​Third meeting of GBAS-SBAS Implementation Task Force( GBAS-SBAS ITF/3) 


(Video Teleconference, 27-28 September 2021)


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collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report_ GBAS SBAS TF 3.pdf01Final Report_ GBAS SBAS ITF 35 October 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(6)
AP-131-21 RSO GBAS SBAS ITF3.pdf01AP-131-21 RSO- Invitation letter 21 July 2021Secretariat  
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda_GBAS SBAS ITF3.pdf02Attachment A- Provisional Agenda 21 July 2021Secretariat  
Attachment B - Provisional Order of Business_GBAS-SBAS ITF-3.pdf03Attachment B- Provisional Order of Business21 July 2021Secretariat  
Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin_GBAS-SBAS TF-3.pdf04Attachment C - Meeting Bulletin21 July 2021Secretariat 
Attachment D - Online Registration Guidelines.pdf05Attachment D- Online Registration Guidelines21 July 2021Secretariat 
WP-IP Template_GBAS SBAS ITF3.doc06WP-IP Template GBAS-SBAS ITF/331 August 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(9)
Agenda 2- WP-01- GBAS-SBAS Information Sharing Platform(Secretariat).pdf01GBAS-SBAS Information Sharing Platform21 September 2021Secretariat 
Agenda 3-WP-02- Cross Border SBAS - USA GBAS SBAS ITF 3.pdf02 Cross Border SBAS - USA GBAS SBAS ITF 321 September 2021USA 
Agenda 3- WP-03- Airservices GBAS Certification Journey.pdf03Airservices GBAS Certification Journey21 September 2021Australia 
Agenda 3- WP-04- MSAS Status and future plan_Sep_2021_Japan.pdf04MSAS Status and future plan_Sep_2021_Japan21 September 2021Japan 
Agenda 4 -WP-05-Proposed Amendment to Annex 10- DFMC, BDS and Galileo(Secretariat).pdf05Proposed Amendment to Annex 10- DFMC, BDS & Galileo24 September 2021Secretariat 
Agenda 4- WP- 06 -Iono_Guidance_Review(Co-Chairs).pdf06Iono_Guidance_Review21 September 2021Co-Chairs 
Agenda 4- WP-07-VDB Frequency Assignment and Coordination-HK China.pdf07VDB Frequency Assignment and Coordination-HK China21 September 2021HK China 
Agenda 5- WP-08-GBAS SBAS ITF3 - Guidance Reference for GBAS-SBAS Implementation(Co-Chairs).pdf08GBAS SBAS ITF3 - Guidance Reference for GBAS-SBAS Implementation24 September 2021Co-Chairs 
Agenda 6- WP-09- GBAS-SBAS Procedure Design Overveiw(Secretariat).pdf09GBAS-SBAS Procedure Design Overveiw21 September 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(6)
Agenda 3- IP-01- SBAS (GAGAN) Coverage Extension to Neighbouring countries.pdf01SBAS (GAGAN) Coverage Extension to Neighbouring countries21 September 2021India 
Agenda 3-IP-02- GBAS Status_Japan.pdf02GBAS Status_Japan21 September 2021Japan 
Agenda 3- IP-03-Certification overview_Japan.pdf03Certification overview_Japan21 September 2021Japan 
Agenda 3- IP-04-GBAS SBAS ITF3- GNSS Event Reporting CONOPS-Singapore.pdf04GBAS SBAS ITF3- GNSS Event Reporting CONOPS-Singapore21 September 2021Singapore 
Agenda 3 - IP-05 - GBAS PROOF-OF-CONCEPT PROJECT - Thailand.pdf05GBAS PROOF-OF-CONCEPT PROJECT23 September 2021Thailand 
Agenda 3 - IP06_Korean SBAS Implementation Status_by_KPO_ROK.pdf06Korean SBAS Implementation Status_by_KPO_ROK25 September 2021ROK 
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Flimsy01_Hong Kong China SMS in GBAS Trial_Final.pdf01Hong Kong China SMS in GBAS Trial_Final27 September 2021Hong Kong China 


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