, ATFM/A-CDM Integration, and FF-ICE/TBO in Asia/Pacific Region02 Aug. 2021Thailand 
WP13_HKG AI.9 - Future development of MET exchange format.pdfWP/13Updates on the Development of the ICAO Meteorological Information Exchange Model (IWXXM)07 Aug. 2021Hong Kong, China 
WP14_AUS and HKG AI.6 - Comparison of Services Overview Revised.pdfWP/14Comparison of Information Service Overviews and Proposed APAC Version02 Aug. 2021Australia and Hong Kong, China 
WP15_JPN-SIN-USA-THA AI.9 - Multi-regional TBO Demonstration_vFinal.pdfWP/15Multi-regional TBO Demonstration02 Aug. 2021Japan, Singapore, Thailand and USA 
WP16_THA AI.9 - SWIM Implementation Roadmap_vFinal.pdfWP/16Thailand’s SWIM Implementation Roadmap02 Aug. 2021Thailand 
WP17_SGP and THA AI.6  - Asia Pacific SWIM Survey_revised.pdfWP/17Proposal to Survey Swim Implementation Plan and Status in Asia/Pacific (Revised)09 Aug. 2021Singapore and Thailand 
WP18_JPN AI.6 - IMP UPDATE.pdfWP/18IMP Update03 Aug. 2021 Japan 
WP19_AUS AI. 8 - Profile Discussion.pdfWP/19APAC SWIM Profile Discussion04 Aug. 2021Australia 
WP20_HK_AI 9 POC_Surveillance Data Sharing on SWIM by SURSG_final.pdfWP/20Proof-of-Concept for Surveillance Data Sharing on SWIM by Surveillance Study Group (SURSG)05 Aug. 2021Hong Kong ,China on behalf of the SURSG 
WP21_JPN-THA-USA - SWIM Infrastructure v2.0.pdfWP/21SWIM Infrastructure to Achieve Message Level Security06 Aug. 2021Japan, Thailand, and USA 
WP22_India AI.9 - Proof of Concept for SWIM Platform.pdfWP/22Proof of Concept for Exchanging Aeronautical, Flight and Weather Data through SWIM Platform05 Aug. 2021India 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(8)
IP01_ICAO - Video Teleconference Bulletin.pdfIP/01Video Tele-conference Bulletin23 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO AI.10 APAC Webinar.pdfIP/02Update on ICAO APAC Regional Webinars23 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
IP03_CHN AI.9 - The Validation and Demonstration of FIXM Extension Model in China_final.pdfIP/03The Validation and Demonstration of FIXM Extension Model in China04 Aug. 2021China 
IP04_CHN AI.9 - Research of Air-Ground System Wide Information Management in China-final.pdfIP/04Research of Air-ground System Wide Information Management in China04  Aug. 2021China 
IP05_ROK AI.9 - EXPERIMENTAL TRIAL ON SURVEILLANCE DATA EXCHANGE.pdfIP/05Experimental Trial on Surveillance Data Exchange in SWIM Environment03 Aug. 2021Republic of Korea 
IP06_ROK AI.9 - THE STATUS OF SWIM AS AN ATM BACKBONE IN THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA.pdfIP/06The Status of SWIM as an ATM Backbone in the Republic of Korea03 Aug. 2021Republic of Korea 
IP07_AUS ATTA ASA-SemanticAviation-Whitepaper-9 Aug 21.pdfIP/07Semantics in the Aviation Industry Whitepaper10 Aug. 2021Australia 
IP08_CHN AI. 9 - A hybrid networking solution compatible with legacy systems - final.pdfIP/08A Hybrid Networking Solution Compatible with Legacy Systems04 Aug. 2021China 


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