​Seventh Meeting of the Asia Pacific Accident Investigation Group

(Putrajaya, Malaysia, 22 to 23 July 2019)

collapse Type Name : 2019 APAC-AIG7 ‎(35)
collapse Category : 1-Report ‎(1)
APAC AIG 7 Record of Discussions and Conclusions - Final.pdfRecord of Discussions and Conclusions 31 July 2019 
collapse Category : 2-General Information ‎(8)
group1.JPGGroup Photo 
group1.pdfGroup photo 
APAC-AIG7 - Meeting Programme R_3.pdf-Meeting Programme (revision 3) 
AP060-19-FS - APAC-AIG7 and Workshop.pdf01Invitation Letter12 July 2019Secretariat 
AP060-19-FS Attachment A - Agenda.pdf02Provisional Agenda12 July 2019Secretariat 
AP060-19-FS Attachment B - Workshop Outline.pdf03Workshop Outline12 July 2019Secretariat 
AP060-19-FS Attachment C - Registration Form.docx04Registration Form12 July 2019Secretariat 
AP060-19-FS Attachment D - Meeting Bulletin.pdf05Meeting Bulletin12 July 2019Secretariat 
collapse Category : 3-Working Papers ‎(15)
AIG7-WP-01 AI_0 - [SEC] Adoption of Agenda.pdfWP/01Adoption of Agenda17 July 2019Secretariat 
AIG7-WP-02 AI_1 - [Chairman] Update on APAC-AIG activities.pdfWP/02Update on APAC-AIG Activities19 July 2019Chairman APAC-AIG 
AIG7-WP-03 AI_1 - [Chairman] Nomination of AIG contact person.pdfWP/03Nomination of AIG Contact Person18 July 2019Chairman APAC-AIG 
AIG7-WP-04 AI_2 - [SEC] Beijing Declaration on independent accident investigation authority commitement_edited.pdfWP/04Reiterating Beijing Declaration: Establishment of Independent Accident Investigation Authority18 July 2019Secretariat 
AIG7-WP-05 AI_3 - [SIN] Attachement to NTSB Atlas Air Investigation FINAL.pdfWP/05TSIB Attachment TO NTSB Atlas Air 3591 Investigation18 July 2019Singapore 
AIG7-WP-06 AI_3 - [SIN] E-Jet Aircraft System Training FINAL.pdfWP/06E-Jets Aircraft Systems Familiarisation Training for Investigators18 July 2019Singapore 
AIG7-WP-07 AI_2 - [Australia] Risk classification of serious incidents.pdfWP/07Amendment 17 to Annex 1319 July 2019Australia 
AIG7-WP-08 AI_4 - [SIN] TSIB Participation in JT610 Investsigation (Final).pdfWP/08TSIB’s Participation in Lion Air JT610 Investigation18 July 2019Singapore 
AIG7-WP-09 AI_6 - [BGD] ANNEX 13.pdfWP/09Amendment to Standard 6.3 of Annex 13 Regarding Comments on the Draft Final Report of Investigation18 July 2019Bangladesh 
AIG7-WP-10 AI_2 - [SEC] CAT Programme.pdfWP/10ICAO APAC Combined Action Team Technical Assistance Programme19 July 2019Secretariat 
AIG7-WP-11 AI_3 - [SIN] TSIB New equipment FINAL.pdfWP/11Using Technology to Improve Field Investigation Processes19 July 2019Singapore 
AIG7-WP-12 AI_3 - [MAL] AAIB Malaysia Flight Recorder Laboratory.pdfWP/12Introduction To Flight Recorder Laboratory Aaib Malaysia18 July 2019Malaysia 
AIG7-WP-13 AI_5 - [Chairman] Updates to Work Plan.pdfWP/13Updates to Work Plan18 July 2019Chairman APAC-AIG 
AIG7-WP-15 AI_6 - [SIN] Updating of Accident Investigation Authorities on ICAO Website.pdfWP/15Update of Accident Investigation Authority Contact Information to ICAOSingapore 
AIG7-WP-16 AI_4Final - [INS] Sharing of Experience from Recent Sea Search Operation.pdfWP/16Sharing of experience from a recent sea search operationIndonesia 
collapse Category : 4-Information Papers ‎(8)
IP-01 AI_0 - [SEC] List of Papers R_1.pdfIP/01 (revision 1)List of PapersSecretariat 
IP-02 AI_2 - [SIN]  AIGP 5 Meeting_Final.pdfIP/02Fifth Meeting of the ICAO Accident Investigation Panel (AIGP)18 July 2019Singapore 
IP-03 AI_3 - [SIN] 4th International Accident Investigation Forum FINAL.pdfIP/03Fourth International Accident Investigation Forum18 July 2019Singapore 
IP-04 AI_3 - [SEC_SIN] ICAO presentations at 4th IAI Forum.pdfIP/04ICAO Presentations at 4th International Accident Investigation Forum18 July 2019Secretariat and supported by Singapore 
IP-05 AI_3 - [SIN] RR training in Singapore FINAL.pdfIP/05Large Gas Turbine Familiarisation Course for Safety Investigation Authorities18 July 2019Singapore 
IP-06 AI_3 - [CPR] Shanghai, Hongqiao Airport Runway Incursion.pdfIP/06CAAC Investigation into a Runway Incursion Incident18 July 2019China 
IP-07 AI_4 - [AUS and MYA] Australia-Myanmar regional cooperation.pdfIP/07Australia-Myanmar regional cooperation18 July 2019Australia and Myanmar 
IP-08 AI_4 - [IND]  MoU btwn AAIB_IND and AAIU_BTN.pdfIP/08Memorandum of Understanding between AAIB (India) & AAIU BhutanIndia 
collapse Category : 5-Presentations ‎(3)
PPT 01[IP-04 AI_3] - [SEC_SIN] ICAO Initiatives on investigations_Costa I.pdfPPT 01/1 (IP/04)ICAO Presentations at 4th International Accident Investigation Forum18 July 2019Secretariat and supported by Singapore 
PPT 02[IP-04 AI_3] - [SEC_SIN] Protection of safety information_Costa II.pdfPPT 01/2 (IP/04)ICAO Presentations at 4th International Accident Investigation Forum18 July 2019Secretariat and support by Singapore 
PPT 02[IP-06 AI_3] - [CPR] Runway Incursion in ZSSS_edited.pdfPPT 02 (IP/06)CAAC Investigation into a Runway Incursion Incident19 July 2019China 


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