Second Meeting of GBAS/SBAS Implementation Task Force

(Video Conference, 09-10 September 2020)


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collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(3)
AP152-20 (CNS) Invitation_GBAS_SBAS_ITF2.pdfAP152-20(CNS) Invitation_GBAS_SBAS_ITF2Invitation Letter 3 August 2020Secretariat 
Attachment A-Provisional Agenda_GBAS SBAS ITF2.pdfAttachment AProvisional Agenda3 August 2020Secretariat 
Attachment B-Registration Form.docAttachment BRegistration Form3 August 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(1)
WP01-ICAO- GBAS SBAS ITF Action Plan 070920.pdfWP01ICAO- GBAS SBAS ITF Action Plan 0709207 September 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(10)
IP01-Australia-AI3 GBAS Program.pdfIP01Australia-AI3 GBAS Program7 September 2020Secretariat  
IP02-Australia New Zealand-AI3 SBAS Program.pdfIP02Australia New Zealand-AI3 SBAS Program7 September 2020Secretariat 
China-AI3 GBAS SBAS Implementation.pdfIP03China-AI3 GBAS SBAS Implementation7 September 2020Secretariat 
IP04- HongKong China-AI3  Feasibility study and VDB frquency assigment for GBAS implementation.pdfIP04HongKong China-AI3  Feasibility study and VDB frquency assigment for GBAS implementation7 September 2020Secretariat 
IP05-Japan-AI3 MSAS status and future plan.pdfIP05Japan-AI3 MSAS status and future plan7 September 2020Secretariat 
IP06-Japan-AI3 GBAS Status.pdfIP06Japan-AI3 GBAS Status7 September 2020Secretariat 
IP07- Republic of Korea-AI3 SBAS Implementation Status.pdfIP07Republic of Korea-AI3 SBAS Implementation Status7 September 2020Secretariat 
IP08-IATA-AI3 Airspace user requirements for GBAS and SBAS.pdfIP08IATA-AI3 Airspace user requirements for GBAS and SBAS7 September 2020Secretariat 
IP09- Japan-AI4 ICAO NSP GWG IGM ad hoc activities.pdfIP09Japan-AI4 ICAO NSP GWG IGM ad hoc activities7 September 2020Secretariat 
IP10- USA -AI3 FAA GBAS.pdfIP10USA -AI3 FAA GBAS9 September 2020Secretariat 



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