​Seventh Meeting of Performance Based Navigation Implementation Coordination Group (PBNICG/7)

(Video Conference, 21-23 October 2020)

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collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report_PBNICG 7-V1.2.pdf01Final Report_PBNICG 7-V1.228 October 2020ICAO 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
AP148-20 (CNS) Invitation Letter PBNICG7.pdf01Invitation Letter29 July 2020ICAO 
Attachment A-WP01-Provisional Agenda_PBNICG7_(final).doc02Attachment A-Provisional Agenda29 July 2020ICAO 
Attachment B-Registration Form_(final).doc03Attachment B Registration Form29 July 2020ICAO 
Attachment C-1-PBN Implementation Progress Report Form_final.docx04Attachment C-1-PBN Implementation Progress Report Form29 July 2020ICAO 
Attachment-C2.xlsx05Attachment-C2 PBN Detailed Reporting Template29 July 2020ICAO 
WP-IP Template_PBNICG7.doc06WP-IP Template_PBNICG729 July 2020ICAO 
Flimsy 1_Order of Business_PBNICG-7.pdf07Flimsy 1_Order of Business_PBNICG-721 October 2020ICAO 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(7)
WP-01-Provisional Agenda_PBNICG7.pdf01WP-01-Provisional Agenda_PBNICG720 October 2020ICAO 
WP-02- Global and Regional PBN Update.pdf02WP-02- Global and Regional PBN Update20 October 2020ICAO 
WP-03_Implementation Status_Regional transition plan.pdf03WP-03_Implementation Status_Regional transition plan20 October 2020ICAO 
WP-04- China-WP-States’ PBN implementation progress_PBNICG7.pdf04WP-04- China-WP-States’ PBN implementation progress_PBNICG720 October 2020ICAO 
WP-05-CDO-CCO Implementation in China-Updated.pdf05WP-05-CDO-CCO Implementation in China-Updated28 October 2020ICAO 
WP-06-INDIA_AAI_ CDO_ CCO_SG_06.10.2020.pdf06WP-06-INDIA_AAI_ CDO_ CCO_SG_06.10.202020 October 2020ICAO 
WP-07_Progress of PBNICG Action Items as on 21 Oct 2020.pdf07WP-07_Progress of PBNICG Action Items as on 21 Oct 202020 October 2020ICAO 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(9)
IP-01 -PBN Implementation Progress in INDIA_PBNICG7_06.10.2020.pdf01IP-01 -PBN Implementation Progress in INDIA_PBNICG7_06.10.202020 October 2020ICAO 
IP-02-PBNICG7 LPV implemention status in INDIA.pdf02IP-02-PBNICG7 LPV implemention status in INDIA20 October 2020ICAO 
IP-03- ROK's PBN Implementation Update.pdf03IP-03- ROK's PBN Implementation Update20 October 2020ICAO 
IP-04- RNP APCH CHART Identification from RNAV to RNP in ROK.pdf04IP-04- RNP APCH CHART Identification from RNAV to RNP in ROK20 October 2020ICAO 
IP-05- PBN Implementation in Maldives.pdf05IP-05- PBN Implementation in Maldives20 October 2020ICAO 
IP-06-Progress of PBN Implementation in Myanmar_PBNICG7_2020.pdf06IP-06-Progress of PBN Implementation in Myanmar_PBNICG7_202020 October 2020ICAO 
IP-07-Progress of PBN Implementation Nepal_PBNICG7.pdf07IP-07-Progress of PBN Implementation Nepal_PBNICG728 October 2020ICAO 
IP-08- Thailand's PBN Implementation Progress_PBNICG7_151020.pdf08IP-08- Thailand's PBN Implementation Progress_PBNICG7_15102020 October 2020ICAO 
IP-09- Viet Nam PBN Implementation Progress.pdf09IP-09- Viet Nam PBN Implementation Progress20 October 2020ICAO 


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