Twenty Fourth Meeting of the Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Sub-group of APANPIRG

 (Web-conference, 30 November – 4 December 2020)     


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collapse Type Name : 2020 CNS SG24  ‎(103)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(21)
Final Report.pdf01Final Report10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. A - Updated regional ATN-AMHS-AIDC Implementation Status.pdf02Appendix A - ATN/AMHS and AIDC implementation status 10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. B - Updated  CRV Implementation Status Table.pdf03Appendix B - CRV Implementation Status 10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. C - the Revised AMS Strategy for  the APAC Region.pdf04Appendix C - Revised AMS Strategy for the APAC Region 10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. D - the Revised  APAC  Strategy For Implementation of the Air-GroundData Link.pdf05Appendix D - Revised Strategy for Implementation of the Air-Ground Data link in APAC Region10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. E - AFTNAMHS-based ICD for ATFM - Ver.2.pdf06Appendix E - AFTNAMHS-based ICD for ATFM - Ver.2.010 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. F - CRV Operations Manual Edition 1.0.pdf07Appendix F - CRV Operations Manual - Edition 1.001 Jan. 2021Secretariat 
APX. G- AMHS Reediness Report for Supporting IWXXM Traffic by CNS SG24.pdf08Appendix G - AMHS Readiness Report for Supporting IWXXM Traffic10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. H - ICAO APAC AIDC Webinar_9 Oct_FINAL_PDF ver.pdf09Appendix H - ICAO APAC AIDC Webinar Presentation 10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. I - SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration Report.pdf10Appendix I - SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration Report10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. J -  Revised SRWG TOR by CNS SG24.pdf11Appendix J - Revised SRWG TOR10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. K - Flight Inspection Guidance Material for APAC Region.pdf12Appendix K - Flight Inspection Guidance Material for APAC Region 18 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. L - ASTERIX RADAR 3rd edition - Clean copy.pdf13Appendix L - Regional Supplement ASTERIX ICD for APAC10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. M - ADS-B Implementation Status in the PAPC Region.pdf14Appendix M - ADS-B Implementation Status in the APAC Region10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. N - Mode S DAPsImplementation and Operation GuidanceDocument2.0-20200513.pdf15Appendix N - Mode S DAPs Implementation and Operation Guidance Document v2.010 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. O - Revised AIGD Edition 13 - draft v2a - ENRI 10.3.pdf16Appendix O - Revised ADS-B Implementation and Operations Guidance Document (AIGD), Edition 1310 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. P - Surveillance_Sharing_Study_Group_v6_faired.pdf17Appendix P - TOR of Surveillance Data Sharing Study Group10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. Q - Tablel on CNS Related Deficiencies reviewed by CNS SG24 and APANPIRG30.pdf18Appendix Q - Updated List of CNS Related Deficiencies10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APX. R - Factors adding stress and fatigue to ATSEP.pdf19Appendix R - Factors Adding Stress and Fatigue to ATSEP 10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Final List of participants States and Sponsors.pdf20Attachment 1 - List of Participants03 Mar. 2021Secretariat 
Attachment 2 - List of papers.pdf21Attachment 2 - List of Working and Information papers03 Mar. 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(9)
AP046-20-CNS.pdf01Letter of invitation 04 Sept. 2020Secretariat 
AP046 - Attachment 2 - web-conference bulletin.pdf02Attachment 2 - Web-conference Bulletin04 Sept. 2020Secretariat 
AP046 - Attachment 3 - Guideline for online registration.pdf03Attachment 3 - Guidelines of Online Registration04 Sept. 2020Secretariat 
WP-IP template.docx04WP-IP Template08 Sept. 2020Secretariat 
Message from APAC RD.pdf05Message from APAC Regional Director29 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
Final Programme.pdf06Meeting Programme02 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
AP046 - Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdf07Provisional Agenda18 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
List of Sponsors_CNS-SG24.pdf08List of Sponsors28 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - List of participants for verification.pdf09List of participants 07 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(33)
WP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda19 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - Review the outcome of A40 and APANPIRG30 rev.pdfWP/02Outcomes of A40 and APANPIRG/30 on CNS27 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP03_ICAO AI2 - ATMSG8 Outcomes.pdfWP/03Outcome of ATM SG/827 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP04_ICAO AI.3.1 - Review the report of ACSICG7_rev.pdfWP/04Review Report of the Seventh Meeting of the Aeronautical  Communication Services Implementation  Coordination Group (ACSICG/7)19 Nov. 2019Secretariat 
WP05_ICAO AI3.2 - Review AMHS Readiness.pdfWP/05Review the AMHS Readiness Status for Supporting IWXXM Traffic25 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP06_ICAO AI.3.3 - Review APA TF6 report - Rev.pdfWP/06Review the Report of the Sixth Meeting of the ASIA Pacific AIDC Task Force19 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP07_ICAO AI.3.4 - Review SWIM TF4 Outcome.pdfWP/07Review the Report of the Fourth Meeting of the System Wide Information Management Task Force23 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP08_ICAO AI4.4 -Review of SRWG-4 Report.pdfWP/08Review Report of the Fourth Meeting of the Spectrum Review Working Group (SRWG/4)18 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP09_ICAO AI.5.1 - Reviwe of report of PBNICG7.pdfWP/09Review of Report of the Seventh Meeting of Performance based Navigation Implementation Coordination Group  (PBNICG/7)18 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP10_ICAO AI.6.1 - Review Report of SURICG5.pdfWP/10Review Report of the Fifth Meeting of the Surveillance Implementation Coordination Group (SURICG/5)18 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP10_Attachment.pdfWP/10 (A)WP/10 - Attachment29 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP11_ICAO AI.7.1 - Review Outcome of ATMAS TF 1.pdfWP/11Review Outcome of the Seminar on Air Traffic Management Automation System, and the First Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Traffic Management Automation System Task Force (ATMAS TF/1)19 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP12_ICAO AI.5.2 - Review report of GBAS-SBAS ITF1 and GBAS-SBAS ITF2 rev.pdfWP/12Review of Report of the First and the Second Meeting of GBAS/SBAS Implementation Task Force (GBAS/SBAS ITF/1 and GBAS/SBAS ITF/2)20 Nov. 2020Chair of TF 
WP13_ICAO AI.5.3 Review outcomes of FIPV seminar.pdfWP/13Outcome of the Seminar on Flight inspection and Procedure Validation20 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP14_ICAO AI.11.1 Outcome of Cyber Worksop and TTX - Revised.pdfWP/14Outcome of APAC Cyber Safety and Resilience Workshop  with Tabletop Exercise20 May 2021Secretariat 
WP15_CANSO AI13 - ANS Planning and Provisional.pdfWP/15ANS Planning and Provision – A New Normal?16 Nov. 2020CANSO 
WP15_Attachment.pdfWP/15 (A)WP/15 - Attachment26 Nov. 2020CANSO 
WP16_CHN AI9 - Action of COMM Status Improvement between CHN and PAK.pdfWP/16Action of Communication Status Improvement between China and Pakistan and Suggestion on Removal of the Relevant CNS Deficiency16 Nov. 2020China 
WP17_India AI 13 - CNS related Work and Projects Impacted by COVID-19.pdfWP/17CNS Related Work/Projects Impacted by COVID-1916 Nov. 2020India 
WP18_HKG AI.5.4 - Flight Inspection Guidance Material for APAC Region.pdfWP/18Flight Inspection Guidance Material (FIGM) for APAC Region20 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
WP18_Attachment.pdfWP/18 (A)WP/18 - Attachment29 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
WP19_ICAO AI.9 - Review of CNS Deficiencies.pdfWP/19Review Status of CNS Deficiencies20 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP20_ICAO AI13 - COVID Impact.pdfWP/20Impact of COVID-19 to CNS Works23 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
WP21_HKGAI5.5 - 3D CASA and LOC Signal Fluctuation and shorten evaluation time for ILS classification_30Nov2020.pdfWP/21Protection of Instrument Landing System (ILS) Critical and Sensitive Areas in Three-Dimensional and ILS Facility  Performance Category Requirements30 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
WP21_Attachment.pdfWP/21 (A)WP/21 - Attachment 30 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
WP22 AI6.2 HKG SGP - CNSSG_24_Surveillance_Sharing_in_SWIM_rev.pdfWP/22Collaboration in Sharing of Surveillance Data in SWIM25 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China and Singapore 
WP22_Attachment.pdfWP/22 (A)WP/22 - Attachment29 Nov. 2020Hong Kong, China 
WP23_SIN and THA AI3.5 - ASEAN SWIM Demo Report_vFinal.pdfWP/23SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration Report23 Nov. 2020Singapore and Thailand 
WP23_Attachment.pdfWP/23 (A)WP/23 - Attachment27 Nov. 2020Singapore and Thailand 
WP24_NZ AI3.1 - Draft CRV Operations Manual.pdfWP/24Draft CRV Operations Manual23 Nov. 2020New Zealand 
WP25_IFATSEA AI10.1 - Review outcome of ATSEP.pdfWP/25Review Outcomes of Small Working Group Study on Human Factor Issues of ATSEP25 Nov. 2020IFATSEA 
WP25 Attachment - Additional presentation.pdfWP/25 (A)WP/25 - Attachment2 Dec. 2020IFATSEA 
WP26_SIN AI4.5 -  Space-based VHF.pdfWP/26Space-based VHF Communications in 117.975-137 MHz Frequency Band29 Nov. 2020Singapore 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(26)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin29 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
IP02_CHN AI5.5 - RPAS-based Flight Inspection Program Progress in China.pdfIP/02RPAS-based Flight Inspection Program Progress in China16 Nov. 2020China 
IP03_CHN AI5.5 - BDS SARPs Development and Validation Status in ICAO.pdfIP/03BDS SARPs Development and Validation Status in ICAO16 Nov. 2020China 
IP04_CHN AI5.5 -BDSBAS Status Update Report Rev.pdfIP/04BDSBAS Status Update Report29 Nov. 2020China 
IP05_India AI6.2 - ATC Surveillance Activities in India.pdfIP/05Air Traffic Control Surveillance Activities in India16 Nov. 2020India 
IP06_India AI7.2 - Issues and Challenges in implementation of ATM Automation system.pdfIP/06Challenges in Implementation of ATM Automation System  16 Nov. 2020India 
IP07_CHN AI8 - Civil Aviation Ground-Ground Communication Network Status.pdfIP/07China Civil Aviation Ground-Ground Communication Network Status16 Nov. 2020China 
IP08_ICAO  AI.4.2 - Results of WRC-19.pdfIP/08Report on the Results of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) World Radiocommunication Conference (2019) (WRC-19)20 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
IP09_ICAO AI.4.3 - Draft ICAO Position for WRC-23.pdfIP/09Draft ICAO Position for ITU WRC-2327 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
IP10_ICAO AI.2 -CNS Resilience and GNSS Interference.pdfIP/10CNS Systems Resilience and GNSS Interference20 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
IP11_ICAO AI.2 -APAPIRG-RASG chairpersons review.pdfIP/11Outcome of APANPIRG/RASG Chairpersons Review20 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
IP12_THA AI 7.2 - Lessons Learned from ATM Automation System Transition in Thailand_rev05_clean.pdfIP/12Lessons Learned from New ATM Automation System Implementation20 Nov. 2020Thailand 
IP13_JPN AI5.5 - Status of GBAS in Japan.pdfIP/13Status of GBAS Implementation in Japan23 Nov. 2020Japan 
IP14_JPN AI5.5 - GBAS VDB Henda.pdfIP/14GBAS VDB Frequency Compatibility for Tokyo Haneda23 Nov. 2020Japan 
IP15_JPN AI5.5 - SBAS Status Update in Japan.pdfIP/15SBAS Status Update in Japan23 Nov. 2020Japan 
IP16_JPN AI6.2 - JAPANS EFFORT TO A-SMGCS.pdfIP/16Japan’s Effort to A-SMGCS: Data-driven and Simulation-based Research Activities on Airport Surface Traffic Flow24 Nov. 2020Japan 
IP17_JPN AI8.1 - The Long-term Vision for the Future Air Traffic Systems of Japan - CARATS.pdfIP/17The Long-term Vision for the Future Air Traffic Systems of Japan (CARATS)23 Nov. 2020Japan 
IP18_JPN AI14 - Introduction of NPAC.pdfIP/18 Introduction of the Network Performance Assessment Center23 Nov. 2020Japan 
IP18_JPN AI14 - Attachment Rev.pdfIP/18 (A)IP/18 - Attachment27 Nov. 2020Japan 
IP19_ROK AI5.1 -Navigational Aids Check by Using Drone Rev.pdfIP/19Navigational Aids Check by Using Drone in Republic of Korea (Rev.)01 Dec. 2020Republic of Korea 
IP19_Attachment P. 1 to P. 10.pdfIP/19 (A)IP/19 - Attachment26 Nov. 2020Republic of Korea 
IP20_ROK AI6.2 - Lockout override operation to avoid IC code collision.pdfIP/20Lockout Override Operation to Avoid IC (II)  Code Collision24 Nov. 2020Republic of Korea 
IP21_AUS-HKG and_Sec. AI.3.2 - AMHS IWXXM METSG updates.pdfIP/21Updates on APAC Implementation of IWXXM Exchange over AMHS25 Nov. 2020Australia, Hong Kong ,China and Secretariat 
IP22_Indonesia AI8.2 - ADSB and AIDC Activities in Indonesia.pdfIP/22Update of ADS-B & AIDC Implementation in Indonesia26 Nov. 2020Indonesia 
IP23_Fiji and PCCW AI3.2- IWXXM Translation and Exchange Services 1.0.pdfIP/23Presentation of PCCW Network Based IWXXM Translation and Exchange Services27 Nov. 2020Fiji and PCCW Global 
IP24_ROK AI8.2 -CNS Capability around  FUKUE-AKARA Corridor.pdfIP/24Reinforcement of CNS capability around Fukue-akara Corridor Area in Incheon FIR26 Nov. 2020Republic of Korea 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(8)
Frequentis_Compact_Towers.pdf(Virtual Booth)Compact Towers04 Dec. 2020Frequentis 
SP01_ICAO AI_11.2 - ICAO Trust Framework Update.pdfSP/01ICAO Trust Framework Update20 Nov. 2020ICAO 
SP02_EUROCONTROL AI8 - European Perspective and Cooperation.pdfSP/02European Perspective and Cooperation30 Nov. 2020EUROCONTROL 
SP03_NOKIA - ANSP International Connectivity and Cybersecurity.pdfSP/03ANSP International Connectivity and Cybersecurity01 Dec. 2020Nokia 
SP04_Thales - Application of New Technologies in ATC HMI Design.pdfSP/04Application of New Technologies in ATC HMI Design01 Dec. 2020Thales 
SP05_Frequentis AI12 - Presentation Material_CNS SG24.pdfSP/05IT VCS for ATM 29 Nov. 2020Frequentis 
SP06_ Searidge - Digital Transformation-The Airport and beyond.pdfSP/06Digital Transformation – The Airport and Beyond07 Dec. 2020Searidge 
SP07_ICAO Breifing on the Technical Cooperation Bureau.pdfSP/07Briefing on the Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB)02 Dec. 2020ICAO 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(6)
Flimsy01_ICAO AI.14 Meeting planning_cleanversion.pdfFlimsy 01CNS Meeting Planning for 202123 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
Flimsy02_ICAO AI.4.3 ICAO Position and WRC preparation.pdfFlimsy 02ICAO Position and WRC Preparations 25 Nov. 2020Secretariat 
Flimsy03_ICAO Revised Draft Conclusion to WP-26.pdfFlimsy 03Revised Draft Conclusion to WP/2602 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
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