State Safety Oversight System Competency and Effectiveness Workshop
(ICAO Asia and Pacific Regional Office​, Bangkok, Thailand, 17 – 19 July 2019)

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Invitation COSCAP-SEA State Safety Oversight System Competency and Effectiveness Workshop 17-19 July 2019.pdf01Invitation4 April 2019COSCAP-SEA 
Attachment B - Registration Form vfrev.docx02Registration4 April 2019COSCAP-SEA 
List of participants SSOS Workshop 17-19 JUL 2019 BKKvf.pdf03List of participants18 July 2019COSCAP-SEA 
Group photo SSOS Workshop 17-19 JUL 2019 BKK.jpg04Group photo18 July 2019COSCAP-SEA 
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State Safety Oversight System Competency and Effectiveness Workshop - opening -updated.pdf01State Safety Oversight System Competency and Effectiveness Workshop12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE1 - primary legislation updated.pdf02Primary Aviation Legislation12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE2 - 8 - Safety management - updated.pdf03Safety Management12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE2 - EFOD compliance record (difference filing) - updated.pdf04EFOD Compliance Record12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE2 - specific operating regulations - updated.pdf05Specific Operation Regulation12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE3 - code of ethics updated.pdf06Code of Ethics for CASIs12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE3 - recruit and retain technical personnel updated.pdf07Recruiting and Retaining CASIs12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE3 -optimal organizational structure updated.pdf08Optimal Organizatinal Structure12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE4 - Establishing and managing an ICAO compliant training system updated.pdf09Establishing and Managing an ICAO Compliant Training System12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE4 - Establishing in house training capabilities updated.pdf10Establish In House Training Capacities12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE5 - guidance material  CAA website updated.pdf11Guidance Mateiral and CAA Website12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE6 - Certification in the various domains - updated.pdf12Certification in the Various Domaining12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE6 -Document filing system -updated.pdf13Document Filing System12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE7 - the annual surveillance program - updated.pdf14The Annual Surveillance Program12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE8 - resolution of safety issues - updated.pdf15Resolution of Safety Issues12 MAR 2020CAAI 
CE8 - significant enforcement actions - updated.pdf16Significant Enforcement Actions12 MAR 2020CAAI 
closing remarks - updated.pdf17The Road to a Competent Authority12 MAR 2020CAAI 


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