​The Second ICAO-EASA Forum on Civil Aviation in South East Asia

(Ha Long, Viet Nam, 19 November 2019) 

collapse Type Name : 2019 ICAO-EASA Forum ‎(23)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(4)
2nd ICAO-EASA Forum - Conclusions.pdf01Conclusions - The 2nd ICAO-EASA Forum02 December 2019Secretariat 
Conclusions - The 1st ICAO-EASA Forum.pdf02Conclusions - The 1st ICAO-EASA Forum (https://www.icao.int/APAC/Meetings/Pages/2018-ICAO-EASA-Forum.aspx)17 September 2019Secretariat 
BeijingMinisterialDeclaration.pdf03Declaration of Asia Pacific Ministerial Conference on Civil Aviation16 November 2019Secretariat 
1908.2991 ICAO Annual report_Final.pdf04ICAO Annual Safety Report 2019 Asia Pacific Region16 November 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(7)
Invitation Letter.pdf01Invitation Letter19 August 2019Secretariat 
Registration Form.pdf02Registration Form19 August 2019Secretariat 
Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Meeting Bulletin17 September 2019Secretariat 
2nd ICAO-EASA Forum Ha Long, Viet Nam, 19 November 2019, Biographies.pdf04Provisional Programme with Biographies18 November 2019Secretariat 
2nd ICAO-EASA Forum Final Programme 181119.pdf05Provisional Programme                                     Event Link for interactive questions: https://app.sli.do/event/xe75y07c/live/questions18 November 2019Secretariat 
List of participants 2nd ICAO EASA Forum 19 NOV 2019 vf.pdf06List of Participants02 December 2019Secretariat 
Group photo ICAO-EASA 2nd Forum 19 NOV 2019 VN.pdf07Group Photo02 December 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Session 1-Aviation Safety Planning-Enhancing Strategies and Objectives ‎(4)
1.1 ICAO A40 and GASP Outcomes - Mr. Catalin Radu.pdf01ICAO A40 and GASP Outcomes19 November 2019Mr. Catalin Radu (ICAO) 
1.2 European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) - Mr. Luc Tytgat.pdf02European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS)19 November 2019Mr. Luc Tytgat (EASA) 
1.3 Development of an Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Plan - Mr. Tay Tiang Guan.pdf03Development of an Asia Pacific Regional Aviation Safety Plan 19 November 2019Mr. Tay Tiang Guan (CAA Singapore) 
1.4 Development of National Aviation Safety Plans (NASP) - Dr. Paisit Herabut.pdf04Development of National Aviation Safety Plans (NASP)19 November 2019Dr. Paisit Herabut (CAA Thailand) 
collapse Category : 4-Session 2-Aviation Safety Oversight-Increasing Effective Implementation ‎(4)
2.1 Future of USOAP and GASOS - Mr. Catalin Radu.pdf01Future of USOAP and GASOS19 November 2019Mr. Catalin Radu (ICAO) 
2.2 Oversight and cooperation at regional level - Ms. Suzette Nieuwoudt.pdf02Oversight and cooperation at regional level19 November 2019Ms. Suzette Nieuwoudt (iSASO) 
2.3 Risk Based Surveillance - Capt. Jim Sydiongco.pdf03Risk Based Surveillance19 November 2019Capt. Jim Sydiongco (CAA Philippines) 
2.4 Aerodrome Certification - Mr. Yuliawan Nanang Atjat.pdf04Aerodrome Certification19 November 2019Mr. Yuliawan Nanang Atjat (DGCA Indonesia) 
collapse Category : 5-Session 3-Aviation Safety Management-Reducing Operational Risks ‎(4)
3.1 SSP and Safety Intelligence and Analysis - Mr. Santiago Haya-Leiva.pdf01State Safety Programmes (SSP) and Safety Intelligence and Analysis19 November 2019Mr. Santiago Haya-Leiva (EASA) 
3.2 Accident and Incident Investigation (AIG) - Capt. Yahaya Bin Abdul Rahman.pdf02Accident and Incident Investigation (AIG)19 November 2019Capt. Yahaya Bin Abdul Rahman (AAIB Malaysia) 
3.3 IATA Safety Initiatives - Mr. Gilberto Lopez Meyer.pdf03IATA Safety Initiatives19 November 2019Mr. Gilberto Lopez Meyer (IATA) 
3.4 Asia Pacific Safety Enhancement Initiatives - Mr. Hugues Laloe.pdf04Asia Pacific Safety Enhancement Initiatives19 November 2019Mr. Hugues Laloe (Airbus/Co-Chair RASG-APAC APRAST SEIs Group) 


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