​Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) Workshop on Capacity/Demand Analysis

(Bangkok, Thailand, 18 - 20 November 2019)

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AP081_19 ICAO Invitation ATFM Workshop (18-20Nov2019, Bangkok, Thailand).pdf01AP081_19 ICAO Invitation ATFM Workshop (18-20Nov2019, Bangkok, Thailand)19 August 2019Secretariat-RSO 
Attachment A - Outline of the workshop.pdf02Attachment A - Outline of the workshop19 August 2019Secretariat-RSO 
Attachment B - Tentative Workshop Programme.pdf03Attachment B - Tentative Workshop Programme19 August 2019Secretariat-RSO 
Attachment C - Registration Form.docx04Attachment C -Registration Form19 August 2019Secretariat-RSO 
Workshop Bulletin (REVISED).pdf05Workshop Bulletin (REVISED)21 October 2019Secretariat-RSO 
Participants List_BKK_v1.5 - Update as of 20-11-19.pdf06List of participants (Please verify/correct your contact details by email to bsirapongkosit@icao.int20 November 2019Secretariat-RSO 
Program outline  - revised.pdf07Programme Outline (Revised)19 November 2019Secretariat-RSO 
group photo.pdf08Group photo19 November 2019Secretariat-RSO 
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SP01 ATFM Implementation - ICAO.pdfSP01ATFM Implementation18 November 2019Secretariat-RSO 
SP02 ATFM Implementation From IATAs Perspective - IATA.pdfSP02ATFM Implementation from IATA's Perspective18 November 2019IATA 
SP04 Airspace Capacity Building - ICAO.pdfSP04Airspace Capacity Building18 November 2019Secretariat-RSO 
SP05 Capacity Enhancement_AUs Expectations - IATA.pdfSP05Capacity Enhancement - Airspace Users Expectations18 November 2019IATA 
SP06 FLAS_FLOS Operation in KK FIR - Malaysia.pdfSP06Implementation/Challenges of Mix of FLOS/FLAS & Upgrading Work of CNS/ATM in KK FIR18 November 2019Malaysia 
SP07 Dynamic Sectorization - Mongolia.pdfSP07ATS SECTOR PLAN18 November 2019Mongolia 
SP08 Application of Separation Standards - ICAO.pdfSP08ATFM Workshop on Capacity/Demand Analysis18 November 2019Secretariat-RSO 
SP09 Capacity Determination - ICAO.pdfSP09Capacity Determination20 November 2019Secretariat-RSO 
SP10 Capacity Assessment - Hong Kong China.pdfSP10Capacity Assessment20 November 2019Hong Kong, China 
SP11 Capacity Assessment - Singapore.pdfSP11Capacity Assessment20 November 2019Singapore 
SP12 Soekarno Hatta Airport Runway Capacity Measurement - Indonesia.pdfSP12Soekarno Hatta Airport Runway Capacity Measurement20 November 2019Indonesia (AirNav) 
SP13 AEROTHAI experience on capacity assessment - Thailand.pdfSP13Aerothai's Experience : Sector Capacity Assessment20 November 2019Thailand (Aerothai) 
SP14 Capacity Assessment - CANSO.pdfSP14Capacity Assessment20 November 2019CANSO 
SP15 Sector capacity - Mongolia.pdfSP15Sector Capacity20 November 2019Mongolia 
SP16 Thailand Demand Analysis - Thailand.pdfSP16Thailand Air Traffic Demand Analysis20 November 2019Thailand 
SP17 CAAS Demand Assessment - Singapore.pdfSP17Demand Assessment20 November 2019Singapore 
SP18 Demand Assessment - Hong Kong China.pdfSP18Demand Assessment20 November 2019Hong Kong, China 
SP19  Meteorological Requirements for Air Traffic Flow Management- Australia.pdfSP19Meteorological Requirements for Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM)21 November 2019Australia 
SP20 JMA_Meteorological Information for Supporting ATFM - Japan.pdfSP20Meteorological Information for Supporting ATFM21 November 2019Japan 
SP21 MET-ATM Collaboration in Singapore - Singapore.pdfSP21MET-ATM Collaboration in Singapore21 November 2019Singapore 
SP22 Operational Capacity Management - Hong Kong China.pdfSP22Operational Capacity Management21 November 2019Hong Kong, China 


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