Thirty-First Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APANPIRG/31)

(Video Teleconference, 14 to 16 December 2020)

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collapse Type Name : 2020 APANPIRG31 ‎(41)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Report of APANPIRG-31.pdfFinal Report of APANPIRG/317 Jan. 2021Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(11)
AP-199-20 [AGA] - SL to Member States.pdf01Invitation Letter to Member States2 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
AP-199-20 [AGA] - SL to IOs.pdf02Invitation Letter to IOs2 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
AP199 - Attachment A - Provisional Agenda - WP01.pdf03Provisional Agenda2 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
AP199 - Attachment B - IP-WP Template.docx04IP/WP Template2 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
AP199 - Attachment C - List of Members-Alternate members.docx.pdf05List of Members/Alternate Members2 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
AP199 - Attachment D - APANPIRG Members Nomination form.docx06APANPIRG Member Nomination Form2 Oct. 2020Secretariat 
Online Registration Guide for ICAO RO Events, Meetings, Seminars - 2020.pdf07A Brief Guide for Online Registration for ICAO Events5 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
APANPIRG31_MS Team Famil.pdf08Microsoft Teams Familiarization8 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
VTC Instruction_APANPIRG31.pdf09VTC Instruction8 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
List of Sponsors_APANPIRG31.pdf10List of Sponsors9 Dec. 2020 
Order of Business.pdf11Order of Business12 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(21)
WP 01, AI 1 - Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of the Provisional Agenda5 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 02, AI 1A - Beijing Declaration Commitments implementation status.pdfWP/02Where does APAC Stand with the Beijing Declaration Commitments?5 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 03, AI 1B.1 - Action taken by ANC-Council on APANPIRG30 and RASG-APAC9.pdfWP/03Review of the action taken by the ANC and the Council on the Report of APANPIRG/30 and RASG-APCA/9 and Outcome of the Council’s Review of the Consolidated Annual Report on PIRGs and RASGs, covering the period from April 2019 to March 20205 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 04, AI 1B.2 - APANPIRG 30 Conclusions-Decisions.pdfWP/04Review status of implementation of APANPIRG/30 Conclusions and Decisions5 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 05, AI 1B.3 - Outstanding Conclusions- Decisions.pdfWP/05Review status of implementation of APANPIRG outstanding Conclusions and Decisions7 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 06, AI 1C_REV 1 - ACCRPG Reports.pdfWP/06             Revision 1Progress Report of the APAC COVID-19 Contingency and Recovery Planning Group (ACCRPG)14 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 07, AI 1D - Report of the 7th Regional Coordination Meeting of PIRG-RASG.pdfWP/07Report of the Seventh Regional Coordination Meeting of PIRG and RASG5 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 08, AI 1D - RASG-APAC 9 - APRAST 15 Outcomes.pdfWP/08Outcomes of RASG-APAC/9 and APRAST/15 Meetings7 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 09, AI 3.1_REV 1 - AOPSG4 Outcomes.pdfWP/09                Revision 1Report on the Fourth Meeting of AOP Sub Group10 Dec. 2020Chairperson of AOP/SG 
WP 10, AI 3.2 - ATMSG8 Outcomes.pdfWP/10ATM/SG/8 Outcomes9 Dec. 2020ATM/SG Chair 
WP 11 AI 3.3 RASMAG Outcomes.pdfWP/11RASMAG and FIT/ASIA Outcomes5 Dec. 2020RASMAG Chair 
WP12, AI 3.4 - CNS SG24 Outcome.docx.pdfWP/12Report on the Twenty Fourth Meeting of CNS Sub-Group9 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 13, AI 3.5 - MET-SG-Report.pdfWP/13Meteorology Sub-Group Report8 Dec. 2020Chair of MET SG 
WP 14, AI 4_REV 1 - AN Deficiencies - ATM AGA CNS MET.pdfWP/14              Revision 1Status of Air Navigation Deficiencies in the Asia/PAC Region10 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 15 AI 5 - APANPIRG Work Programme 2021-2022.pdfWP/15APANPIRG Work Programme 2021-202212 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
WP 16, AI 1C - CANSO Paper for APANPIRG 31- Covid 19.pdfWP/16CANSO COVID-19 related activities in support of ATM5 Dec. 2020CANSO 
WP 17, AI 1C_REV 1 - INS_ATM Contingency Measures and Recovery During COVID-19.pdfWP/17              Revision 1ATM Contingency Measures and Recovery during COVID-1915 Dec. 2020Indonesia 
WP 18 AI 3.0 - SGP_Implementation of Performance Measurement in Asia Pacific.pdfWP/18Implementation of Performance Measurement in Asia Pacific5 Dec. 2020Singapore 
WP 19, AI 3.2 - SGP_FF-ICE paper_v1_updated.pdfWP/19FF-ICE and the Future of ATM5 Dec. 2020Singapore 
WP 20, AI 3.2 -SGP_Open ATM - A New Approach to Future ATM Systems WP.pdfWP/20Open ATM – A New Approach to Future ATM Systems5 Dec. 2020Singapore 
WP 21, AI 6 REV 1 - Combined APANPIRG-RASG_APAC Evaluation Criteria.pdfWP/21               Revision 1Combined APANPIRG and RASG-APAC Meeting Evaluation Considerations13 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(8)
IP 01 - List of Papers.pdfIP/01List of Papers15 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
IP 02, AI 2 - Recent Development of Interest.pdfIP/02Recent Developments of Interest7 Dec. 2020Secretariat 
IP 03, AI 3.2 - INS_5LNC.pdfIP/03Indonesia 5LNC Status and Progress7 Dec. 2020Indonesia 
IP 04, AI 3.2 - INS_TRANSITION PLANNING FOR CHANGE TO IFP APPROACH CHART IDENTIFICATION.pdfIP/04Indonesia PBN Approach Chart Identification Transition Plan7 Dec. 2020Indonesia 
IP 05, AI 3.2 - INS_UAS OPERATION IN INDONESIA.pdfIP/05Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems within Indonesia National Airspace   7 Dec. 2020Indonesia 
IP 06, AI 3.2 - RoK_Implementation Status of Fatigue Management System for ATCOs.pdfIP/06Implementation Status of Fatigue Management System for ATCOS7 Dec. 2020Republic of Korea 
IP 07, AI 3.5 - INS_IMPLEMENTATION IWXXM.pdfIP/07Current Status and Plan of IWXXM Implementation in Indonesia7 Dec. 2020Indonesia 
IP 08, AI 4 - INS_REGIONAL AIR NAV DEF.pdfIP/08Indonesia Corrective Actions on AIS & SAR Deficiencies7 Dec. 2020Indonesia 


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