​Seminar on Flight Inspection and Procedure Validation

(Bangkok, Thailand, 24 - 27 September 2019)

collapse Type Name : 2019 FIPV Seminar    ‎(45)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
Final Summary Report and Recommendations FIPV 2019.pdfReport on Outcome09 Oct. 2019Secretariat 
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AP053-19-CNS.pdf01Letter of Invitation6 May 2019Secretariat 
Attachment A - Provisional agenda.pdf02Attachment A - Provisional Agenda6 May 2019Secretariat 
Attachment B - Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Attachment B - Seminar Bulletin6 May 2019Secretariat 
Attachment C - Nomination Form.pdf04Attachment C - Registration/Nomination Form6 May 2019Secretariat 
FORMATTED CV of presenters in order.pdf05Biography of Presenters16 Oct. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Final List of participants as of 26 Sept. 2019.pdf06List of participants 27 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
Group photo.pdf07Group Photo25 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
Programme - 26 Sep 2019 R.pdf08Seminar Programme27 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 1: Overview of Today’s Flight Inspection ‎(3)
SP101 ICAO -  Flight Inspection in the Region with Appendix.pdfSP101Regional Activities25 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
SP102_ICAO - Overview of Today's flight inspection 10-09-19.pdfSP102Overview of Today’s Flight Inspection   09 Oct. 2019Liu Tong 
SP103 and 104 ICAO - Reiview of Annex 10 and Doc 8071.pdfSP103 & SP104Review of Annex 10 Criteria & Review of Doc 807123 Sept. 2019John Taylor 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 2: Experience on Flight Inspection ‎(12)
SP201 USA - FAA Flight Inspection.pdfSP201FAA Flight Inspection23 Sept. 2019Edward W. Mesa/FAA, USA  
SP202 Nepal - Challenges  in Flight Inspection of Radio-navigational Aids r2.pdfSP202Challenges in Flight Inspection of Radio-navigation Aids19 Sept. 2019Mukul Mishra/CAA, Nepal 
SP203 ROK - Flight Inspection for New CNS system and the Abnormal Case of VOR.pdfSP203Flight Inspection for New CNS System and the Abnormal Case of VOR23 Sept. 2019Sungnam Kang/ Flight Inspection Center, Republic of Korea  
SP204 India - Flight Inspection of instrument landing systems under multipath Environment-1.pdfSP204Flight Inspection of ILS under Multipath Environment23 Sept. 2019K. K. Sharma/AAI, India   
SP205 Singapore - Experience on Night Flight Inspection and ValidationJoint.pdfSP205Experience on Night Flight Inspection and Validation25 Sept. 2019Thomas Schachtner/On behalf of CAA Singapore & AeroPearl 
SP206 Japan - Introduction of Center Point RTX.pdfSP206Introduction of Center Point RTX and Resolution of Issues19 Sept. 2019Masaharu Nagahara/JCAB, Japan 
SP207 China - Flight Testing of GBAS.pdfSP207Flight Testing of GBAS                     23 Sept. 2019Song Xitong/Flight Inspection Center, China 
SP208 USA - GBAS Flight Inspection.pdfSP208GBAS Flight Inspection 23 Sept. 2019Edward W. Mesa/FAA, USA 
SP209 Aerodata - GBAS_GAST-D_Flight_Inspection_System.pdfSP209Flight Inspecting GBAS19 Sept. 2019Thorsten Heinke/Aerodata, Germany 
SP210 FCS - Flight Inspection at Night.pdfSP210Flight Inspection at Night23 Sept. 2019Thomas Wede/ FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH, Germany 
SP211 China - The flight inspection experience for ILS CAT III.pdfSP211The flight inspection experience for ILS CAT III23 Sept. 2019Zhang Jiayi/ZHANG Jiayi / 
SP212 HK China - Enhancing Efficiency of Flight Inspections in HKIA.pdfSP212Enhancing Efficiency of Flight Inspections in Hong Kong International Airport25 Sept. 2019Carl Yung/CAD, Hong Kong China 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 3: Calibration and Operation of ILS ‎(3)
SP301 Indra - Obtaining the correct ILS Glide Path Reference Datum Height.pdfSP301Obtaining the correct ILS Glide Path Reference Datum Height20 Sept. 2019Thor Breien /Indra 
SP302 AeroPearl - Quantitative Analysis of Error Sources in Flight Inspection Measurements.pdfSP302Quantitative Analysis of Error Sources in Flight Inspection Measurements 19 Sept. 2019Christopher Dean/AeroPearl 
SP303_AirfieldBrief - History of Flight Inspection System Technology.pdfSP303Brief History of Flight Inspection System Technology25 Sept. 2019Larry Brady/ Airfield Technology, USA 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 4: PBN Implementation and Procedure Validation ‎(10)
SP401 USA - Instrument Flight Procedure Validation V.2.pdfSP401Instrument Flight Procedure Validation25 Sept. 2019Jim Rose /FAA remotely 
SP402_APAC RSO - PBN Implementation and Procedure Validation_V1 1.pdfSP402Regional PBN implementation  and Procedure Validation 25 Sept. 2019Ha Huho, ICAO Regional Officer, RSO 
SP403 Australia - Flight Validation - The final QA check.pdfSP403Flight Validation – The Final QA Check    24 Sept. 2019Sophie Joshua /CASA, Australia  
SP404 China - Flight Validation.pdfSP404Flight validation  23 Sept. 2019Yu Yachao/Flight Inspection Center, China   
SP405 Aerodata - Flight Validation Using Cameras.pdfSP405Flight Validation and Obstacle Verification Using Cameras19 Sept. 2019Andreas Kleffmann/Aerodata, Germany 
SP406 France - GNSS RFI - F. Jacolot_ICAO_APAC_Seminar.pdfSP406Detection of GNSS Interferences and Assessment of Impact on PBN Instrument Flight Procedures26 Sept. 2019Florence Jacolot & Vincent Rocchia/DSNA, France 
SP407 Japan - Flight simulation tool for flight validation.pdfSP407Flight Verification Tool for Flight Validation19 Sept. 2019Atsushi Sakate/JCAB, Japan 
SP408 India - PBN Implementation and  Flight Validation.pdfSP408-APBN Implementation and Flight Validation19 Sept. 2019Debotosh Moitra/AAI, India 
SP408-B India - PBN implementation and flight valildation.pdfSP408-BDesigning, validation, approval & promulgation of Instrument flight procedures in India25 Sept. 2019Ravinder Singh Jamwal/DGCA, India 
SP409 FCS - Flight Validation of Intrument Flight Procedure.pdfSP409Flight Validation of Instrument Flight Procedure23 Sept. 2019Thomas Wede/ FCS Flight Calibration Services GmbH, Germany 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 5: Emerging Issues in Flight Inspection ‎(5)
SP501 BSA - Flight Inspecetion Technologies in New Era REV.pdfSP501Flight Inspection Technologies in New Era 27 Sept. 2019Wang Yongchao/Beijing Sky Aviation, China 
SP502 Aerodata - Experiences in Performing Flight Inspection with Rotary Wing Aircraft.pdfSP502Experience in Performing Flight Inspection with Rotary Wing Aircraft19 Sept. 2019Andreas Kleffmann/Aerodata, Germany 
SP503 CASRI - Improve Flight Inspection efficiency by simulation and online test REV5.pdfSP503Simulation Analysis and Improved F/I Efficiency20 Sept. 2019Liang Fei/CAAC Second Research Institute 
SP504 Aerodata - ADS-B and Functions for Flight Inspection.pdfSP504ADS-B Flight Experiences in Flight Inspection19 Sept. 2019Thorsten Heinke/Aerodata, Germany 
SP505 NSM - Technology developments in new generation Flight Inspection Systems.pdfSP505Second Generation Flight Inspection System25 Sept. 2019Per Anders Johnsen/Norwegian Special Mission AS 
collapse Category : Agenda Item 6: Regulator’s Perspective and Safety Oversight ‎(2)
SP601 China - Quality Management System of ISOIEC 17025 and Uncertainty Evaluation in CFIC.pdfSP601Quality Management of Flight Inspection 23 Sept. 2019Song Xitong/Flight Inspection Center, China  
SP602 ICAO - Safety Oversight and USOAP.pdfSP602Safety Oversight & USOAP23 Sept. 2019John Taylor 
collapse Category : Flimsy ‎(1)
Flimsy 01 ICASC Brief.pdfFlimsy 01ICASC Brief27 Sept. 2019ICASC 


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