​Twenty-third Meeting of the Communications/Navigation and Surveillance Sub-group of APANPIRG

(Bangkok, Thailand, 2-6 September 2019)

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Fina Report CNS SG23_Rev.pdf 
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Final Report CNS SG23_Rev.pdfFinal Report28 Mar. 2022Secretariat 
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AP042-19-CNS.pdf01Letter of invitation30 May 2019Secretariat 
AP042 - Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda.pdf02Attachment 1 - Provisional Agenda30 May 2019Secretariat 
AP042 - Attachment 2- Meeting Bulletin.pdf03Attachment 2 - Meeting Bulletin30 May 2019Secretariat 
AP042 - Attachment 3 - Nomination Form.pdf04Attachment 3 - Nomination Form30 May 2019Secretariat 
WP-IP template.docx05WP-IP Template30 May 2019Secretariat 
Tentative Programme  3-09-19.pdf06Tentative Programme - Revised03 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
Attachment 1 - Final List of participants.pdf07List of participants09 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
Group photo.pdf08Group photo02 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
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WP01_ICAO - Provisional Agenda.pdfWP/01Provisional Agenda14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP02_ICAO AI.2 - Review Relevant Action Items of DGCA Conf55 on CNS.pdfWP/02Relevant Action Items of 55th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP03_China AI4.1 - Update of Aeromacs and specification.pdfWP/03Update of Aeromacs Application and Specification in China26 Aug. 2019China 
WP04_ICAO AI.2 - Review of Outcome of APANPIRG29 on CNS related matters.pdfWP/04Review of APANPIRG/29 Action Plan on CNS Related Conclusions14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP05_ICAO AI.3.1 - Review Report of ACSICG6_Rev.pdfWP/05Review Report of the Sixth Meeting of the Aeronautical Communication Services Implementation Coordination Group (ACSICG/6)28 Mar. 2022Chairman of ACSICG 
WP06_ICAO AI.3.2 - Review Reort of APA TF 5.pdfWP/06Review the Report of the Fifth Meeting of AIDC Implementation Task Force01 Sept. 2019Co-chair of the APA TF 
WP07_ICAO AI.6.1 - Review report of SURICG4.pdfWP/07Review Report of the Fourth Meeting of the  Surveillance Implementation Coordination Group (SURICG/4)14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP08_ICAO AI.8 - Reivew CNS Deficiencies.pdfWP/08Review Status of CNS Deficiencies14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP09_ICAO AI.10 - ANSP Cybersecurity Requirements rev.pdfWP/09Cybersecurity Requirements for Air Navigation Service Providers14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP10_ICAO AI.3.3 - Review outcome of SWIM TF3.pdfWP/10Review Report of the Third Meeting of the Asia-Pacific SWIM Task Force (SWIMTF/3)  14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP11_ICAO AI.5.1 Outcomes of PBNICG6.pdfWP/11Review Report of PBNICG/6 Meeting14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP12_ICAO AI.4.2 - Outcome of APG19-4 and 5 rev.pdfWP/12Review the Regional Preparatory Activities for WRC-201919 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP13_ICAO AI.2 - ATMSG7 Outcomes.pdfWP/13ATM/SG/7 Outcomes22 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP14_ICAO AI.7 - Seamless ATM Plan update - 2nd Revised.pdfWP/14Seamless ATM Plan Update30 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP15_China AI4.1  Initial 4D Flight Trials Evaluation.pdfWP/15China Initial 4D Flight Trial Evaluation22 Aug. 2019China 
WP16_China AI6.3  SUGGESTIONS ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF ATM AUTOMATION SYSTEM.pdfWP/16Suggestions on the Development of ATM Automation System22 Aug. 2019China 
WP17_India AI4.3 on Radio Frequency intereference by LED products.pdfWP/17Potential Interference to Aeronautical Spectrum from LED Products22 Aug. 2019India 
WP18_India_AI11 - Contengency arrangement for cyclone peparedness.pdfWP/18Cyclone Preparedness and Response Guidance for Operation and Maintenance Management of CNS/ATM Automation and Ancillary Systems30 Aug. 2019India 
WP19_IFATSEA AI9 STRESS AND FATIGUE TO ATSEP AND NEED TO ADDRESS HUMAN FACTOR.pdfWP/19Factors Adding Stress and Fatigue to ATSEP and the Need for a Study to Address the Human Factor Issues of ATSEP (MS Word)22 Aug. 2019IFATSEA 
WP20_Nepal AI6.4 Challenges to Implement MSAW Revised.pdfWP/20Challenges Faced in Effectively Implementing MSAW in Nepal’s Airspace30 Aug. 2019Nepal 
WP21_HK China_AI5_GBAS Deployment - 20190813_v6.pdfWP/21Feasibility Assessment for Implementing Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS)27 Aug. 2019Hong Kong, China 
WP22 HKG THA -AI6_ ATS Surveillance and DCPC Coverage Charts for APAC v5a-2nd Rev.pdfWP/22ATS Surveillance and Direct Controller and Pilot Communication VHF Coverage Charts for APAC Region30 Aug. 2019Hong Kong, China and Thailand 
WP23_ICAO AI.2 - Review relevant outcome of  DGCA Conf56.pdfWP/23Relevant Action Items of 56th Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation27 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
WP24_ICAO AI5.1 - Contingency Measures for Regional Chart Transition Plan_V0 5.pdfWP/24Proposed Contingency Measure for the Regional Transition Plan for RNP APACH Chart Identification29 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
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IP01_ICAO - Meeting Bulletin - Revised.pdfIP/01Meeting Bulletin14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP02_ICAO AI.6.2 - Review Outcome of Aeronautical Surveillance Workshop.pdfIP/02Review Outcome of the Workshop on Aeronautical Surveillance Systems14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP03_ICAO AI.6.3 - Review Outcome of ATM Automation Systems Symposium.pdfIP/03Review Outcome of the ICAO Asia Pacific Regional ATM Automation System Symposium  14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP04_ICAO AI.5.5 - Seminar on Flight Inspection and Procedure Validation.pdfIP/04ICAO Seminar on Flight Inspection and Procedure Validation 24 - 27 September 2019, Bangkok14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP05_ICAO AI.10 - Cyber Security relevant to CRV -r.pdfIP/05Relevant Information to the Implementation of Common Aeronautical VPN (CRV) on Cyber Security29 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP06_ICAO AI.5.4 - Outcome of GBAS SBAS Implementation Workshop.pdfIP/06Outcome of the GBAS/SBAS Implementation Workshop14 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP07_ICAO AI.2 - Outcome of ANC13 on CNS.pdfIP/07Outcome of ANC/1322 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP08_ICAO AI.10.1 - Outcome of Blockchain summit revised.pdfIP/08Outcome of ICAO Blockchain Aviation Summit and Exhibition04 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
IP09_ICAO AI.7 - GANP Study Group.pdfIP/09Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP) Study Group26 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP10_ICAO AI.4.3 - Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements for Civil Aviation.pdfIP/10Handbook on Radio Frequency Spectrum Requirements for Civil Aviation (Doc 9718, Volume II)22 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP11_India AI10 -cyber security for CNS ATM Systems.pdfIP/11Information Security Implementation for CNS/ATM Systems in India22 Aug. 2019India 
IP12_India AI11-Redundency Configuration for new ATM Systems Revised.pdfIP/12Transition Plan of CNS/ATM Facilities with System Architecture Supporting Redundancy at New ATC Tower and ACC at IGIA New Delhi03 Sept. 2019India 
IP13_China AI5.3 Introduction to the operation of GBAS ground station in Tianjin Binhai International Airport.pdfIP/13The Operation Test of GBAS Station at Tianjin Binhai International Airport22 Aug. 2019China 
IP14_China AI5.3 Research on GBAS Ionospheric Model of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.pdfIP/14Engineering Test of GBAS Ionospheric Model at Low Latitude Area in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport22 Aug. 2019China 
IP15-China AI5.5 Progresses of BDS development and standardization work in ICAO - Rev.pdfIP/15Progresses of BDS Development and Standardization Work in ICAO03 Sept. 2019China 
IP16-China AI5.5 RPAS based flight inspection in China.pdfIP/16RPAS - based Flight Inspection in China22 Aug. 2019China 
IP17_Fiji AI9 - ATSEP TRAINING and LICENSING with Huam Factor.pdfIP/17ATSEP Training and Licensing in Fiji22 Aug. 2019Fiji 
IP18_ICAO AI2 - Briefing outcome of APANPIRG-RASG Coordination meeting.pdfIP/18Outcome of Sixth Coordination Meeting of APANPIRG and RASG-APAC27 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP19_Japan_AI3.3_TRANSIT to SWIM _ Common benefit to APAC Region.pdfIP/19Transition to SWIM - Common Benefit to APAC Region26 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP20_Japan AI5.1 - GBAS update_r1.pdfIP/20GBAS Status Update in Japan30 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP21_Japan_AI5.5 - MSAS Updates.pdfIP/21SBAS Status Update in Japan26 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP22_Japan_AI6.4_ Efforts on A-SMGCS.pdfIP/22Japan’s Effort to A-SMGCS: Data-driven and Simulation-based Research Activities on Airport Surface Traffic Flow26 Apr. 2019Japan 
IP23_Japan_AI7.2_Future ATS -CARATS Long Term Visioin.pdfIP/23The Long-term Vision for the Future Air Traffic Systems of Japan (CARATS)30 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP24_Japan AI9_Training of ATSEP Revised.pdfIP/24Introduction of Training  for ATSEP in Japan28 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP25_USA AI3.4 - IWXXM Distibution over AMHS.pdfIP/25IWXXM Distribution over AMHS Coordination26 Aug. 2019USA 
IP26_ICAO AI5.2 - Outcome of the PBN Workshop for ATCO_V0 2.pdfIP/26Outcomes of the PBN Workshop for Air Traffic Controllers27 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP27_HK China_AI11_Digital TWR - Remote TWR_V4.pdfIP/27Trial on Digital Tower Technologies at the Hong Kong International Airport27 Aug. 2019Hong Kong, China 
IP28 - HK China_AI5_GBAS Global Deployment - 20190826_V2.pdfIP/28Global Development of Ground-Based Augmentation System (GBAS)27 Aug. 2019Hong Kong, China 
IP29_Mongolia_AI3_ IP based AFS and RCAG in Mongolia.pdfIP/29Local VPN Network Implementation Planning for Air Navigation Services in Mongolia27 Aug. 2019Mongolia 
IP30_ICAO AI.7 - Annex 10 updates on RPAS C2 Link.pdfIP/30Annex 10 Volume V and VI on RPAS C2 Link27 Aug. 2019Secretariat 
IP31_Japan AI5.5 - GBAS iono threat model_Final 2.pdfIP/31Update on the GBAS Ionosphere Threat Model Improvement in Japan28 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP32_Japan AI5.5 - VHF Anomalous propagation_Final 2.pdfIP/32Anomalous Propagation of VOR/ILS LOC by Sporadic E Layer28 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP33_Japan AI4.3 - Termination of AMS-R_S Service by MTSAT.pdfIP/33Termination of AMS(R)S Service by MTSAT28 Aug. 2019Japan 
IP34_Indonesia AI6 - Surveillance Update.pdfIP/34Indonesia Surveillance Update28 Aug. 2019Indonesia 
IP35_ROK AI9 - ATSEP Training for Safety Facilities.pdfIP/35ATSEP Training for Maintenance Providers for Navigation Safety Facilities29 Aug. 2019Republic of Korea 
IP36_Singapore AI4.3 - Update on Space-based VHF.pdfIP/36Update on Space-based VHF Communications29 Aug. 2019Singapore 
IP37_USA IA4_ Air to Groubd IPS Development Status PPT only.pdfIP/37Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) Progress29 Aug. 2019USA 
IP38_AUS AI5 - RNP Chart Identification.pdfIP/38Transition Planning for Change to Instrument Flight Procedure Approach Chart Identification from RNAV to RNP30 Aug. 2019Australia 
IP39_AUS AI5.5 - SBAS Programme.pdfIP/38Australian SBAS Programme30 Aug. 2019Australia 
IP40_Philippine AI.11 - Transition to New CNS-ATM Systems.pdfIP/40Philippines Transition to New CNS/ATM Systems01 Sept. 2019Philippines 
IP41_Philippines AI.9 - CBT Licensing REV.pdfIP/41Competency Assessment: ATSEP Licensing (MS Word)05 Sept. 2019Philippines 
IP41 CBT Licensing Presentation.pdfIP/41IP/41 - Power Point Presentation05 Sept. 2019Philippines 
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Flimsy01_Singapor AI7.3 - Guidance Certification and Procedures of CNS-ATM Systems Rev.4.pdfFlimsy/01Draft Guidance for Certification, Procurement and Implementation Procedures of CNS/ATM Systems06 Sept. 2019Singapore 
Flimsy02_TOR for APAC GBAS SBAS ITF_V0 1.pdfFlimsy/02ToR of GBAS and SBAS Implementation Task Force 05 Sept. 2019Secretariat 
Flimsy 3_Draft Decision for Establishing ATM Automation System TF for endorsement by CNS SG23_V1.pdfFlimsy/03ToR of  ATMAS 05 Sept. 2019Secretariat 

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