Sixteenth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Team (APRAST/16)

(Virtual Platform, 17-18 March 2021)

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APRAST16 - Final Report.pdfFinal Report of the APRAST/16 Meetig02 April 2021 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
APRRAST16 - Appdx A - List of Participants.pdfList of Participants (for any update, please send to March 2021 
VTC_AP020-21-FS APRAST-16 Programme.pdf-Meeting Programme (Revision 1)17 March 2021 
AP020-21-FS - INV_VTC APRAST16.pdf01Invitation Letter of the APRAST/16 Meeting25-Jan-2021 
AP020-21-FS Att A - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Provision Agenda25-Jan-2021 
AP020-21-FS Att B - Meeting Programme_Tentative.pdf03Tentative Programme25-Jan-2021 
AP020-21-FS Att C - Nomination_Registration Form.docx04Nomination / Registration Form25-Jan-2021 
AP020-21-FS Att D - WP_IP Template.docx05WP/IP template 25-Jan-2021 
AP020-21-FS Att E - VTC Instruction.pdf06VTC Instruction25-Jan-2021 
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APRAST16-WP-01.AI_1 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda15 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-02 AI_2 - [ICAO_SEC] Election of Co-chair[States-Ind].pdfWP/02Election of APRAST Co-chairs15 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-03.AI_3 - [ICAO_SEC] Update of APRAST 15 Decisions and Conclusions.pdfWP/03Update of APRAST/15 Decisions and Conclusions15 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-04 AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update of the RASG-APAC9-10 Dec and Con.pdfWP/04Progress Update of the RASG-APAC/9 & RASG-APAC/10 Decisions and Conclusions15 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-05.AI_4 - [ICAO_SEC] update on Yearly Work Programme 2020-21.pdfWP/05Update of RASG-APAC/10 Annual & Standing Work Programme 2020/202116 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-06.AI_5 - [SEC] update on CRRIC_CCRD.pdfWP/06Updates on:   Contingency Related Reporting and Implementation Center (CRRIC) and COVID Contingency Related Differences (CCRD) Based on Inputs from Regional States16 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-07.AI_5 - [SEC] S-SG.pdfWP/07Updates on the Safety-Sub Group (S-SG) on the feedback to ICAO APAC COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG)16 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-08.AI_5 [ICAO_SEC] GRF_RST.pdfWP/08New Global Reporting Format for Runway Surface Conditions (GRF) and Runway Safety Team (RST)15 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-09.AI_5 R_1 - [CHN] Promote a Positive and Just Safety Culture.pdfWP/09 (Revision 1)Strengthen Behaviour and Discipline Construction among Aviation Safety Staff and promote a Positive and Just Safety Culture17 March 2021China 
APRAST-16-WP-10.AI_5 - [SIN] AP-SHARE_Update.pdfWP/10Update on the AP-SHARE Demonstration Project and the Future AP-SHARE Programme16 March 2021Singapore 
APRAST16-WP-11.AI_5 - [SIN] Managing Aviation Safety Risk arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic.pdfWP/11Managing Aviation Safety Risks Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic15 March 2021Singapore 
APRAST16-WP-12.AI_5 - [SEC] APRASP Implementation.pdfWP/12Implementation of Asia-Pacific Regional Aviation  Safety Plan 2020-2022 Edition (AP-RASP: 20-22 Edition)16 March 2021Secretariat 
APRAST16-WP-13.AI_7 - [SEIWG] AP-RASP SEI Implementation udpate.pdfWP/13AP-RASP SEI Implementation Status15 March 2021SEI WG 
APRAST16-WP-14.AI_7 - [SEIWG] PERIODIC REVIEW OF SEI OUTPUTS.pdfWP/14Periodic Review of SEI Outputs15 March 2021SEI WG 
APRAST16-WP-15.AI_7 - [SRPWG] ASR 2021 Progress Update.pdfWP/15Progress Update – ICAO APAC Annual Safety Report 202116 March 2021SRP WG 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(1)
APRAST16-IP-02.AI_5 - [SEC] Aerodrome Certification.pdfIP/02Implementation of Requirements for Certification of Aerodromes in the Asia/Pacific Regions15 March 2021Secretariat 


For further information please contact:
Mr.S M Nazmul Anam


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