ICAO/AAWHG WHM Webinar – Reporting and Recording Wildlife Data

(Video teleconference, 20 July 2021)

Webinar Recording now Available

collapse Type Name : 2021 ICAO-AAWHG WHM Webinar ‎(9)
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AP118-21 [AGA].pdf01Invitation Letter9 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
AP-118 - Attachment A - Registration Form.docx02Registration Form9 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
ICAO-AAWHG Third WHM Webinar - Tentative Programme.pdf03Tentative Programme9 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
MS Team Famil - ICAO-AAWHG WHM Webinar.pdf04Microsoft Teams Familiarization14 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
VTC Instruction - ICAO-AAWHG WHM Webinar.pdf05VTC Instruction14 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
ICAO-AAWHG WHM Webinar Programme_20 Jul 2021_FINAL.pdf06ICAO/AAWHG WHM Webinar Programme15 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
List of participants - ICAO-AAWHG WHM Webinar 20 July 2021.docx.pdf07List of participants20 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
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01 ICAO Presentation - ICAO-AAWHG Webinar on WHM_RRWD_Ver. 03.pdf01Reporting and Recording Wildlife Data – ICAO Provisions 20 Jul. 2021Secretariat 
02 AAWHG - ICAO Webinar Reporting and Recording Outline.pdf02Wildlife Hazard Management - Reporting and Recording Wildlife Data20 Jul. 2021AAWHG 


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