​Joint ICAO/IATA Airport and Air Navigation Charges Workshop

(Singapore, 29 - 30 October 2019)

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AP093-19 (ATM) Joint ICAO IATA Airport and Air Navigation Charges Workshop (Singapore 29  30 October 2019).pdf01Invitation Letter19 September 2019Secretariat 
Meeting Bulletin_ICAO IATA User Charges Workshop.pdf02Meeting Bulletin20 September 2019Secretariat 
Provisional Agenda - Revised.pdf03 - RevisedProvisional Agenda29 October 2019Secretariat 
Charges Workshop Group Photo.JPG04Group Photo31 October 2019Secretariat 
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1_ICAO_Economic Overview.pdf01Economic Overview and Value of Aviation29 October 2019ICAO 
2_IATA_State of the Industry.PPTX.PDF02State of the Industry29 October 2019IATA 
3_ACI_Singapore_Airport_Economics_State_of_the_industry.pdf03Airport Economics and State of the Industry29 October 2019ACI 
4_ICAO_ICAOs Policies on Charges.pdf04ICAO's Policies on Charges29 October 2019ICAO 
5_Qatar Airways_IATA 1 Ver2.pdf05Airline Perspective Air Navigation Charges29 October 2019Qatar Airways 
6_ACI_Singapore_Economic_Regulation.pdf06The Economic Oversight of the Airports29 October 2019ACI 
7_CANSO_Performance Based Service Provider.pdf07Performance based Service Provider29 October 2019CANSO 
8_ACI_Singapore_Customer_Centric_Approach_ASQ.PDF08Moving Towards a Customer Centric Approach29 October 2019ACI 
9_Qatar Airways_Customer_Centric Approach.pdf09Customer Centric Approach29 October 2019Qatar Airways 
10_MavComm_Airport QoS.PDF10Airport Quality of Service (QoS)30 October 2019Malaysia Aviation Commission 
11_ICAO_Aero Tariff demo.pdf11Aero Tariffs Demo30 October 2019ICAO 
12_IATA_Equilibrium_Oct20.pdf12Equilibrium30 October 2019IATA 
13_ICAO-IATA Workshop Taxes presentation.pdf13Taxation30 October 2019IATA 
14_ICAO_Pacific Small Islands Developing States Aviation Needs Analysis.pdf14Pacific Small Islands Developing States Aviation Needs Analysis30 October 2019ICAO 
15_ICAO Joint Financing Agreements.pdf15Joint Financing Agreements30 October 2019ICAO 
16_IATA_Concept of Building Blocks in Aviation Charges.pdf16Concept of Building Blocks in Aviation Charges30 October 2019IATA 
17_CAG_Funding Airport Infrastructure - A Case Study of Changi East.pdf17Funding Airport Infrastructure - A Case Study of Changi East30 October 2019Changi Airport Group 
Charges Workshop Wrap-up.pdf18Wrap-up31 October 2019ICAO and IATA 

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