Ninth Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group

(Video TeleConference, 27-28 October 2021)

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collapse Type Name : 2021 APAC-AIG9 ‎(25)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Record of Discussions and Conclusions_AIG9_27-28 Oct 2021_FINAL.pdfRecord of Discussions and Conclusions of the APAC-AIG/9 Meeting09 November 2021 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(3)
AP151-21-FS - INV_APAC-AIG9.pdf01Invitation Letter 18 August 2021 
AP151-21-FS Att B_APAC-AIG9 Provisional Agenda.pdf02Provision Agenda19 August 2021 
Programme_AIG9 Meeting_R2_27Oct2021.pdf03Meeting Programme (Revision 2)27 October 2021 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(14)
APAC-AIG9 AI_1 WP-01- [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda20 October 2021Secretariat 
APAC-AIG9 AI_1 WP-02 - [SEC] Election of AIG Chairperson.pdfWP/02Election of Chairperson20 October 2021Secretariat 
APAC-AIG9 AI_2 WP-03 - [Chairman] Update on APAC-AIG activities.pdfWP/03Update on APAC-AIG Activities20 October 2021Chairman APAC-AIG 
APAC-AIG9 AI_3 - WP-04 - [Chairman] Follow-up on WP9 for APAC-AIG7.pdfWP/04Follow-up on APAC-AIG/7-WP/920 October 2021Chairman APAC-AIG 
APAC-AIG9 AI_3 - WP-05 - [SEC] Updates on Annex 13 and DOC 9756 Amendments_R1.pdfWP/05 (Revision 1)Updates on Annex 13 and DOC 9756 amendments, ADREP data Reporting and validation requirements for ASR25 October 2021Secretariat 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - WP-06 - [AUS]  Assisting Investigation_ATSB R_1.pdfWP/06 (Revision 1)Assisting Investigation through an Investigation Management System26 October 2021Australia 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - WP-07 - [FRA_SIN] Why Final Reports are not publicly available.pdfWP/07Research into the reasons why Final Reports are not publicly available20 October 2021France and Singapore 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - WP-08 - [IND] AAIB India_Accident of Air India Express Boeing 737-800 R_1.pdfWP/08 (Revision 1)Accident of Air India Express Boeing 737-800 Aircraft VT-AXH At Kozhikode, India27 October 2021India 
APAC-AIG9 AI_5 WP-09 - [SEC_ATM] SAR MOU_R1.pdfWP/09 (Revision 1)Example of MoU between the SAR Services and the Accident Investigation Authority25 October 2021Secretariat 
APAC-AIG9 AI_5 WP-10 - [SIN ] Investigation Cooperation amid COVID-19 Pandemic.pdfWP/10Investigation Cooperation amid COVID-19 Pandemic20 October 2021Singapore 
APAC-AIG9 AI_5 WP-11 - [SEC_HQ] AIG RAIO CP v 2b.pdfWP/11Global Experience Shared on RAIO Cooperative Platform Reaping Benefits to the APAC Region25 October 2021Secretariat 
APAC-AIG9 AI_6 WP-12 - [Chairman] Update on APAC-AIG Work Plan.pdfWP/12Update on APAC-AIG Work Plan20 October 2021Chairman APAC-AIG 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - WP-13 - [INS] Investigation Process SJ182.pdfWP/13Sharing Experience on the Recent Major Investigation27 October 2021Indonesia 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - WP-14 - [INS] Sea Search Process SJ182.pdfWP/14Sharing Experience from a recent Sea Search Operation27 October 2021Indonesia 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(7)
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - IP-01 - [SIN] Coordination procedure between TSIB and Singapore RCC.pdfIP/01Coordination Procedure Between TSIB and Singapore RCC20 October 2021Singapore 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - IP-02 - [SIN] New FRTS.pdfIP/02New Flight Recorder Triangulation System20 October 2021Singapore 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - IP-03 - [FRA] Greenland hub fan search operations.pdfIP/03Extensive searches in Greenland leading to determination of root cause of an A380 uncontained engine failure20 October 2021France 
APAC-AIG9 AI_4 - IP-04 - [MAL] Basic AAI Courses.pdfIP/04Basic Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAI) Courses20 October 2021Malaysia 
APAC-AIG9 AI_6 - IP-05 - Coorperation Arrangement on SAR.pdfIP/05Cooperation Arrangements on Search and Rescue  20 October 2021Macao SAR, China 
APAC-AIG9 AI_6 - IP-06 - COSCAP-SEA regional training activities.pdfIP/06COSCAP-SEA Regional Training Activities20 October 2021COSCAP-SEA 
APAC-AIG9 AI_7 - IP-07 - [SIN] 5th International Accident Investigation Forum.pdfIP/07Fifth International Accident Investigation Forum20 October 2021Singapore 

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