Tenth Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group – Asia and Pacific

(Video TeleConference, 17-18 December 2020)


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RASG-APAC10 - Final Report 17-18 Dec 2020.pdfFinal Report of the RASG-APAC/10 Meeting04 January 2021 
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AP-200-20-FS - RASG-APAC10.pdf01Letter of Invitation12-Oct-2020 
AP200-20-FS Att A - Provisional Agenda_RASG-APAC10.pdf02Provisional Agenda12-Oct-2020 
VTC_AP020-20-FS - Detailed Programme_RASG10_Order of the Day BKK Time.pdf03Meeting Programme (Revision 1)17-Dec-2020 
AP200-20-FS Att C - Nomination_Registration Form_RASG10.pdf04Nomination / Registration Form12-Oct-2020 
AP200-20-FS Att C - Nomination_Registration Form_RASG10.docx04Nomination / Registration Form12-Oct-2020 
AP200-20-FS Att D - WP_IP TemplateRASG10.docx05WP / IP Template12-Oct-2020 
RASG-APAC10 - List of Papers.pdf06List of Working Papers and Information Papers18-Dec-2020 
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RASG-APAC10 - WP-01 AI_1 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda10 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-02 AI_2 - [SEC] Election of Chair n Vice Chair.pdfWP/02Election of Chair and Vice-chair10 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-03 AI_3 - [APAC-AIG] Update on APAC-AIG activities.pdfWP/03Update on APAC-AIG Activities10 December 2020Chairman of APAC-AIG 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-04 AI_3 - [APAC-AIG] Follow up APAC-AIG.pdfWP/04Follow-up on APAC-AIG/7-WP/910 December 2020Chairman of APAC-AIG 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-05 AI_3 - [SRP WG] Annual Safety Report.pdfWP/05Progress of Development of Annual Safety Report10 December 2020Co-chair of APRAST SRP WG 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-06 AI_3 - [SEI] Update on APRAST SEI Working Group activities.pdfWP/06Update on APRAST SEI Working Group Activities10 December 2020Co-chair of SEI WG 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-07 AI_3 - [SEC] !Procedural HB-for RASG 2020_R-1.pdfWP/07 (Revision 1)Update on RASG-APAC Procedural Handbook17-Dec-2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-08 AI_5 - [SEC] Beijing Declaration Commitments implementation status.pdfWP/08Where does APAC Stand – “With The Beijing Declaration Commitments?”10 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-09 AI_3 - [SEC] Update of  APRAST15 Dec n Con R_1.pdfWP/09 (Revision 1)Review of Decisions and Conclusions adopted at APRAST/15 and its Progress16-Dec-2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-10 AI_4 - [SEC] Update of RASG9 Dec and Con.pdfWP/10Progress Update of the RASG-APAC/9 Decisions and Conclusions10 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-11 AI_4 - [SEC] Update of 2019-2020 Work Prgm.pdfWP/11Update of RASG-APAC/9 Annual & Standing Work Program 2019/202010 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-12 AI_4 - [HQ] Action taken by ANC  Council on APANPIRG30 and RASG-APAC9 Reports.pdfWP/12Review of the Action Taken by the ANC and the Council on the Report of APANPIRG/30 and the 9th Meeting of the Regional Aviation Safety Group Asia and Pacific (RASG-APAC/9) and Outcome of the Council’s Review of the Consolidated Annual Report on Planning a10 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-13 AI_5 - [SEC] Progress of ACCRPG R_1.pdfWP/13 (Revision 1)ICAO APAC COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG) Activities.14 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-14 AI_5 - ATMSG8 and RASMAG Outcomes.pdfWP/14RASMAG/25 and ATMSG/8 Outcomes10 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-15 AI_5 R_1 - Combined APANPIRG-RASG_APAC Evaluation Criteria.pdfWP/15 (Revision 1)Combined APANPIRG and RASG-APAC Meeting Evaluation Considerations14 December 2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-16 AI_5 - Model Regulations_US FAA.pdfWP/16FAA’S Model Civil Aviation Regulations Version 2.1010 December 2020United States 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-18 AI_5 - Govt Safety Inspecros Course_US FAA.pdfWP/18ICAO Government Safety Inspector Course Conversion to Virtual Delivery10 December 2020United States 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-20 AI_5 - Responding to Industry’s Needs during COVID-19 in Hong Kong.pdfWP/20Responding to Industry’s Needs During COVID-19 in Hong Kong10 December 2020Hong Kong, China 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-21 AI_5 - Managing Aviation Safety Risk arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic_Singapore.pdfWP/21Managing Aviation Safety Risks Arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic10 December 2020Singapore and Thailand 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-22 AI_5 - Safety Assurance ISAGO_IATA.pdfWP/22Safety Assurance of Ground Handling Operations During and Post-COVID-1910 December 2020IATA 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-23 AI_5 - [IATA] IOSA.pdfWP/23IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)10 December 2020IATA 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-24 AI_5 - [ROK] Transition to the Safety Risk Based Oversight Approach.pdfWP/24Transition to the Safety Risk-Based Oversight Approach10 December 2020Republic of Korea 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-25 AI_5 - [IND] FDM.pdfWP/25FDM Monitoring and Standardisation of the Parameters/FDM Events10 December 2020India 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-26 AI_5 - AP-SHARE_Update_Singapore.pdfWP/26Update on the AP-SHARE Demonstration Project and the Way Forward10 December 2020Singapore on behalf of the AP-SHARE Members 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-27 AI_6 - [APRAST Co-chair] RASG-APAC Proposed 2020_2021 Work Prog.pdfWP/27Proposed RASG-APAC 2020-2021 Yearly and Standing Work Programmes11 December 2020APRAST Co-chairs 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-28 AI_5 - [S-SG] Implementing and Monitoring Alleviations and Ramp Inspection Guidelines 1.pdfWP/28Implementation and Monitoring Alleviation and Ramp Inspection Guidelines document16-Dec-2020ACCRPG Safety  Sub-group 
RASG-APAC10 - WP-29 AI_5 - [ROK] VACCINE.pdfWP/29The Safe use of COVID-19 Vaccines for Aviation Medical Certificate Holders16-Dec-2020Republic of Korea 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(6)
RASG-APAC10 - IP-01 AI_5 - [SEC_HQ] Recent Development of Interest.pdfIP/01Recent Developments of Interest16-Dec-2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - IP-02 AI_5 - [US_FAA] REMOTE OVERSIGHT_US FAA.pdfIP/02Remote Performance of Regulatory Certification and Oversight Activities16-Dec-2020United States 
RASG-APAC10 - IP-03 AI_5 - [US_FAA] Managing impact of COVID19_US FAA.pdfIP/03Managing the Impact of COVID-19 on Aviation Safety  while Supporting Recovery Efforts16-Dec-2020United States 
RASG-APAC10 - IP-04 AI_5 - [SEC_AGA] Certification of Aerodromes.pdfIP/04Implementation of Requirements for Certification of Aerodromes in the Asia Pacific Region17-Dec-2020Secretariat 
RASG-APAC10 - IP-05 AI_5 - [US_FAA] Vaccine Transporation by Air.pdfIP/05Managing Safe and Efficient COVID-19 Vaccine Transportation by Air in the United States17-Dec-2020United States 
RASG-APAC10 - IP-06 AI_5 - [PASO] COVID.pdfIP/06Pacific Islands Off-Site Certification Audits (OSCA) Process18-Dec-2020PASO 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(1)
RASG-APAC10 - WP-08 AI_5 - [SEC] Beijing Declaration_Implementation Status.pdfWP/08Where does APAC Stand – “With The Beijing Declaration Commitments?”17-Dec-2020Secretariat 


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