Seventh Meeting of the Asia and Pacific Volcanic Ash Exercises Steering Group 

(Video Teleconference, 14 December 2021)

collapse Type Name : 2021 APAC VOLCEX-SG-7  ‎(12)
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AP187-21-MET.pdf01Letter of Invitation26 Nov. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda26 Nov. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 2  - Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Attachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin26 Nov. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 3 - Registration Form.pdf04Attachment 3 - Registration Form26 Nov. 2021Secretariat 
IP template.docx05IP Template10 Dec. 2021Secretariat 
WP template.docx06WP Template10 Dec. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - List of participants as of 14 Dec. 2021.pdf07List of participants (Please verify your name and email address. If participant is not listed, please email to for updating14 Dec. 2021Secretariat 
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WP01_AI.1 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda10 Dec. 2021Secretariat 
WP02_AI.2_ICAO_REVIEW-VOLCEX-SG-06.pdfWP/02Review Outcomes from VOLCEX/SG/0613 Dec. 2021Secretariat 
WP03_AI.3_PHL_APAC-VOLCEX-1902-EXERCISE-REPORT.pdfWP/03APAC VOLCEX 19/02 Exercise Report10 Dec. 2021Philippines 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(2)
IP01_AI.1 - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin10 Dec. 2021Secretariat 
IP02_AI.3 NZ - VOLCEX 20-02 Outcomes and Follow-up.pdfIP/02VOLCEX 20/02 Outcomes and Follow-up 10 Dec. 2021New Zealand 


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