(Jakarta Kemayoran, Indonesia, 26 – 29 November 2019)

collapse Type Name : 2019 COSCAP-SEA iMPLEMENT and iSTARS ‎(9)
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(9)
Invitation - iMPLEMENT and iSTARS Workshop 26-29 NOV 2019 BKK.pdf01Invitation16 SEPT 2019COSCAP-SEA 
Letter COSCAP-SEA iMPLEMENT iSTARS Workshop 26-29 NOV 2019.pdf02Letter of Invitation13 NOV 2019COSCAP-SEA 
Attachment B - Programme update.pdf03Programme update13 NOV 2019COSCAP-SEA 
Attachment C - Registration Form update.docx04Registration update13 NOV 2019COSCAP-SEA 
Holiday Inn Hotel Information (DGCA rate 2019).pdf05Venue hotel reservation form15 NOV 2019COSCAP-SEA 
IMG-20200423-WA0000.jpg06Group Photo - iMPLEMENT & iSTARS24 APR 2020COSCAP-SEA 
List of Participants iMPLEMENT and iSTAR Workshop Jakarta - Final update 27 Nov.pdf07List of participants - iMPLEMENT & iSTARS24 APR 2020COSCAP-SEA 
IMG-20200423-WA0001.jpg08Group Photo - Manpower Planning24 APR 2020COSCAP-SEA 
List of Partcipants Manpower Planning workshop for CASI Jakarta 2-6 Dec 2019 Final update 4 Dec 2019.pdf09List of participants - Manpower Planning24 APR 2020COSCAP-SEA 
collapse Type Name : 2019 COSCAP-SEA iSTARS ‎(29)
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(14)
ABBB18_Full report_web.pdf01Aviation Benefits Beyond Border12 MAR 2020ICAO 
AVIATION-BENEFITS-2019-checklist-web (2).pdf02Aviation Benefits Check List12 MAR 2020ICAO 
AVIATION-BENEFITS-2019-web.pdf03Aviation Benefits Report12 MAR 2020ICAO 
ICAO_National_Aviation_Planning_Framework_2019 (2).pdf04ICAO National Aviation Planning Framework12 MAR 2020ICAO 
9859_cons_en.pdf05ICAO Doc 985912 MAR 2020ICAO 
an19_cons.pdf06ICAO Annex 1912 MAR2020ICAO 
Familiarization guide - Risk based Surveillance app.pdf07Familiarization Guide with the RBS application12 MAR 2020ICAO 
SESSION 5_SSP implementation planning SMCBW.pdf08Safety Management Capacity Building Workshop12 MAR 2020ICAO 
8335_cons_en.pdf09ICAO Doc 833512 MAR 2020ICAO 
9379_cons_en.pdf10ICAO Doc 937912 MAR 2020ICAO 
9734_parta_cons_en.pdf11ICAO Doc 9734 Part A12 MAR 2020ICAO 
9756_p1_cons_en.pdf12ICAO Doc 9756 Part I12 MAR 2020ICAO 
9760_cons_en.pdf13ICAO Doc 976012 MAR 2020ICAO 
10070_unedited_en.pdf14ICAO Doc 1007012 MAR 2020ICAO 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(15)
1Opening_Session.pdf01iSTARS iMPLEMENT Workshop12 MAR 2020ICAO 
2Module_1_Fundamentals_D3M.pdf02Fundamentals of Data-driven Decision Making12 MAR 2020ICAO 
3Module_2_D3M_Process.pdf03The Process of Collecting and Analyzing Data12 MAR 2020ICAO 
4Module_3_iSTARS_iMPLEMENT.pdf04Overview of iMPLEMENT and related iSTARS apps.12 MAR 2020ICAO 
5Module_4_Economic_Benefits.pdf05Economics Benefits of Air Transportation12 MAR 2020ICAO 
6Module_5_Safety_Assessment.pdf06Assessing Safety Situation12 MAR 2020ICAO 
7Module_6_Solving_the_Puzzle.pdf07Solving the Puzzle12 MAR 2020ICAO 
8Module_7_Getting_Help.pdf08Getting Help or Utilizing Resources Efficiently12 MAR 2020ICAO 
9Module_8_Closing_Session.pdf09Review of Final Discussion12 MAR 2020ICAO 
1Opening_Session CASI.pdf10CASI Manpower Planning Workshop12 MAR 2020ICAO & CAAT 
2Module_1_Background_Information.pdf11Background Information Reference to Doc 1007012 MAR 2020ICAO 
3Module_2_ICAO_initiatives.pdf12ICAO Initiatives12 MAR 2020ICAO 
4Module_3_Indonesia_data.pdf13What does the data tell us ?12 MAR 2020ICAO 
5Module_4_Manpower_Planning_tool.pdf14Manpower Planning Tool and Methodology12 MAR 2020ICAO 
6UPDATED_Module_5_CASI_Manpower_Report.pdf15CASI Manpower Report Excercise12 MAR 2020ICAO 


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