APAC​ First Meeting of the Asia/Pacific GBAS/SBAS Implementation Task Force                      

(Video Teleconference,  23 – 24 June 2020)

collapse Type Name : 2020 GBAS SBAS ITF1  ‎(11)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(4)
AP108-20-CNS.pdf01Letter of invitation 12 May 2020Secretariat 
TOR for APAC GBAS SBAS ITF.pdf02Terms of Reference12 May 2020Secretariat 
ATT. A - Provisional Agenda_revised.pdf03Attachment A - Provisional Agenda (Revised)12 May 2020Secretariat 
ATT. B - Registration Form_revised.pdf04Attachment B - Registration Form (Revised)12 May 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(7)
IP01_ICAO Web-Conference-Instructions.pdfIP/01Web-conference Instructions12 May 2020Secretariat 
IP02_AI2_Sec_Concept and Benefits of GBAS SBAS.pdfIP/02Concept and Benefits of GBAS SBAS10 Mar. 2020Secretariat 
IP03_AI3_Sec_ ICAO Document review related to GBAS SBAS.pdfIP/03ICAO Document Review Related to GBAS SBAS10 Mar. 2020Secretariat 
IP04_AI3_Sec_Outcomes of the GBAS SBAS Implementation Workshop.pdfIP/04Outcomes of the GBAS SBAS Implementation Workshop10 Mar. 2020Secretariat 
IP5 AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND SBAS PROGRAM Australia.pdfIP/05Australia - New Zealand SBAS Program22 Jun. 2020Australia 
IP6 AIRSPACE USER REQUIREMENTS FOR GBAS AND SBAS Iata.pdfIP/06Airspace User Requirements for GBAS and SBAS22 Jun. 2020IATA 
IP7 FEASIBILITY STUDY AND VDB FREQUENCY ASSIGNMENT HongKong China.pdfIP/07Feasibility Study and VDB Frequency Assignment for GBAS Implementation22 Jun. 2020Hong Kong, China 


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