COVID-19-Related ATM Economics Seminar

(Video Teleconference, 08 October 2020)


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collapse Type Name : 2020 COVID 19 ATM Seminar ‎(16)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
Meeting Invitation Link.pdfLink to join the Seminar08 October 2020 
AP175-20-ATM.pdf01Invitation Letter01 September 2020Secretariat 
AP191-20-ATM.pdf02Postponement of the Seminar to 08 October 202016 September 2020Secretariat 
Event Registration Guide.pdf03Guide - How to register to the seminar?10 September 2020Secretariat 
Video Teleconference Instructions.pdf04Video Teleconference Instructions05 October 2020Secretariat 
Introduction of Pigeonhole.pdf05Introduction of Pigeonhole05 October 2020Secretariat 
ATM Economics Seminar Provisional Programme.pdf06Provisional Agenda07 October 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(9)
1 ICAO - ATM Economic Actions - Drivers.pdf01ICAO - ATM Economic Actions - Drivers05 October 2020ICAO 
2 IATA - ICAO COVID-19 Related ATM Economics Seminar.pdf02IATA Presentation ICAO COVID-19 Related ATM Economics Seminar07 October 2020IATA 
3 CANSO ANS Planning and Provision – A New Normal.pdf03ANS Planning and Provision – A New Normal05 October 2020CANSO 
4 ICAO - ATM Economic Actions - NANPs.pdf04ICAO - ATM Economic Actions - NANPs05 October 2020ICAO 
5 SL20-81 - RFI on National Emergency and Contingency Plans and Financial and Economic Recovery Measures.pdf05ICAO RFI – Information on National Emergency and Contingency Plans and Financial and Economic Recovery Measures by States.   (State Letter EC 2/71 – 20/81)05 October 2020ICAO 
6 Oakland Air Route Traffic Control.pdf06Oakland Air Route Traffic Control08 October 2020USA 
7 Airways NZ - ICAO Economics Seminar.pdf07Airways NZ - ICAO Economics Seminar05 August 2020New Zealand 
8 Cost-reducing Strategies to Assist Airlines During the Pandemic.pdf08Cost-Reducing Strategies to assist Airlines amidst the Pandemic06 October 2020Singapore 
9 ATM Initiatives by India supporting Airline.pdf09ATM Initiatives by India supporting Airlines07 October 2020India 

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