EU South Asia Aviation Partnership Project (EU-SA APP) AIS – AIM Workshop

(Bangkok, Thailand, 17 – 19 June 2019)

collapse Type Name : 2019 EASA AIS-AIM SA ‎(23)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(2)
Provisional Programme.pdf01Provisional Programme17 June 2019Secretariat 
Group Photo.jpg02Group Photo17 June 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(21)
SP01 EU-South Asia Aviation Partnership Project.pdfSP01EU-South Asia Aviation Partnership Project 16 June 2019EASA 
SP02 Workshop Objectives, Expectations and Administration.pdfSP02Workshop Objectives, Expectations and Administration17 June 2019EASA 
SP03 ICAO Perspectives on AIM.PDFSP03ICAO Perspectives on AIM16 June 2019ICAO 
SP04 Introduction to AIM.PDFSP04Introduction to AIM16 June 2019EASA 
SP05 ICAO Documentation - Latest AIM Developments.pdfSP05ICAO Documentation – Latest AIM Developments 16 June 2019ICAO 
SP06 ICAO Go-Team Process - Implementation Support for AIM.PDFSP06ICAO Go-Team Process – Implementation Support 16 June 2019ICAO 
SP07 QMS in South Asia - Problem Statement.pdfSP07QMS in South Asia – Problem Statement16 June 2019ICAO 
SP08 QMS for AIM - Part 1.pdfSP08QMS for AIM – Part 1 16 June 2019EASA 
SP09 QMS for AIM - Part 2.pdfSP09QMS for AIM – Part 216 June 2019EASA 
SP10 QMS for AIM - Part 3.pdfSP10QMS for AIM - Part 317 June 2019EASA 
SP11 QMS for AIM - Part 4 (update).pdfSP11QMS for AIM - Part 419 June 2019EASA 
SP12 Aeronautical Data Quality in South Asia - Problem Statement.pdfSP12Aeronautical Data Quality in South Asia - Problem Statement17 June 2019ICAO  
SP13 Aeronautical Information Digital Environment - Problems and Solutions.pdfSP13Aeronautical Information Digital Environment - Problems and Solutions17 June 2019EASA 
SP14 Future Evolutions in Aeronautical Information.pdfSP14Future Evolutions in Aeronautical Information17 June 2019EASA 
SP15 ICAO Perspective - AIM Training in South Asia.pdfSP15ICAO Perspective - AIM Training in South Asia17 June 2019ICAO  
SP16 Aeronautical Information Training.pdfSP16Aeronautical Information Training17 June 2019EASA 
SP17 Training for AIM (in skeyes).pdfSP17Training for AIM (in skeyes)17 June 2019EASA 
SP18 Template - Publication Checklist.xlsxSP18Template - Publication Checklist17 June 2019EASA 
SP19 Template - Weekly AIM Management Meeting Report.docxSP19Template - Weekly AIM Management Meeting Report17 June 2019EASA 
SP20 Template - Half-yearly AIM Management Review Meeting Report.docxSP20Template - Half-yearly AIM Management Review Meeting Report17 June 2019EASA 
SP21 AIM Training Overview (update).pdfSP21AIM Training Organization Overview19 June 2019EASA 


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