​Fourth Meeting of System Wide Information Management Task Force (SWIM TF/4)

(Web-conference, 3 - 6 November 2020)

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The deadline for Online registration has been extended till 31 October 2020,  Therefore Early registration is recommended.

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collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report.pdfFinal Report25 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
AP037-20-CNS.pdf01Letter of invitation 25 Aug. 2020Secretariat 
AP037 - Attachment A_Provisional Agenda SWIM_TF4 VTC_Final_CLEAN rev.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda25 Aug. 2020Secretariat 
AP037 - Attachment B_Web Meeting bulletin.pdf03Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin25 Aug. 2020Secretariat 
AP037 - Attachment C - Guideline for online registration.pdf04Attachment C - Guidelines for online registration25 Aug. 2020Secretariat 
new WP-IP Template.docx05WP-IP Template08 Sept. 2020Secretariat 
Tentative Programme for APAC SWIM TF-4 as of 2 NOV rev 2.pdf05Tentative Meeting Programme05 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - 2st Revision - List of participants extract from Excel - 04 Nov. 2020.pdf05List of participants 05 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(13)
WP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda19 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI3 - Outcome of APANPIRG30.pdfWP/02Outcome of APANPIRG/3019 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI6 - Development of APAC SWIM Implementation Materials.pdfWP/03Update on APAC SWIM Implementation Materials19 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
WP04_CHN AI.7_Generation and Life Cycle Management of OF GUFI and Related Issues.pdfWP/04Generation and Life Cycle Management of GUFI and Related Issues19 Oct. 2020China 
WP05_JPN AI.6 - SWIM IN APAC REGION.pdfWP/05SWIM IN APAC REGION: Where are we now and where are we going?19 Oct. 2020Japan 
WP06_SIN and THA AI.5f - ASEAN SWIM - Revised.pdfWP/06SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration Report31 Oct. 2020Singapore and Thailand 
WP07_JPN AI.5b_Task 1-8 -An Approach for APAC Regional SWIM Implementation.pdfWP/07An Approach for APAC Regional SWIM Implementation27 Oct. 2020Japan 
WP08_USA and ROK AI. 5d_Task 1-5 -SDS Introduction.pdfWP/08SWIM Discovery Service (SDS): Introduction28 Oct. 2020FAA SWIM, USA, and Korea Airports Corporation (KAC), Republic of Korea) 
WP09_USA and ROK AI. 5d_Task 1-5 -SDS Security and Trust.pdfWP/09Security and Trust in the Context of SWIM Service Discovery28 Oct. 2020FAA SWIM, USA, and Korea Airports Corporation (KAC), Republic of Korea) 
WP10_USA AI.5d_Task1-5 - SWIM Service Category Taxonomy.pdfWP/10SWIM Service Category Taxonomy28 Oct. 2020Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA) 
WP11_JPN AI.5f_Task 2-1-3FF-CER1 Service Validation and Implementation.pdfWP/11FF-ICE/R1 Service Validation and Implementation24 Oct. 2020Japan 
WP12_ICAO AI4 - Reiview Programme and outstanding Action Items_Revised2.pdfWP/12Review Programme and Outstanding Action Items31 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
WP13_ HKG and SIN AI. 5e_Surveillance Data in SWIM.pdfWP/13Collaboration in Sharing of Surveillance Data in SWIM31 Oct. 2020Hong Kong, China and Singapore 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(9)
IP01_ICAO Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin 30 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
IP02_ROK AI.7_The Status of SWIM and R and D in ROK - Final.pdfIP/02The Status of SWIM R & D in the Republic of Korea19 Oct. 2020Republic of Korea 
IP03_CHN AI. 5c Task 4 - Extension Development of FIXM_Final.pdfIP/03Extension Development of FIXM to Support National ATFM Operations and ATFM/A-CDM Integration in China25 Oct. 2020China 
IP04_AUS AI.7 Australian Report-V02.pdfIP/04Report on SWIM in Australia20 Oct. 2020Australia 
IP05_USA and ROK A.5d_Task 1-5 -SDS Implementation Status.pdfIP/05Implementation Status of SWIM Discovery Service (SDS)28 Oct. 2020Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), USA, and Korea Airports Corporation (KAC), Republic of Korea) 
IP06_IATA AI.5g Task 1-3 - Update on Regional Coordination.pdfIP/06Update on Task 1-3:  Regional Coordination25 Oct. 2020IATA 
IP07_ PCCW AI. 5b - SWIM Technical Overview  Centered around CRV.pdfIP/07Presentation of PCCW SWIM Technical Overview (Centered around CRV)03 Nov. 2020PCCW Global 
IP08_HKG AI.7 - New IWXXM Design to Better Support SWIM.pdfIP/08New IWXXM Design to better Support SWIM                                                                                        03 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
IP09_CHN AI.7 - The Status of Shared Information Quality Management In China.pdfIP/09The Status of Shared Information Quality Management in China03 Nov. 2020China 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(7)
ASEAN SWIM Demo Report_Final.pdf01WP/06 - SWIM in ASEAN Demo Report04 Nov. 2020Singapore and Thailand 
Task 1 Implemenat Planning Summary_SWIM TF4_AJv1.pdf02Implementation Planning Summary04 Nov. 2020Co-chair of TF 
Task 4 SWIM Technical Architecture Summary_SWIM TF4_AJv1.pdf03Technical Architecture Summary04 Nov. 2020Co-chair of TF 
Security and Trust in the Context of SWIM Service Discovery v3.pdf04WP/09 - Security and Trust in the Context of SWIM Service Discovery  (Revised)04 Nov. 2020FAA/USA and KAC/Republic of Korea 
SWIM_TF4_Task_6_status.pdf05Status of Task 605 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
Collaboration in Sharing of Surveillance Data in SWIM - Hong Kong China and Singapore final.pdf06WP/13 - Collaboration in Sharing of Surveillance Data in SWIM05 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
IP04-Australia-SWIM-Summary-Slides.pdf07IP/04 - Report on SWIM in Australia06 Nov. 2020Australia 


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