Meteorology/Air Traffic Management Webinar and Tenth Meeting of the Meteorological Requirements Working Group 

(Online, 24 – 28 May 2021)



collapse Type Name : 2021 MET-ATM Webinar and MET-R WG-10  ‎(43)
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MET-R-WG-10 - Final Report.pdfFinal Report18 Oct. 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(9)
AP055-21-MET.pdf01Letter of invitation02 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda02 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment B - Registration Form.pdf03Attachment B - Registration Form02 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin.pdf04Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin02 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
WP template for MET R WG10.docx05WP Template05 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
IP Template for MET R WG10.docx06IP Template04 Apr. 2021Secretariat 
APX. xx - METATM Webinar and MET-R WG10 - List of participants as of 24 May 21.pdf07List of participants (Please verify your name and email address. If participant is not listed, please email to for updating)24 May 2021Secretariat 
PigeonholeLive_QRCode.pdf08Pigeonhole Live (Q&A session) code20 May 2021Secretariat 
Provisional Order of Business revised 250521.pdf09Provisional Order of Business (Revised 25/05/21)25 May 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(8)
WP01_ICAO AI.1 - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda12 May 2021Secretariat 
WP02_AI.4_ICAO_FOLLOW-UP-ACTION-FROM-MET-R-WG-09.pdfWP/02Follow-up Action from MET/R WG/0921 May 2021Secretariat 
WP03_AI.4_ICAO_FOLLOW-UP-ACTION-FROM-MET-SG-24.pdfWP/03Follow-up Action from MET SG/2421 May 2021Secretariat 
WP04_AI.4_ICAO_FOLLOW-UP-ACTION-FROM-APANPIRG-31.pdfWP/04Follow-up Action APANPIRG/3121 May 2021Secretariat 
WP05_AI.5_AHG_Update-on-Regional-Guidance-MET-ATM.pdfWP/05Updates on APAC Regional Guidance for Tailored Meteorological Information and Services to Support Air Traffic Management Operations20 May 2021Ad hoc group 
WP06_AI.5_AHG_MET-ATM-Survey.pdfWP/06Survey of State Meteorological Information Supporting Air Traffic Management20 May 2021Ad hoc group 
WP07_AI.5_AHG_SWIM-Use-Cases-ATFM.pdfWP/07APAC User Requirements for SWIM-based MET Information Services Supporting ATFM21 May 2021Australia, Hong Kong China and Thailand 
WP08_AI.6_ICAO_REVIEW-WORK-PROGRAM-AND-TERMS-OF-REFERENCE.pdfWP/08Review the Work Program and Terms of Reference21 May 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(9)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin12 May 2021Secretariat 
IP02_AI.5_NPL_INFORMATION-EXCHANGE-BETWEEN-MET-ATM.pdfIP/02Information Exchange Between Aviation MET and ATM Services in Nepal25 May 2021Nepal 
IP03_AI.5_ROK_ATM-tailored-MET.pdfIP/03ATM-tailored MET information and Services in the Republic of Korea20 May 2021Republic of Korea 
IP04_AI.5_JPN_Development-Updating-ATM-tailored-MET.pdfIP/04Development and Updating of ATM Tailored Meteorological Information 20 May 2021Japan 
IP05_AI.5_HKC_Utilizing-MET-in-improving-arrival-flight-time-prediction.pdfIP/05Utilizing weather information in improving Arrival Flight Time Prediction in the Terminal Area20 May 2021Hong Kong, China 
IP06_AI.5_HKC_AirportDepartureRate.pdfIP/06Assessing the Impact of Convective Weather on Airport Departure Rate 20 May 2021Hong Kong, China 
IP07_AI.5_HKC_Approach_SpacingTool.pdfIP/07Integration of MET Information into Approach Spacing Tool 20 May 2021Hong Kong, China 
IP08_CHN_AI5-Development of the aviation multi-data fusion system.pdfIP/08Development of the Aviation Multi-Data Fusion System 22 May 2021China 
IP09_AI.5_IATA_SWIM-Update.pdfIP/09Update on SWIM Regional Coordination 20 May 2021IATA on behalf of ICAO APAC SWIM Task Force 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(15)
SP01_AI.2_ICAO_MET-service-for-international-air-navigation.pdfSP/01ICAO Updates 24 May 2021Secretariat 
SP02_AI.2_AHG_Introduction-Regional-Guidance-MET-for-ATM.pdfSP/02Introduction to APAC Regional Guidance for Tailored MET Information and Services to Support ATM21 May 2021Ad hoc group 
SP03_AI.2_JPN_Development-and-Updating-of-ATM-tailored-MET-products.pdfSP/03ATM tailored MET information in Japan24 May 2021Japan 
SP04_AI.2_AUS_Australian-ATFM-Meteorological-Information.pdfSP/04Australian ATFM Meteorological Information21 May 2021Australia 
SP05_AI.2 - MET-ATM Collaboration in Singapore.pdfSP/05MET-ATM Collaboration in Singapore25 May 2021Singapore 
SP06_AI.2_HKC_flighttimepred.pdfSP/06Utilizing Weather Information in Improving Arrival Flight Time Prediction in the Terminal Area25 May 2021Hong Kong, China 
SP07_AI.2_HKC_Assessing-the-Impact-of-Convective-Weather-on-Airport-Departure-Rate.pdfSP/07Assessing the Impact of Convective Weather on Airport Departure Rate24 May 2021Hong Kong, China 
SP08_AI.2_HKC_Integration-of-MET-Information-into-Approach-Spacing-Tool.pdfSP/08Integration of MET Information into Approach Spacing Tool 25 May 2021Hong Kong, China 
SP09_AI.2_CHN_Development-of-the-aviation-multi-data-fusion-system.pdfSP/09Development of the Aviation Multi-Data Fusion System 28 May 2021China 
SP10_AI.2_AUS_Australian-TS-Alerting-Capability.pdfSP/10Australian Thunderstorm Alerting Capability21 May 2021Australia 
SP11_AI.2_AUS_SpaceWeather.pdfSP/11Space Weather Advisory Service for Aviation25 May 2021Australia 
SP12_AI.2_HKC_IWXXM_implementation.pdfSP/12Implementation of MET Information Exchange in IWXXM Format 25 May 2021Hong Kong, China 
SP13_AI.2_AHG_SWIM_use_cases.pdfSP/13Use case and Requirements for SWIM-based MET Information Services25 May 2021Ad hoc group 
SP14_AI.5_AHG_Update-on-Regional-Guidance-MET-for-ATM.pdfSP/14Updates on APAC Regional Guidance for Tailored Meteorological Information and Services to Support Air Traffic Management Operations21 May 2021Ad hoc group 
SP15_AI.3_ICAO_Review-of-MET-ATM-Webinar.pdfSP/15Review of MET/ATM Webinar26 May 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(1)
Flimsy01_AI.7_IATA_IATAs-economic-analysis.pdfFlimsy01IATA’s Economic Analysis 27 May 2021IATA 


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