The Third Meeting of System Wide Information Management Task Force

(Bangkok, Thailand, 7 – 10 May 2019)

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Final Report SWIM TF-3.pdfFinal Report17 July 2019Secretariat 
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AP022-19-CNS.pdf01Letter of Invitation14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional Agenda SWIM_TF3.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment B - Meeting bulletin.pdf03Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment C - Registration Form.pdf04Attachment C - Registration/Nomination Form14 Mar. 2019Secretariat 
new WP-IP Template.docx06WP-IP template23 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
group-photo-SWIMTF3.jpg07Group photo7 May 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(21)
WP01_ Provisional Agenda SWIM_TF3.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda05 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
WP02_USA AI3d - Task 1-4_Semantic Technologies in Context  of SWIM.pdfWP/02Task 1-4: Semantic Technologies in the Context of SWIM28 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP03_USA AI3d - Task 1-4_SWIM Service Identifier.pdfWP/03Task 1-4: Guidance for Creating SWIM Service Identifiers28 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP04_USA AI3d - Task 1-4_SWIM Service Versioning.pdfWP/04Task 1-4: Guidance for Versioning SWIM Services28 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP05_HKG AI4 - SWIM enabled MET services.pdfWP/05SWIM-Enabled MET Information Services Developed by Hong Kong China and Related Issues6 May 2019Hong Kong, China 
WP06_JPN and HKG AI3-SWIM-TF-Task-1-8-WP-ver2.0.pdfWP/06Task 1-8: Asia/Pacific Regional SWIM Implementation Options29 Apr. 2019Japan and Hong Kong, China 
WP07 - ICAO AI7- SWIM education-Revised 2.pdfWP/07APAC SWIM Education30 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
WP08 - ICAO AI2 - draft SWIM IGD - structure for review.pdfWP/08APAC Regional SWIM Implementation Guidance Document29 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
WP09 - ICAO AI3 SWIM_Cyber _Security _Rev- Password protected.pdfWP/09Cyber Security Architecture Framework of SWIM (password protection)5 May 2019Secretariat 
WP10_JPN_AI3 -IMP Updates.pdfWP/10Task 1-7: IMP Update29 Apr. 2019Japan 
WP11_JPN AI3_comments on SWIM Manual Vol2.pdfWP/11SWIM Manual Volume II29 Apr. 2019Japan 
WP12_USA AI3-Task1.1 - Guidance and Best Practices for Publishers - Draft v1.1 Rev.pdfWP/12Task 1-1: Guidance and Best Practices for Information Service Publishers Draft30 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP13_USA AI3 Task 1.1 - Guidance and Best Practices for Consumers - Draft v1.0.pdfWP/13Task 1-1: Guidance and Best Practices for Information Service Consumers Draft29 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP14_USA IA3 - Task 1.1- Guidance and Best Practices for Service Validation v1.0.pdfWP/14Task 1-1: Guidance and Best Practices for Information Service Validation29 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP15_USA AI3-Task 1.1 - Guidance and Best Practices for Implementing New Needs and Services v1.0.pdfWP/15Task 1-1: Guidance and Best Practices for Implementing New Needs and Services29 Apr. 2019FAA, USA 
WP16_ROK AI3 - SWIM Registry Approach Revised.pdfWP/16Task 1-5: APAC SWIM Registry Approach5 May 2019Republic of Korea 
WP17_SIN-THA-USA AI3 - Task 1.6 - IXM Update WP - Final.pdfWP/17Task 1-6: Update on Information Exchange Model Development to support ATFM Operations and ATFM/A-CDM Integration in Asia/Pacific Region03 May 2019Singpaore, Thailand and USA 
WP18_AI5- Result of SWIM_survey_HKC_v3.pdfWP/18Result of APAC Regional SWIM Survey (Revised)8 May 2019Hong Kong, China 
WP19_USA AI3b -Task 1.2 - SWIM Implmtn Philosophy and Roadmap V3_AJv1.pdfWP/19Task 1-2: A SWIM Implementation Philosophy and Roadmap5 May 2019USA 
WP20_HKG_AI6-POC SWIM over CRV.pdfWP/20Network Capability and Security of CRV in Carrying SWIM Data5 May 2019Hong Kong, China 
WP21_France IA4_- European SWIM Governance.pdfWP/21SWIM Governance – the European Experience6 May 2019France 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(15)
IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin05 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO AI4 - Outcome of AN-Con13 from ANC.pdfIP/02Outcome of An-Conf/13 on SWIM05 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
IP03_JPN-CHN-ROK AI3 - SWIM-TF-Task-2-1-3-IP-ver2.0.pdfIP/03Report of Status and Activities for Task 2-1-323 Apr. 2019China, Japan and Republic of Korea 
IP04_AUS AI4 - SWIM Report Australia - TF3.pdfIP/04Report on SWIM in Australia28 Apr. 2019Australia 
IP05_JPN AI4 - Transition to SWIM.pdfIP/05Transition to SWIM – Challenges of Japan28 Apr. 2019Japan 
IP06_Mongolia AI4 - Current situation of SWIM.pdfIP/06Current Situation of SWIM and Planning in Mongolia29 Apr. 2019Mongolia 
IP07_IATA AI3 - Update on Regional Coord.pdfIP/07Task 1-3: Regional Coordination 5 May 2019IATA 
IP08_China_AI4 - Status  of Oepration data exchange in China.pdfIP/08The Status of Operation Data Exchange in China03 May 2019China 
IP09_China_AI4-Status and Plans for IWXXM in China.pdfIP/09Status and Plans for IWXXM in China3 May 2019China 
IP10_ICAO_AI4 - SWIM Activities in EUR-NAT Region.pdfIP/10The SWIM Project Team of EUR/NAT Region5 May 2019Secretariat 
IP11_Frequentis AI3h - Task 1-8_SWIM Foundation UTM ATM Integration Rev1.pdfIP/11Task 1-8: SWIM as Foundation for UTM/ATM Integration5 May 2019Frequentis 
IP12_HKG AI4 - IWXXM AIRM.pdfIP/12IWXXM for SWIM and Harmonization with other Exchange Models6 May 2019Hong Kong, China 
IP13_HKG AI4 - IWXXM_3-0.pdfIP/13Latest Status of IWXXM6 May 2019Hong Kong, China 
IP14- EUR Registry.pdfIP/14Task 1-5: The European SWIM Registry6 May 2019France 
IP15_AUS AI8 - Plans for METP WG-MIE7 and SWIMTF4 in 2020.pdfIP/15Plans for METP WG-MIE/7 and SWIM TF/4 in 20207 May 2019Australia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(3)
PPT01_ICAO Guidance for Creating SWIM Service Identifier.pdf01Guidance for Creating SWIM Service Identifiers, Guidance for Versioning SWIM Service and Semantic Technologies in the Context of SWIM29 Apr. 2019Secretariat 
PPT02_Mongolia SWIM implementation.pdf02SWIM Implementation in Mongolia29 Apr. 2019Mongolia 
WP20_HKG - Attachment Network Capability and Security of CRV Carrying SWIM Data_v1b.pdf03Network Capability and Security of CRV in Carrying SWIM Data06 May 2019Hong Kong, China 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(3)
Flimsy 01_SIN AI3 - Coordination of SiA Demo Minutes_V2.pdf01Update on Task 1-3:  Coordination of Minutes of SWIM in ASEAN Demonstration with SWIM Task Force9 May 2019IATA, Thailand, Singapore and USA 
Flimsy 02_ICAO AI4 and 8 - Outcome from METP relevant to SWIM TF.pdf02Outcomes from METP relevant to SWIM TF9 May 2019Secretariat 
Flimsy 03_SIN-THA and USA AI - Summary of SWIM.pdf03Summary of the SWIM Implementation Philosophy and Roadmap9 May 2019Singapore, Thailand and USA 


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